Racist Exposes Self as HYPOCRITE!

A Neo-Nazi leader has come forward and revealed himself to be a complete hypocrite!  His name is Kevin Wilshaw and he’s an organizer for the racist group known as National Front.  He told a television station during an interview that he’s now had second thoughts about his decades of past racism and admitted that he’s a HOMOSEXUAL and comes from JEWISH heritage.

Wilshaw told the reporter that he’s a bit of a contradiction and that he joined racist groups in order to feel like he belonged and because he wanted comrades.  He said in school he didn’t have any friends and just wanted to belong to a group and have friends.  POOR CHOICE of groups to belong to IMO.  “I saw people being abused, shouted at, spat at in the street,” he told the reporter but he didn’t admit to taking part in such actions himself.  Wilshaw joined the National Front in the 1970s at age 20 and became a regional organizer for the racist hate group.

He told the reporter that he feels “appallingly guilty”over his stance and poor relations it’s caused with his family.  He said he’s been living a lie and that his mother comes from Jewish ancestors.  I suppose now we are suppose to feel sorry for him?  WELL I DON’T!  I’d be willing to bet that MOST of the people in these racist groups have JEWISH heritage as MANY people discover when they begin to research their ancestry!  I’m glad this guy has finally seen the LIGHT but I still don’t feel sorry for him.  Life is about CHOICES and this guy made some very BAD CHOICES!!

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Trump Using Dreamers to Get What He Wants!

President Trump eliminated DACA a few weeks ago putting the future of every “dreamer” in the US in peril.  At the time he said he and Congress would be working on something more permanent for children brought to the US illegally by their illegal immigrant parents.  The Dems have promised amnesty for these youth but Trump says not so fast!  Trump wants something in exchange for giving Dreamers amnesty.  He wants funding for his WALL!!  No wall?  Nothing for Dreamers!

Trump rubs me the wrong way on two levels here.  First of all this is the TWENTY FIRST CENTURY for God’s sake NOT 1949!  So why in the hell does Trump want to erect a Soviet-style brick and mortar wall?  With the technology we have an electronic fence could be put into place and, in fact, is already in place and in use along some areas of the US-Mexico border.  FACT is with this technology we don’t need to have a physical Berlin-like wall to keep illegals out of the US.  But Trump seems set on constructing such a monstrosity no matter what and now he’s using the Dreamers as PAWNS in his little chess game with Congress!

And that’s the other thing that rubs me the wrong way.  Why is Trump playing the Dreamers to get what he wants (funding for his asinine wall)?  Dreamers are young PEOPLE not pawns on a chess board!  Most have never even been to Mexico and many don’t speak on word of Spanish.  Most have gone to AMERICAN schools, served in the AMERICAN military, and have never known anything else other than AMERICA!  The consider themselves AMERICANS not MEXICANS!  But all this falls on deaf ears when it comes to Trump who is BENT on getting his brick and mortar wall and apparently at ANY cost.  Even if it means using HUMAN BEINGS and pawns in some SICK chess game!!

I have a suspicion that the people advising Trump may not be right bright.  I have a suspicion that although he might be a whiz when it comes to real estate and business as POTUS he’s not right bright.  I find it utterly deplorable that a sitting POTUS with no dignity whatsoever has chosen to use OUR YOUTH (they are Americans except in legal status) as pawns in his sick chess game with Congress.  Trump should be ashamed of himself BUT he’s not because his over inflated ego is too big to feel SHAME.

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Waste Water Being Distributed in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico (“Rich Port” in Spanish) is not a US state but it is a US territory and the people there are US citizens.  It has a population of about 3.4 million people.  The US invaded the island during the Spanish-American War in 1898 and as an outcome of that war Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the USA along with the Philippines and the island of Guam.  This was part of the Treaty of Paris and a part of that treaty also forced Spain to give up Cuba but it didn’t give Cuba to the US.  The island was originally inhabited by the Taino people who are an indigenous people of the Caribbean.  When the island was claimed for the Kingdom of Castile (Spain) in 1493 by Christopher Columbus the Spanish colonial government began to transform the island population and culture.  Waves of African slaves were brought onto the island along with Canarians (people from the Canary Islands) and Spanish settlers.  What the eventual result was, was the development of a distinctive Creole Hispanic culture and language that combined elements of Native American, African, and Spanish (Iberian) culture and language.

Recently, the US territory of Puerto Rico was devastated by a hurricane and this has only added to the ongoing problems the island has been facing.  Prior to the destruction by the hurricane Puerto Rico was bankrupt and many people on the island were living in poverty.  The US territory has ZERO electoral votes and in order for a Puerto Rican to vote in a US presidential election primaries they must have a residence on the US mainland.  This despite the fact that Puerto Ricans are considered “natural born US citizens.” Continue reading

Trump Wages WAR Against America’s Working Poor…that’s YOU!!

I want to address two things in this post. First is Puerto Rico and second is the Affordable Health Care Act (aka: Obamacare). Let me begin with Puerto Rico. Yesterday the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico Carmen Yulin Cruz accused Trump of “genocide” in relation to the recovery effort in Puerto Rico following a massive hurricane that devastated the US territory a few weeks ago. Notice Puerto Rico is a US TERRITORY and NOT some foreign country? Puerto Rico was bankrupt before the hurricane hit and now the infrastructure is completely devastated making life almost impossible on the island. Trumps response has left a lot to be desired and yesterday after Congress (yes they actually did something) passed a bill granting more funding for disaster relief his response was tweeting that “we can’t stay in Puerto Rico forever.” WTF? What in the hell was that tweet all about? No one expects FEMA to stay in Puerto Rico forever and, frankly, his statement (yes he has said all of his tweets are OFFICIAL presidential statements) was inappropriate. So what does Trump plan to do? Leave the people of Puerto Rico to fend for themselves and be content with the US territory sinking into a Third World State?

I like what US Representative Luis V. Gutierrez D-Ill said yesterday. He said,, “I ask every American that has love, and not hate in their hearts, to stand with Puerto Rico and let this President know we WILL NOT BE LEFT TO DIE!”. I think Gutierrez hit the nail on the head because HATE is the problem here with Trump! I knew during his presidential campaign 2016 when the KKK and Neo-Nazis came out quickly supporting Trump that something was amiss and his slow response to condemn the riots in Charlottesville involving Neo-Nazis demonstrating there only added more proof that Trump IS A RACIST! This plus all of his rhetoric about Mexico and his beloved Berlin-style SOVIET wall he wants to build is all proof that this president does NOT see himself as President of all Americans especially Hispanic and Minority Americans! How much more proof do we need that Trump is a hardcore RACIST? Add atop all of this his recent move to suspend DACA which threatens to deport Hispanic youth that were brought to America illegally by their parents crossing our border illegally and you’ve got plenty of evidence that Trump is a RACIST.

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Catalonia Declares Independence! And then Suspends it???

Regional Premier Carlos Puidemont declared the independence of Catalonia but then appears to have suspended the declaration as a move to gain dialogue with Madrid.  In a speech last night Puidemont unilaterally declared independence based on a ballot vote that was void of any democratic guarantees.  Although it is claimed that “most” Catalonians voted for independence that is NOT SO.  The majority who voted, voted for independence.  Problem is MOST people in Catalonia DID NOT VOTE!  The MAJORITY of people stayed away from the polling places.  And most of those who stayed away from the polls did so because Spanish police closed them down and fired tear gas into protesters.

Somehwat confused by the vote and the independence declaration and then its apparent suspension, Madrid has asked for clarifification from Puidemont.  Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy asked the premier to clarify whether independence was indeed declared and why it was then suspended by Puidemont.   Continue reading

Hollywood: When Predators Turn on Predators

Harvey Weinstein is the BIG news coming out of Hollywood lately and frankly I’m already sick and tired of hearing about this fat old pervert but what’s even more sickening is that the whole affair is like watching the kettle call the pot black!  Here’s what I’m talking about……….

Suddenly, Harvey is the bad guy and everyone in Hollywood is trying to act as if they are the innocent victim of this predator.  Yet, when you look at the lives of many actors and actresses you find that they too are perverts who live lives of drug addiction and rampant sex.  Sorry but IMO most in Hollywood are just like Harvey!  The movie industry and the music industry are hornet’s nests for drugs and sex and if you want to get anywhere and be a star then you have to play the game and that game is SEX!

What we are now seeing coming out of Hollywood is the wolves turning upon the wolves.  We’ve known for decades now how things in Hollywood operate and how perverted it is so no one should be surprised by the recent “revelations.”  After all, these are the very people who make the anti-moral movies that condition our children to think that human life is cheap, that it’s ok to kill people, and that promote that absolute bullshit that “if it feels right to you then it must be right for you.”  HELLO!  Charles Manson thought it was ok for him to kill actress Sharon Tate and several others.  Was it ok?  Certainly NOT.

Hollywood has promoted ABOMINATION for decades now and, frankly, they are one of the big reasons this nation has lost its direction and moral compass.  Oh all along the way they’ve asserted that it’s not their fault but we all know they’ve played a BIG part in the moral destruction of our society and our children.  We’ve all known that their raunchy movies glorify everything that is anti-family and anti-God.  Hollywood has long, long been the mechanism for the ultra-liberal, Communist agenda and, frankly, they’ve done one hell of a job pushing that agenda.  Now we are suppose to feel sorry for them.  We are suppose to believe that they are all descent upstanding people with traditional morals and values.  LMAO bullshit!

As many of us also know Hollywood and American politics are connected at the hip and although many are calling for a full scale investigation into the sexual abuse…. no let’s call it what it is…. Hollywood RAPE culture it’s not going to happen outside of a LIMITED investigation.  Damage control and protection of the elite RAPISTS in Hollywood and in Politics will be protected I assure you.  The investigation will go nowhere just as it always has been in the past.  Let us recall the child sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson.

So what we see happening now is wolves turning on wolves and it’s assured to be the greatest new film this year!  Grab some popcorn and have a sit as this psychotic display of PSYCHOSIS AND PERVERSION unfolds.  I just love it when the psychos turn on the psychos!!

Catalonia: Spanish King Takes Hard Line

King Felipe VI of Spain delivered a televised speech last night and took a hard-line on the separation of Catalonia from Spain which is scheduled for this coming Monday. The king apparently opened the doors for even stiffer action by Spanish authorities to keep Catalonia’s independence from happening.

King Felipe VI of Spain

The king’s speech was met with criticism by many with Catalonians surprised that the king did not offer a conciliatory tone nor did he suggest negotiations between Spain and the semi-autonomous region. Part of the criticism centered around the king’s future and the future of the monarch in Spain with some commenting that the king has now put all of his cards on one bet. And that bet is that Catalonia will not be allowed to declare its independence from Spain. Continue reading