States Want Trump to REVOKE Obama’s Takeover of Elections!

obama4Almost all 50 states are demanding President Trump REVOKE an order by Obama in the last days of his presidency which basically creates a federal takeover of all elections even local. Yes, Obama tried and tried to establish himself as dictator for life and when he saw that wasn’t going to fly he tried and tried to make sure Hillary Clinton would be the next POTUS. Well that didn’t fly either!

We don’t need the feds running everything. The States have done a fine job running elections for a long, long time now! Trump DOES need to REVOKE Obama’s imperial edict! And btw the only ones actually caught trying to enter state elections computers were the DHS! And as the report below states election officials got NO ANSWER explaining why or what they were trying to do from Obama’s DHS.

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Butt Hurt Salve!

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic: Police Investigator’s Facebook Post Validates Trump’s Remark on Sweden February 20, 2017 by Jenn Jacques A social media post from a Swedish police investigator is laying validation at the feet of the United State President. Trump’s comments during a Florida campaign rally on Saturday – which some took as…

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LMAO  LOVE the Butt-Hurt Salve!  BUY IT!!  Pass it out liberally!!


Trump More Trusted than MSM

Despite the PROPAGANDA you might be hearing from the MSM a new poll conducted by FOX NEWS reveals that the Trump Administration is more trusted that the leftist MSM. Participants were asked, “Who do you trust more to tell the truth, the Trump Administration or the reporters who cover the administration?”.

45% of the participants said they trust the Trump Admin more than the MSM to tell the truth while 42% said they trust the MSM more. Obviously 42% of the participants are lost in time and lost in space and have been effectively brainwashed by the Communist Leftist propaganda put out by the MSM and its god complex.

The poll consisted of 1013 participants who are registered voters and was conducted via telephone interviews. There is a margin of error of 3%.

This past Friday during a press conference the President described the MSM as putting out FAKE NEWS (ie: Propaganda) and said it is the “enemy of the people with their own agenda.” And indeed the MSM DOES have its own agenda. And that agenda is nothing short of a radical leftist ideology designed to rip apart American society by any means possible especially RACE! The MSM hasn’t missed one opportunity to EXPLOIT race or racial divisions in this country.

trump-caesarAmid all this along comes the RINO known as Senator John McCain who is attending a meeting in Europe and if you think this guy can keep his mouth shut think again! McCain let it be known very publicly that he thinks the Trump WH is in disarray making it clear whose side McCain is on and that would be the Leftists side! What is absolutely shocking about this man is that he’s even still in the US Senate. One would think the conservative majority in Arizona would have canned his ass by now. Do the conservatives in Arizona not realize McShame is a RINO (no that is not a spelling error).

McShame also spouted that he has “concerns” about President Trump’s conflict with the MSM and said trying to control the media is the first sign of dictatorship! Now this is absolutely laughable Senator McCain! President Trump is NOT attempting to control the media. What he is doing is attempting to get them to report the TRUTH instead of SPIN and PROPAGANDA! McShame seems to have a problem with that so I guess he likes the spin and FAKE NEWS routine. McCain needs to retire. He also needs to learn to get behind the POTUS instead of attempting to foster more division in this country. He might be a war hero (he was a POW) but he is a shame to the Arizona conservative voters IMO. He is, after all, a Republican In Name Only (RINO) and has been for decades now!


Trump Holds Rally: BIG Support from American People!


President Trump held a “Make America Great Again” Rally in Florida amid much support. Seems most Americans are NOT on board with the leftist agenda!


Oh yes one other thing.  The First Lady opened with the Lord’s Prayer.  I can hear the libs screaming now 🙂


New Poll Says MAJORITY in US want Dems to do One Thing


The libs like polls. In fact they can’t get enough polls especially now that Trump is in the WH. Well here’s a poll the Dems might want to pay attention to very closely or it just might cost them the mid-term elections as well.

A Harvard-Harris Poll found that 73% of voters think Democrats should work with President Trump while 27% said he should not. In other words, the MAJORITY of Americans want the Dems to STOP whining about their gal Hillary not being in the WH and start acting like GROWN UPS instead of spoiled snot-nosed children!

Democrats in this poll said the party should work with Trump (52%). While 42% said they should keep resisting him. 68% said Trump should compromise a bit while 32% of those polled said he should not. Republicans polled said Trump should be willing to compromise (48%) while 52% disagreed.

What is obvious from this poll is the the MAJORITY of Americans want those in government to work together for the benefit of our country. What this also indicates is that the MAJORITY of Americans are NOT on board with whining Dems and the MSM suffering from a god complex! Both had better get clue!


Pope Says No Muslim Terrorism Exists! Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!

I thought Pope Francis had some common sense an intelligence but now I see he does not as it appears he’s now been infected with that mental disorder that seems to infect so many libs. It is now obvious that this pope can no longer distinguish reality from fantasy and perhaps he should now go the way of his predecessor Pope Benedict and abdicate as he is clearly an embarrassment to the Roman Catholic Church and Christians worldwide. Here’s what I’m talking about.

pope-francis1Yesterday in a speech to a global meeting of Populist Movements the Pope denied that Islamic terrorism exists but he asserted the ecological crisis is real. WTF? Well climate change seems to be an ongoing phenomena on planet Earth as there is no time in history or prehistory that I can find in which the climate was not changing! Oh yes climate change IS real and has been real since Day 1!!

Here’s what the Pope said. “Christian terrorism does not exist. Jewish terrorism does not exist and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist!” Man talk about living in a state of denial of reality. What in the hell is wrong with this pope? I bet if you ask the Palestinians they’ll tell you Jewish terrorism is real and I bet others will tell you in some parts of the world Christian terrorism is real too. And I’m pretty sure Muslim terrorism is real as evidenced by 9/11, the Benghazi Attack in Libya, ISIS, the attacks in France, the slaughter in Florida…….need I go on?

Perhaps the Pope got his words mixed up? Maybe he meant that not all Christians, Jews, or Muslims are terrorists? I’m pretty sure MOST people are aware of that, however. BUT if that is what he meant then why didn’t he just say so?

But the pope wasn’t finished yet because he added, “No people is (are) criminal or drug trafficking (drug traffickers) or violent.” Sorry but I had to put some corrections in parenthesis as what the pope said doesn’t make sense. No people are criminal? Can he tell that to the woman who was raped and see what she might have to say about that? Can he tell that to the family of the US Border Agent Brian Terry who was killed by Mexican drug runners in cold blood and see what they might have to say about that? Can he tell that to the many people in Mexico who have had their relatives killed by the drug cartels in cold blood? And violence? Hey pope just look around at any place on the planet today and you’ll fin ample evidence of VIOLENCE! What in the hell is this pope talking about? Did he take all of his medications yesterday? Perhaps he had a bit too much?

In his speech yesterday (as he’s suggested in the past) Francis said terrorism is primarily the result of economic inequalities rather than religious beliefs. “The poor,” he said, “and the poorer peoples are accused of violence yet, without equal opportunities, the different forms of aggression and conflict will find a fertile terrain for growth and will eventually explode.” Has Francis been secluded in a cave for the past 20 years or what? Excuse me but as far as the radical Muslims are concerned the violence they commit has EVERYTHING to do with RELIGION! They consider the West as the “Great Satan” to be annihilated by any means necessary in the name of Allah! They see Christianity as a religion of INFIDELS and summarily kill Christians all the time by any means available INCLUDING CRUCIFIXION! Not to mention beheading!! Oh yes, MOST of the Islamic terrorism is based on RELIGION so I don’t know where this pope is coming from with this absolute DENIAL OF REALITY! In fact, if I didn’t know better I’d say this pope is cowering down to radical Islam!!! Continue reading

Satan is at it again!

Originally posted on Kingsjester’s Blog: According to various sources, during the Nazi Occupation of Hungary in the 1940s, Soros reported his own countrymen to the Nazis (National Socialist Party of Germany), facilitating their removal via “the long train ride from which very few ever returned”. Soros began his modern “philanthropic activity” in 1979, establishing…

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