Towards a Better Hispanic Life!

One thing I have always wondered about is why the Mexican people do not rise up and install a government that is not full of corruption. It seems like almost every government Mexico has had has been riddled with corruption including the current one. Mexico is a beautiful land with a beautiful and noble people. It’s history is rich going back to the times of the Aztecs and Toltecs. It is a history that should be celebrated and every Mexican citizens along with everyone of Mexican heritage should know and be proud of their Mexican heritage. It surprises me just how many Mexican people do not know the history of their own people! I’ll be presenting some of that history on this blog because I think it important for the Mexican people to know their history and heritage.

As I said, Mexico is a beautiful land with a noble people and it is rich in culture and history. It is a land of many resources including oil. Yet, the Mexican people have never really benefited from any of this because Mexico has been ruled by corrupt politicians who take the wealth for themselves and leave the people in poverty. Truthfully, Mexico is a third world country in many ways and that is very sad. That also needs to change! I believe that the wealth of a nation should be shared with its people. The people should benefit from the wealth of their nation and there’s no reason why the people of Mexico should not benefit from the wealth of their nation. To see much of Mexico sitting in a third world cesspool is unacceptable to me! It breaks my heart and saddens me greatly to see so many people suffering and living in poverty in Mexico. This should not be especially in this 21st Century! The Mexican people deserve better than what they have!

I think all governments are corrupt today, some more than others, but that is still no excuse. Corruption in government must be weeded out and corrupt people should never be allowed to serve in government. Yes, Mexico has made some progress over the years in terms of uplifting the lives of its people but there is still much work to be done. In some places people are terrorized by the notorious drug cartels and this is an issue that must be dealt with and stopped. No people should have to be terrorized in their own land.

I believe Mexico and the Mexican people can do better and can be much much more than what they are now. Mexico needs a government that truly does care about Mexico and the people! It needs a government that will truly do everything possible to improve the lifestyles of the average Mexican citizen so that none will have to continue living in poverty! Poverty is a very horrible thing for a people and for a country. People living in poverty have no hope and no aspiration. Poverty destroys hope and aspiration! And I think poverty even goes as far to dim the human spirit and that is wrong all the way around. The human spirit was not intended by God to be dimmed but to be made brighter and stronger. This cannot be done when someone is struggling day to day just for the basic things needed for their basic survival. For most the daily struggle is too great! They do not have the motivation to be more than they are or to improve themselves because they are too busy struggling daily just for the basic necessities of life. This must change!

Mexico must come into the 21st century. It must become a modern nation and the people must build a better life for themselves and the future generations. Handing your child or grandchild the poverty that you lived in is no good legacy. We should all strive to hand them something better than what we ourselves had. Everyone should work to improve things and to improve the standard of living in Mexico. There is no reason why the Mexican people should suffer the way they do! That is not right! A noble people deserve better than what they have now! They deserve a better lifestyle, a better government, a better economy, and a better standard of living. None of this is going to happen, however, unless Mexico makes some big changes. One of those big changes is that corruption in government at all levels must be weeded out and good honest people who really care about the Mexican people must be put into power! If that does not happen then the Mexican people will continue to suffer and struggle for the basic necessities in life and every day will continue to be a struggle for them.

I know some Mexican people who are almost ashamed of their heritage and ethnicity and I do not understand why. You should be PROUD not ashamed! The Hispanic people are a noble and intelligent people and they should be a people of PRIDE not of shame. We have great things to offer to the world and it’s time we start offering them! It’s time for us to be proud of our Hispanic heritage and fully become a part of the world around us. There have been many great Hispanic people, leaders, and statesmen in the past and there’s no reason why there should not be in the future.

Like many other people around the world the Hispanic people have been beaten down for far too long now and it’s time that all changes. It’s time for us to get up off the ground and stand up again! And stand up with PRIDE not shame! We are not second class citizens of the world. We are not some less than human race! We are a noble race and a proud race with something SIGNIFICANT to offer the future and the world! It’s time we stand back up and start offering all of the great things we have to offer both the world and future. It’s time we stop being content with what little we have and demand more! And one thing we can demand is the respect we deserve.

Hispanic people, especially those of Mexico, are often used as scapegoats by others in the world. We often get the blame even if we are not fully to blame. Some people try to paint a black cloud over us for everything and they try to paint us as lazy and undeserving. That is not right! The Hispanic people are NOT lazy and WE ARE deserving just like everyone else in the world! Yes, we have those among us who are really lazy and corrupted. Yes, we have those among us who have never amounted to anything in life. Yes, we have those among us that only seek to suck off of the system or other people. But what people do not have such people in their midst? All peoples of all races and cultures have such people among them so the Hispanic people should not be singled out and scapegoated.

One of the things I am going to do on this blog is to expose corruption wherever I find it. People have a right to know who the corrupt people are and take measures to remove them from power because they are no good for anybody. I am going to also post about Hispanic heritage on this site because I think it is important for the Hispanic people to know their history. Oh yes I know that when people think of the Aztecs they think about how they cut our the hearts of sacrificial victims and that was during the decline of the Azteca Empire. But there is more to the Aztecs than just that. There is a proud and noble history and the Hispanic people need to know it. I will also post about some of the world’s great Hispanic people who were very famous. People like Cortez, Pizzarro, Coranado, Father Kino, and many many others both in past and modern times. It’s important that the Hispanic people know who among them has been great in history and they should be proud of these people who achieved greatness and notoriety. And another thing I will do here is try to awaken the Hispanic people and the people of Mexico and move them to working for the betterment of themselves and their culture. We deserve better and we should NOT be happy with the present circumstances!


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