Sheriff Says Obama BC is a Fake

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio has now released his Posse investigation findings into the eligibility of President Barak Obama and his investigation has concluded that crimes like fraud were committed and that the President’s birth certificate and selective service registration card are fake. The Sheriff announced last Thursday that the investigation will now become a criminal investigation and he wants to interview a “person of interest” whom the Sheriff thinks may have perpetrated the fraud. In addition, Arpaio says in about 10 days his office will make another announcement concerning this case.

Reportedly, the Sheriff’s office used the skills of several experts around the world to conclude that there is probable cause to believe the birth certificate is a forgery despite the State of Hawaii claiming that it is real.

This is all fine and well but Obama has now been in office for almost 4 years and is seeking 4 more years. If his birth certificate is so questionable then why have there not been other law enforcement investigations into the matter before now? I think it is safe to say that Arpaio and Obama do not get along to begin with. The federal government is investigating the Sheriff’s office in regards to illegal profiling of Mexican nationals among other allegations. The sheriff has a well-known reputation of raiding communities and rounding up people he suspects of being illegal Mexican immigrants in his county. Some are claiming these investigations are retaliation for the sheriff’s investigating the president’s eligibility but that is not so because the federal government has been investigating the Maricopa County Sheriff for awhile now.

I have been following what is called the “birther issue” for a long time now and I cannot believe that if the birth certificate is fake and that there is a cover up then why has no high level official or anyone in Congress come forward. Can you imagine all the people who would have to be involved and sworn to silence is such a huge conspiracy? Surely someone would spill the frejoles! To pull off such a cover up almost everyone in the Hawaii statistics department would have to be involved along with numerous people in the White House, Congress, and the National Archives. I think we’d be talking hundreds if not thousands of people. It would be almost impossible to keep so many people silent and certainly someone would become a whistle-blower. But no one has come forth and I suspect no one has because there is no cover up. Hawaii says the certificate is authentic and they should know if it is or not. So where Sheriff Joe is getting the idea that it is a fake is beyond me.

Obama has been in office for almost 4 years now and to now come forth and remove him for some reason such as this is going to put our country in a constitutional crisis that is going to have widespread ramifications. In addition, I’ve been hearing some people refer to Obama as the “illegal alien president” and, frankly, that’s inappropriate I think as the man has NOT been proven guilty of anything yet. The sheriff did not say he has proof positive. What he said was he has “probable cause” and that does not necessarily mean proof. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty so let’s not forget that. In addition. I highly doubt it was Obama who put the BC on the Internet despite if it is real or not. Someone under him did so if it is fake that does not necessarily implicate the president in a criminal fraud case.

It seems to me that with the great problems we have in our nation today and in our economy that people would be addressing the real issues. I don’t see where focus on a birth certificate is going to get us anywhere. What the issue is doing is causing more division among the American people and that is not a good thing. We don’t need anymore division in this country. We already have enough on plenty of the real and important issues. So I think focusing on the birth certificate is a worthless and unnecessary effort. Certainly we could put our energies into the bigger issues and perhaps come up with some solutions and unity instead of divisions and continued growing problems. Americans used to work together to resolve problems but that doesn’t happen very much anymore. Perhaps that is the greatest problem we face today as Americans and as a society. We are divided and a nation divided cannot stand. It’s time for unity and it’s time we focus on the real problems our nation faces that are threatening to destroy our nation and American way of life. The birther issue doesn’t need to be at the forefront. It is a side issue if even that.


2 responses to “Sheriff Says Obama BC is a Fake

  1. What matters is whether we a re a country of laws and not personalities. Right now Obama argues that all he neds for military action is international approval not approval of congress. Once you start giving people a pass for avoiding the law WE ARE TOAST. Have you missed the CNN poll over 53 percent of the American public are concerned that Obama is not eligible to be president. This is a major issue and one YOU SHOULD BE COVERING It is only a non-issue because the emdia would rather attrack those brave enough to cover it RATHER THAN COVER IT THEMSELVES as was done with Water gate WAKE UP

    • OK let’s say he is ineligible to be POTUS and his birth certificate is one big fake. What then? He only has little more than 1/2 year remaining in office. Do you throw him out? Impeach him:? And in his place we have Biden who had the rep for being the “dumbest man in the Senate.” And the CNN poll? Sorry but I don’t trust any poll from the Communist News Network. They are a government mouthpiece nothing more. And all this being said getting rid of Obama because he’s a fake would throw this nation into a constitutional crisis on a major scale. I’m sure black Americans would be yelling we got rid of him because he’s black and that’s the only reason. So, likely, there would be race riots. So is that what we want? Our nation thrown into further turmoil? Race riots? Violence and death? That along with all of the other problems we face would spell the end of our nation and society.

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