2 comments on “Sheriff Says Obama BC is a Fake

  1. What matters is whether we a re a country of laws and not personalities. Right now Obama argues that all he neds for military action is international approval not approval of congress. Once you start giving people a pass for avoiding the law WE ARE TOAST. Have you missed the CNN poll over 53 percent of the American public are concerned that Obama is not eligible to be president. This is a major issue and one YOU SHOULD BE COVERING It is only a non-issue because the emdia would rather attrack those brave enough to cover it RATHER THAN COVER IT THEMSELVES as was done with Water gate WAKE UP

    • OK let’s say he is ineligible to be POTUS and his birth certificate is one big fake. What then? He only has little more than 1/2 year remaining in office. Do you throw him out? Impeach him:? And in his place we have Biden who had the rep for being the “dumbest man in the Senate.” And the CNN poll? Sorry but I don’t trust any poll from the Communist News Network. They are a government mouthpiece nothing more. And all this being said getting rid of Obama because he’s a fake would throw this nation into a constitutional crisis on a major scale. I’m sure black Americans would be yelling we got rid of him because he’s black and that’s the only reason. So, likely, there would be race riots. So is that what we want? Our nation thrown into further turmoil? Race riots? Violence and death? That along with all of the other problems we face would spell the end of our nation and society.

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