Afghans Want US OUT NOW!

Following the wake of the shooting in Afghanistan by an alleged rogue US soldier the Afghan government now wants the US to get out of their country.  Afghan President Karzai told US officials that he wants to take over control of the nation’s security as early as 2013-14 and he wants US forces pulled out of Afghan villages.  He told visiting US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that the Afghan government is ready to take over security in their nation.  preferably Karzai wants the takeover completed by 2013 not 2014.  He wants US troops out of Afghan villages immediately and relocated in their bases there.  He added that he was sure the US and the Afghans could work out some sort of treaty to allow some US forces to remain after 2014.  What is happening here is Karzai is trying to save his chicken neck.

Whether or not the US soldier who went crazy last week acted alone and went on a rampage killing 16 Afghan villagers is debatable.  Some people in the village are claiming it was not one lone gunman but a group of “drunk and loud” soldiers that carried out the killings.  So what is the truth?  We will never know I suppose.

The fact of the matter is this.  We have no business in Afghanistan the “graveyard of empires.”  There is nothing in Afghanistan that warrants our occupation of that country.  It is not vital to our national security.  George Bush II got us in  along with Iraq claiming Osama bin Laden was hiding in the caves and mountains of Afghanistan.  Yet he was never found and last summer when he finally was found it was in a house near a military base inside Pakistan.  US forces killed bin Laden so why are we still there if he is now dead?  The other excuse for being in Afghanistan is that they had terrorist training bases for al Qaeda and because of the Taliban.  The terror training bases are gone now.  So why are we still there?  As for the Taliban the West may not like them but the locals in Afghanistan love them.  They want them back in power and don’t the Afghans have a right to self-determination.  If they love living under fundamentalist Muslim persecution then is that not their right to do so?  Just where do we get off deciding what is best for another country and what is not.  Who are we to dictate what kind of government they can or cannot have?

Of course there is the pink elephant in the Afghan room no one wants to talk about and that pink elephant is named “poppy fields.”  Afghanistan is full of poppy fields used to make illegal drugs and ship them to the drugged out West.  Is that the real reason we are still there?  We are guarding the poppy fields?  I’ve talked to soldiers back from Afghanistan and they admit they’ve helped local villagers plant and guard those drug fields.  How does that matter to our national security?  How does that help the war on terror?  The poppy fields are big money and when you follow the money in Afghanistan it leads right to those poppy fields.  Afghanistan has no oil so that’s not the reason and the Taliban, most of them, are held up in the mountains in Pakistan, a US allie.  And the people of Afghanistan want the Taliban to return and should they not have the right to determine their own form of government?

Now let me get to Karazi.  His brother was recently killed and he was one of the major drug dealers in Afghanistan.  Karazi himself is not Mr Clean.  The Karazi brothers have a nice illegal drug business going on and they aren’t going to let some rogue soldier ruin it all.  So they want the US out and I say now is the time to leave Afghanistan.  We’ve wasted a lot of lives and money there and enough is enough.  Our “mission” (if you want to call it that) is obviously over.  Bush took us into Afghanistan and then Iraq but never into Saudi Arabia where virtually all the 9/11 hijacker terrorists came from.  Obviously, Saudi Arabia is at fault for some of 9/11 as those horrible acts were committed against the US by Saudi citizens not Afghans, not Iraqi’s, or anyone else.  Yet Bush and Obama both have ignored the Saudi direct connection to 9/11.  Why is that?  Because things are not what they’ve been passed off to be I suspect.  There is an unknown agenda for being in these countries and it has nothing whatsoever to do with US national security or terrorism.  Like I said, this war has come at a great price and it’s wrecked our economy.  It’s time to get US forces out of Afghanistan and let them chart their own course of self-determination.

America does not need to be the policeman of the world.  More than that we cannot afford to be the world’s policeman.  Every nation and people have the right of self-determination and if the Afghans so love the Taliban and want them back then that is certainly their right.  I do not think the Taliban are best for the Afghans but I defend their right to self-determination and charting their own future.



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