Sheriff Arpaio Defends Actions Against Hispanics

Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was interviewed today by Megyn Kelly on FOX NEWS.  Arpaio has been designated as “America’s toughest sheriff” and he took Kelly to task today saying that she was wrong in some of her reporting concerning an investigation by the US Justice Department into his treatment of Hispanic prisoners in his county.  The DOJ is looking into allegations or racial profiling.  Arpaio denies any wrongdoing.  The Feds want Arpaio to allow an independent monitor to oversee the conduct of his office.  The sheriff says the Feds just want to control everything.  In addition, the Obama Administration has announced that they now plan to sue Arpaio over the whole issue and the DOJ says negotiations with the sheriff have broken down.

Sheriff Arpaio’s department has also been investigating the Obama birther issue and his Cold Case Posse has concluded that Obama’s birth certificate and selective service registration may be fake.  Further, the Sheriff has announced that there is evidence that crimes have been committed in connection with this issue and he has transformed his department’s investigation into an official criminal investigation.  
Fox News anchor Kelly never mentioned the birther issue of the sheriff’s investigation into Obama’s eligibility as a natural born citizen but she did question Arpaio today about why he objects to having a federal monitor overseeing things in his department to ensure everything in his county office is legitimate and on the up and up.  Arpaio fired back at Kelly by saying, “First of all, I’m the elected, constitutional, legitimate sheriff.”  He went on to state that he reports to 4 million people in Maricopa County and that he is not going to be “controlled by the federal government because they don’t like the way I enforce the illegal immigration laws.”  Arpaio went on to say that he finds it “really interesting” that the DOJ has picked now as the time to crack down on his department referring to this being an election year.  Arpaio and Kelly spared over just when the DOJ investigation began.  Kelly asserted it began under President Bush but Arpaio told her she was wrong and that the investigation began over Preident Obama 3 1/2 years ago and 100 days after Obama took office.  Arpaio told Kelly that he’s the administration’s “poster boy.”

Arpaio also stated that the DOJ and Obama administration can “give all the hype they want for political reasons” and said he has tried to negotiate with them unsuccessfully.  Further, Arpaio told Kelly that the federal government wants to send a message by taking him to court.  Kelly questioned as to why Arpaio now objects to having a federal overseer in his department when he has not opposed it before.  Arpaio called that “garbage.”  He went on to say, “I publicly said in the past I will never give in to a control by the federal government.  That is false, which many other statements they make are false.  That is not true.”

Sheriff Arpaio said he thinks it will be great if the whole matter goes to court and asked if what was going on in this matter was a “poker game.”  He said by going to court the “true story” would come out and added that he thinks the DOJ does NOT want to go to court because “They don’t have the evidence…”.

Perhaps Sheriff Arpaio’s most infamous actions are his nighttime raids in heavily populated Hispanic communities and neighborhoods in Maricopa County.  Arpaio has repeatedly complained of federal authorities not doing their job when it comes to enforcing US immigration laws.  The sheriff has been enforcing State laws and arresting Hispanics who are in his country and the US illegally.  His actions have been met with strong opposition from Hispanic communities and groups as well as US civil rights groups over the years.

So it looks like this entire matter is now headed to the courts for litigation and conclusion and that could take years.  Sheriff Arpaio refuses to have a federal overseer monitor activities in his department because he sees it as the federal government taking contorl of the sheriff’s department.  However, that is not the way Hispanic civil rights groups and others see it in the Justice Department.  They question if the sheriff has nothing to hide then why does he oppose such a federal monitor.  Again, the sheriff sees it as the feds trying to take control of his department.

Numerous allegations have been made against the sheriff and his department over the past years including deputies mistreating Hispanics who did not understand their directives because they spoke either poor or no English at all.  The Justice Department has maintained that the sheriff’s nighttime raids are nothing short of racial profiling as those raids target Hispanic communities and neighborhoods.  One cannot help but notice that the sheriff is not applying the same tactics to other communities of non-Hispanic communities or neighborhoods.  If the sheriff is not racial profiling then why does he not target pockets of other immigrant neighborhoods with his nighttime raids?

I don’t think having a federal monitor overseeing the sheriff’s department would be a matter of control.  It would be a matter of that monitor ensuring that the allegations made against the department are not in fact happening.  I don’t think the monitor would be trying to take control of the department and dictate to the sheriff and his deputies.

You can find the full interview between Kelly and the Sheriff at the link below on FOX NEWS.

You can also read a report on this same issue by WND at:


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