2 comments on “DU: Depleted Uranium–Is It Killing Our Soldiers, and the rest of us?

  1. When I was in the Army, I had to do a class on DP before the Battalion. With my laptop at my side I did a hell of a presentation. I got in trouble AFTER I was congradulated for my excellent presentation. WHY? I used the British Army’s 32 page DP (Depleated Uranium) report verses the UNITED STATES ARMY’s O-N-E Page (two paragraph) instruction. The Army (2004) advised soldiers ‘Do not eat your MRE’s on top of a smoldering Iraqi tank’, always cover your food and wash your hands throughly’. This is the US Army’s 2004 instruction, in its entirity. It was stressed that DP is safe, has been throughly tested and is nothing to worry about’.

    You know what DP is and why the military loves it? First, it comes from spent fuel rods (which is a way to get rid of the stuff). Second, it is the densest man made substance known—many times denser than Lead. The stuff, as place on tank and anti-tank rounds will slice through homogenious steel like a hot knife Third, when it hits something, it penetrates and ignites—its like a mini nuc going off. Iraq has had two years of us DP’ing it into the stoneage (1991, 2003-7). The whole country nuc’s & glows. We have to declare DP safe because if it ain’t, look at the clean up costs on it?!!! Look at the VA costs on it?!!!

    • Yes it all comes down to money not human lives, sadly. So we must declare the DU is “safe” or fork out billions in taxpayer money to save human lives and, of course, that would mean that we wouldn’t have enough taxpayer money to bail out the global banks again which, most likely, is coming just around the corner (yes again). Ah yes, anything for corporate America but not one dime for an American life. Is something wrong with this picture?

      So you used the UK report instead of the one pager Us report on DU? LOL that’s fantastic and you most likely enlightened a bunch of people by doing that. We can only wish more people like you would do such things so we’d know the TRUTH instead of the lies! GOOD WORK even though you got into trouble!!

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