Obama Gives Hispanics MORE False Hopes!

Obama is clearly in re-election mode and this weekend while he’s at the Americas Summit in Columbia he’s using that opportunity to try to get Hispanic votes again.  In an interview yesterday Obama promised to tackle immigration reform in the first year of his second term if re-elected.  However, Obama said in order to make reform happen he’d need a Congress that would work on the issue with him.  Obama sais he cared deeply about the issue and that “It’s personal to me.”

Obama also went after his apparent challenger Mitt Romney calling him an extremist on immigration and pointing out that Romney supports laws that could possibly allow people to be stopped by police and asked for citizenship papers if they assumed someone might be an illegal.  Obama went on to say that he thinks immigration reform has to be an important debate across the country.  Romney does support laws that would require employers to verify legal status.

In response to Obama’s comments yesterday a spokesman for Romney told reporters, “President Obama only talks about immigration reform when he’s seeking votes.  Then candidate Obama promised to tackle immigration reform in his first year.  More than three years into his term, America is still waiting for his immigration plan.”  In 2008 Obama won much of the Hispanic vote and he’s hoping for that again in November.  Obama made his comments during a televised interview on Univision.

Now as the Romney spokesperson pointed out we’ve heard all this before from Obama.  In 2008 he said he’d tackle immigration reform in his first year in office.  During that first year he had a Democrat dominated House and Senate led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  He had a cooperative Congress that did just about anything Obama wanted.  Yet, Obama FAILED to tackle immigration reform and now he’s making the same promise again.  This president must think the Hispanic people are STIPIDO (stupid).

As a Hispanic person the subject of immigration reform is very important to me as well and what I’d like to know why Obama didn’t do what he promised in 2008 and tackle the issue in his first term when he had the Democrat controlled Congress back then.  He didn’t and now Hispanics are hearing the same thing from him again as he promised that he’ll undertake the issue in the first year of his second term IF re-elected.  I don’t think he will.  I think his comments are only for the purposes of gaining the Hispanic vote because what Obama cares about most is his getting re-elected.  I say he must think that we Hispanic people are really stupid because he obviously thinks we are going to fall for his empty promises again in November but Barack Obama has made a BIG mistake because:


Frankly, I’m tired of Obama insulting my intelligence as a Hispanic man and you should be too.  Obama had his chance to tackle immigration reform back in 2008 with the Democrat Congress but he did nothing.  He got the Hispanic vote and then he forgot all about Hispanics and immigration reform.  Now he is playing us like we are stipido!  The fact that he is dishing out the same empty promise proves that.  Obama fails to realize that we Hispanics are not ignorant people and the ONLY thing he’s concerned about is getting re-elected.  He does not care about ANY Hispanic issue in fact!

I get really tired and pissed off when people play me for a fool and especially when they do it because they think I’m an ignorant Hispanic.  Obama has now come to that point with me!  This president is a LIAR!  There is no other word to characterize him with.  He consistently makes promises and then does either nothing or just the opposite.  He is a DISHONORABLE man and leader because he speaks out of BOTH sides of his mouth.  Where does he get off thinking we are some kind of Bananera Republica and he’s the El Dictator?  This is exactly the thinking that Latin American dictators have.  They think their people are ignorant and in some cases they are but not as ignorant as they assume.  Obama thinks he can just say anything and people will fall for it but ACTION speaks far louder than words to me.  When it comes to Hispanic issues I see NO action from this president of any significance.

The Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment in the United States today.  The Hispanic vote is becoming a powerhouse.  If Barack Obama thinks we are all idiots then I’ve got news for him.  WE’RE NOT!  We are not a bunch of ignorant peasants that are easily manipulated by political rhetoric and lies!  Obama had his opportunity to tackle immigration reform and HE FAILED.  I don’t really like Romney but I will not support a president who obviously thinks he can play my people like a fiddle and treat us like dogs otherwise!  And I think that is exactly what he does.  He throws out his fancy words and big promises and then does nothing and comes up for re-election and throws out the same lies again.  This man, Obama, does NOT deserve the Hispanic vote this time around as he’s clearly demonstrated Hispanic issues are NOT really important to him.

Across this country we have an ongoing and increasing problem with parents being deported but their children being allowed to stay in the US because they were born here.  What this is is a breakup of Hispanic families and breaking up ANY family is never good for anyone.  And it’s not the answer either!  This problem needs to be addressed and ignoring it is not working.  It is an issue that needs to be resolved.  Obama has nothing to offer we Hispanics except lip service on the matter.  That’s NOT leadership!  He is playing Hispanics like we are idiots so he can get another four years in office and that’s all he is doing!  Once he gets those four more years Hispanics will be put back in the background and our issues will once again be unimportant to him.  This president does NOT deserve to be re-elected and he most certainly does NOT deserve the Hispanic vote again!

As for Mitt Romney and his stance on supporting laws that could have police pull you over simply because they suspect you MIGHT be here illegally, does that mean anyone or just Hispanics?  People don’t seem to realize that there are plenty of NON-Hispanics in this country illegally too.  We don’t hear much about them because the media is focused on Hispanic illegals but they are here too.  So if you drive by a cop on the highway and he notices that you are Hispanic that gives him the right to stop you and demand your citizenship papers?  And what about American born Hispanics?  The same applies?  Our police will be spending all of their time pulling us over and checking our papers and, meanwhile, what will they be doing about REAL CRIME?  Police could potentially pull people over all day long and check their papers.  And what papers?  Our driver’s licenses because I don’t carry my birth certificate around and I’m NOT going to.  And wouldn’t it be discrimination by singling us out?  So Romney supports police stopping people based on their skin color?  That’s just as ignorant as Obama lying to us again about immigration reform.  Both of these men seem to think Hispanics are really ignorant people.  WRONG!!

I want to see action and progress.  I don’t want to hear a bunch of lies and political rhetoric.  Actions speak louder than words and when it comes to significant action Obama has nothing.  Don’t think that he or Romney simply think Hispanics are ignorant people because they seem to think everyone else in America is ignorant too.  Americans need REAL leaders and so far I’m not seeing any.  What I am seeing is a bunch of losers playing us for stupid and lying to us every time they open their rotten mouths!  It’s time the Hispanic people, and all others, stop falling for the stupidity of the politicians.  To Hispanic people dignity is very important and there is no bigger insult to us than when someone tries to attack our dignity.  That’s what Obama’s lies to us are doing.  Destroying our dignity.  Every Hispanic person in this nation should now be insulted by Barack Obama after his comments made in Colombia yesterday.  He’s playing us for stupid AGAIN!

I must be honest with all of you.  I look at Obama and Romney trying to decide which one I support and will vote for and honestly I don’t like or want either of them.  Why do we only get two choices in this country?  I don’t want to cast my vote for the “lesser of two losers.”  I want to cast my vote for LEADERS!  Real leaders!  People who I can believe in and whose actions will match their words.  I’m thinking I might vote for the Receptor de Perro!  DOG CATCHER!!  The two choices disgust me frankly and I don’t want to vote for Romney or Obama.

America can ignore the immigration reform problem and it is just going to keep getting bigger.  It’s NOT going to just magically go away.  At some point we are going to have to deal with it and reform it.  Until we actually do that then all we are going to get is more empty promises and more lies and the Hispanic people will continue to be played for being ignorant fools.  That’s what these politicians have been doing and are still doing and I’m sick of the INSULT and every Hispanic person should feel the same.  WE ARE NOT A IGNORANT OR FOOLISH PEOPLE!!  I am absolutely disgusted by Obama’s remarks on Univsion yesterday and I’m disgusted with Romney wanting everyone stopped by police to have their papers checked.  Romney seems to think this is Nazi Germany because that’s what they did there.  Obama thinks this is a Bananera Republica.  Do either of these men realize they are in America?  I guess not.




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