Spanish King Goes on Safari While People Do Without!!

King Juan Carlos went on a Safari this past week and now the people of Spain are outraged for a few reasons.  First of all he left without telling the Prime Minister he was going to Botswana in Africa.  The Spanish PM has the legal right to know where the king is at all times especially if he leaves the country.  Another reason Spaniards are upset is that Spain’s economy has failed and what the king spent on this Safari (about $60K) is more than many Spaniards earn in a year working.  Spain is demanding austerity from its people but the royal family seems to be exempt from it all.

HRH King Juan Carlos of Spain

The king was also insured during the trip from a fall where he was staying.  He was flown back to Spain and had to undergo a hip replacement.  The king is 74 years old.  His past hunting trips have caused controversy so this is not the first time. What angers Spaniards most about this trip is the cost during a time when the average Spaniard is having to do without.  But that is the way of all royals isn’t it?  What is good for the people is not good for the elite?  The people should pay the price of austerity but the elite should not!

This is just one more disgusting display by global elites.  Nothing stops their desires.  Nothing!  They believe they are better and above the common man and woman but they aren’t.  Frankly, I’ve always admired King Juan Carlos but this has put a black mark on him in my mind.  He and the royals ought to be sacrificing just as the common people are instead of throwing a blatant show of conspicuous wealth in their faces.  Further, this is one more example of disconnect between global leaders and the common man and woman.  We see this same disconnect in the US.  Our leaders are no longer in touch with the common people.  They can no longer identify with them or their daily plight.  Look at how Obama bounces around the globe on flamboyant vacations in a time when many Americans have no jobs and vacation is out of the question.  The display is disgusting!

In the case of King Juan Carlos since he obviously has money to burn maybe he should give some Spaniard in the streets $60K.  Maybe he should make a real effort to help his people and reconnect with them.  Maybe he should apologize.  Maybe, as one member of parliament is demanding now, he should just abdicate and go enjoy his life while the rest of the Spanish people continue to suffer more and more every day!  Leaders?  I don’t think so.  These people are overlords NOT leaders and they are ruling in every nation on earth today!  Real leaders identify and connect to their people.  A REAL LEADER would not have gone on the hunting trip but would be sacrificing with his people.  In times long ago the king was usually the poorest man in the country.  Why?  Because he was busy using his money and resources to help his people.  Do you see any leaders or kings doing that today?  Of course not because we don’t have any more real leaders now.  All we have is flamboyant self indulging elites who DON’T give one damn about the common people on this planet.  It’s time for CHANGE.  REAL CHANGE!  It’s time to start putting in REAL LEADERS in every nation and getting rid of these self-serving elites!

BTW maybe the King got hurt because EL DIOS was trying to tell him something.  You think??????



One response to “Spanish King Goes on Safari While People Do Without!!

  1. King Juan Carlos has now apologized for his elephant hunting trip to Africa amid a time when most Spaniards are suffering greatly economically. The King fell and broke his hip during his stay in Africa and one cannot help but wonder if he’s sorry for that fact or if he truly is sorry for his display of abundant wealth in a time of austerity.

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