Arizona Officials Speak Out About Operation Fast and Furious

Patrick Henningson a reporter for went to Arizona recently and filmed the following interviews with Arizona State Senators and Representatives regarding the ATF gun running operation known as Fast & Furious.  Many of these officials believe that the federal government was attempting to set Arizona up because of their liberal pro-Second Amendment gun laws.  Further, many of them believe that this operation had an even wider objective.  That being, to further restrict the sale and ownership of firearms in the US.  As is pointed out in the interviews with State government officials, the Mexican government has been corrupted by the drug cartels and that is something Mexico is going to have to confront and resolve themselves.  Additionally, the federal US government has been fighting with Arizona over illegal immigration for over ten years now and as one Arizona official puts it it will probably take something like an invasion of a border town in Arizona to get the US government to deploy the National Guard along the border and to get serious about stopping human and drug trafficking across the US-Mexico border.

Several US agents including Border Patrolman Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican citizens have been killed by these estimated 2000 guns that crossed out of the US and into Mexico as a result of this operation.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the Obama administration in conducting this operation other than it was an elementary effort to restrict the 2nd Amendment in the US.  Such programs also existed under the Bush and Clinton administrations but those operations were conducted differently as the guns were never to be lost out of the sight of US agents.  In Fast & Furious there seems to have been no tracking of these guns at all and Arizona and Texas gun store owners were encouraged and outright told to sell firearms to convicted felons.  In at least one incident a gun store owner in Arizona was almost set up by the ATF to be prosecuted.  That gun owner recorded a phone conversation he had with a US law enforcement agency telling them he did not think he should sell guns to a certain individual.  The official told him to sell the guns to the person anyway and, in fact, order the gun shop owner to do so.  Luckily for the gun store owner he recorded that conversation which kept him from being used as a scapegoat and prosecuted.

Whatever the reasoning (or lack thereof) the Obama administration one thing is for certain.  Operation Fast & Furious has resulted in arming the drug cartels heavily and that has proven today to be extremely dangerous.  Case in point, early this morning 49 human bodies were found dumbed along a highway in Mexico near Monterrey.  All of the bodies had no heads, no hands, and no feet.  It is believed that many of these people were immigrants from Central America killed by the drug cartels.  Mexico has a real problem and so does the US.  Operations like Fast & Furious only make those problems worse.



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