Romney Responds to Obama Felony Allegations

President Obama says GOP candidate Mitt Romney needs to come clean on his role and associations while working for Bain Capital. This past week the Obama campaign hinted that Romney may have lied to the SEC about his role and if he did then Romney committed a felony. The Obama campaign is insisting one way or the other Romney is lying as he has told voters he quit at Bain Capital sooner than SEC records indicate. Obama told reporters today that Romney should answer questions about his ties to the firm.

The president said it is his understanding that Romney stated to the SEC “multiple times” that he served as CEO, President, and Chairman of Bain Capital. Obama said that he assumes most Americans would assume that Romney was responsible for the company serving in such capacities. Obama said Romney must answer lingering questions as to whether or not he stayed on at Bain Capital after 1999 which is when Romney has said he left or was he still with the company in 2002 as SEC records indicate.

“If he aspires to being president,” Obama told WJLA which is the ABC affillate in Washington DC, “one of the things you learn is, you are ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations, that’s probably a question that he’s going to have to answer and I think that’s a legitimate part of the campaign.” The president is suggesting that Romney held the ultimate responsibility for Bain Capital while serving as CEO, Chairman, and President of the company but he’s told voters he left in 1999 when SEC documents reflect he didn’t leave until 2002.

The Romney campaign has demanded an apology from the Obama campaign over the allegations and suggestion that Romney lied to voters and perhaps committed a felony lying to the SEC. Romney says the allegation is “reckless and absurd” and that the Obama campaign is “deceptive and dishonest.” The campaign said that such unfounded allegations are beneath the dignity of Obama’s office and they are “disgusting” and “demeaning.”

Romney responded to the Obama campaign allegations today in an interview with FOX News saying that the president needs to “rein in his team” and “take responsibility for what they’re saying.” Although the Romney campaign has demanded an apology, the Obama campaign is refusing to apologize for the allegations or suggestion that Romney may have committed a felony. Romney went one to tell FOX News that “…this shows a pattern” when it comes to the president’s campaign. Romney went on to say we just got bad news on the economic front which was now for 41 straight months we’ve had massive unemployment above 8% and that Obama’s response is that he’s going to raise taxes, gut the welfare system, and launch attacks on Romney. Romney continued stating that Obama called him when he became the GOP frontrunner and told him they were going to have a meaningful debate about the future of our country and Romney said today he’s still waiting for that to happen. “All we’ve seen so far from his campaign is one attack after another,” Romny said, “No effort to really talk about the real issues that people care about.”

I think what this comes down to is that the Obama campaign needs to produce the SEC documents proving beyond doubt that Romney was still with Bain Capital after 1999. That would sold the matter immediately instead of making allegations without showing any proof. And if Romney did in fact lie to voter and to the SEC he needs to come clean like the president said today. At some point both of these candidates need to start addressing th REAL ISSUES like jobs and the economy which rates first on most people’s priority and concerns list. All these side issues get us nowhere. If Obama wants a real and meaningful debate on the future of our country then the real issues must start being addressed and the sideshows must stop.



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