Celente Warns of Coming WW3

Publisher and Analyst Gerald Celente says we are on the fast-track to global Fascism.  He says Obama is not a communist but a fascist.  Celente talks about the recent video that allegedly sparked the riots in the Mid East and result in the murder of US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens last week and his staff.  A cartoon in France has now been released defaming the Prophet Mohammad to further enrage Muslims around the world, Celente reports.  France is shutting down 20 of their embassies tomorrow in anticipation of massive riots in Muslim countries following Friday Prayers.  Celente believes this cartoon was timed for release to keep the Muslim unrest going with the end goal being World War 3.

Celente says the same people who served in student government in high school and college, the people we hated, are now running the world and have put it on the road to disaster.  He says these leaders fail to understand the Middle East, the Economy, and everything else because they are psychotics.  Celente believes the US economy will fail completely any time now and that it will result in martial law in Estado Unidos!

Celente says the world economy is collapsing and although countries are dumping billions into trying to salvage it but it is not working and isn’t going to work.  He also speaks of trade wars and how they are heating up between the US and China.  He also analyzes the growing tension between Japan and China and says the beginning of WW3 has begun.

Celente says the NDAA is a disgrace and it is a disgrace that Americans do not stand up and speak out against our leaders who are stripping us of our rights and future.  America is being taken over by off-shore banks that are criminal and they’ve already taken over Europe.  He says it is the growth of global FASCISM in which the corporation has been married to the State.  Celente says things keep getting worse as nations are now beating the war drums trying to spark WW3.

Celente also reports that the media in the US is not reporting about the massive riots and protests going on in Spain and Portugal over their economic collapse.  People in those nations are having more and more austerity imposed on them and the people are very angry.  But this is not being reported in the US media because soon we will be in the same situation.

Celente asks why people are not doing more and standing up and speaking out.  He says people have not grown up in many ways and are programmed to simply do as they are told without question.  He says people had better start growing up because it is up to the PEOPLE to bring about change not our psychotic leaders.  Economically, Celente believes we are headed for absolute disaster.  He says all our leaders do is bow to “experts” who have no foot in reality at all.  Celente says a lot of people ARE waking up and he believes things CAN change.

He says there is an accelerated mass awakening.  Further, he says people need to have self respect, compassion, dignity, and integrity AND


Celente says by doing what your heart feels and your mind knows is the way to start changing the world for the better.  He says neither Obama nor Romney have the ability or courage to lead us out of the mess we are in and the PEOPLE will have to do it!  He warn of looming global war and says it will be disastrous.  He believe there will be a real or false flag attack to get that war going.

See the full interview with Celente below.



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