America Needs to Take Responsibility for its part in the Drug Problem!

Commentary by Bolivar Rojas—

During the presidency of US president Ronald Reagan there was an operation that came to be known as the Iran-Contra Affair (Caso Iran-Contras).  One of the primary figures in that operation was US Army Lt. Colonel Oliver North who oversaw the operation.  The operation also came to be known as “Irangate.”  The operation came to public light in November of 1986 as the public discovered that under Reagan high ranking US officials were secretly fascilitating the sale of arms to radical Iran.  The operation also involved US funding of the Contras in Nicaragua.  The goal of the plan was to get the US hostages released at the time.  North, who was on the National Security Council at that time, modified the plan in late 1985 so that some of the money from weapon sales to Iran would go to the Contra anti-Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

During investigations into this operation by the US Congress it was discovered, via North’s testimony, that the CIA was running drugs into the US as part of this operation from Nicaragua.  The Kerry Committee report headed by US Senator John Kerry was released in April of 1989 and it concluded that members of the US State Department had provided “support for the Contras” and that these US officials were “involved in drug trafficking.”  In 1996 the San Jose Mercury News published several articles by Gary Webb who was investigating Nicaraguans linked to the CIA backed Contras who had smuggled cocaine into the US for sale.  This cocaine was distributed as crack cocaine in LA and profits from sales were funneled to the Contras.  Webb alleged that the CIA was aware of this drug trafficking operation and that large shipments of drugs into the US from the Contras was known by the CIA.  Webb heavily alleged taht the CIA was involved in this drug trafficking and his assertions were attacked by mainstream media.  Webb published a book and “mysteriously” in December of 2004 he committed “suicide.”

Iran-Contra was not the first or last time the US government was accused of drug running and money laundering.  Radio talk show host Alex Jones continually makes allegations that the US government ships drugs into the US for sale to Americans even today.  The CIA has been accused of running drugs in Afghanistan, China, Burma, Panama, Venezuela, and Thailand.  It has also been accused of drug smuggling in Mexico.  Peter Dale Scott said the CIA had an operation in Mexico to smuggle drugs into the US.  Vincente Zambada Niebla, the son of Ismael Zambada Garcia one of Mexico’s top drug lords, said that he and members of the Sinaloa drug cartel had immunity from US agents and a virtual license to smuggle cocaine into the US in exchange for intelligence abour rival drug cartels.

Whatever the case and whether the CIA was/is involved in drug smuggling is a matter of question.  The real problem here and the point of my article is that drugs ARE being smuggled into the US on a massive scale and such drugs have been smuggled into the US on a massive scale for decades now.  The truth is the US has a big drug problem that no one seems to want to talk about.  The US is the market for drug sales and US and that is factual irregardless of who is smuggling them into the US.  In fact the US is the biggest drug market in the world and has been for a long time.  So who is using these illegal drugs in the US?

When it comes to the “drug problem” Mexico is usually blamed for it as that is where the drugs come from.  Yes it is a problem in Mexico obviously but what about the drug use side of the problem?  That’s a US problem!  However, no one really wants to talk about this side of the problem and instead wants to just blame Mexico and Central America for all of it.  But the fact is that the US is just as much to blame if not more so because Americans are the ones consumming the illegal drugs.  America is the market that buys and uses the drugs from Mexico and Central America and in order to solve the problem not only must the drug smuggling problem be resolved but so must the drug use problem be solved.

The US never seems to want to take responsibility for anything.  They are always wanting to blame someone else and use scapegoats as they deny their own participation in the problem and this is especially so when it comes to drug trafficking and drug use.  It’s always the fault of Mexico and if only Mexico would stop running drugs into the US then the whole problem would be solved.  That’s the thinking in the US and it is fantasy thinking.  Until the US truly begins to resolve its drug use problem the problem is not going to be resolved.

Much of the cocaine that enters the US is consummed not by poor people but by upper middle class and rich people.  I’ve known plenty of business owners, lawyers and judges that have a “coke problem.”  They like to pretend it just isn’t so but it is so.  Cocaine is expensive and the average poor person doesn’t have the funds to buy it but the upper middle class and rich classes do.  The US “war on drugs” often tends to focus on the small time neighborhood dealer and user while ignoring the more wealthy users and dealers.  When is the last time you heard of some rich guy getting busted for drugs?  The “war on drugs” is not focused on the wealthier user.  That’s a problem!  That’s yet another way in which the US denies self responsibility.  It’s just not the poor people in the hood selling and using drugs.  It’s also the wealthier using and even selling drugs.  So why aren’t these wealthier people being BUSTED?  Good question!  Somehow it seems that the more wealthy you are in the US the more above the law you are.  And that’s “equal justice under the law”?

Fact of the matter is the US “war on drugs” is a JOKE just like el president Molina of Guatamala has said repeatedly along with many other Latin American leaders.  They know it’s a joke and so should you.  It’s a half-ass serious “war.”  It’s a “war” that is focused on the poorer classes while at the same time ignoring the wealthier American social classes.  There’s no equality about it and the US perpetuates the MYTH that poor people use and sell drugs while the wealthier do not.  The “war on drugs” helps keep this myth going by focusing primarily on the poor and ignoring the rich drug user/seller.  What ends up happening is Americans once again are made to believe that an outright lie is truth.

The poor in America are like Mexico and Latin America.  They are blammed for everything in the US.  They are blamed for all of the crime and other social problems while the wealthier seem to be immune from everything.  Most Americans have a very warped persception of reality as a result becuase they believe the lies they are told without question and without critical thinking.  The upper middle class and rich have money and that means they have the money to buy any illegal drug they desire.  They also have the means available to get them.  Most of the cocaine entering into the US is bought and used by the upper middle class and rich class and not buy the poor who cannot afford it.  That’s America’s biggest ace in the drug problem but America refuses to do anything about it or even look at the reality.  Instead they keep believing the stupid myth that it’s all the poor people and if Mexico would just stop supplying drugs then the problem would be solved.

Like I said, in the US the poor are blamed for virtually all social problems and anything else while the upper classes are somehow immune.  They are blamed like the US blames Mexico, true or not.  The US refuses to take their own share of responsibility for the drug problem and that’s how I know and many others know that the “war on drugs” will never be won.  The primary user is not even being looked at and instead the focus is on the small time user/seller.  That focus isn’t going to resolve anything.

What the US needs to do is stop blaming Mexico and other Latino nations and do something about itself.  What the US needs to do is start going after the richer classes who are buying and selling these drugs instead of ignoring the fact.  Blaming Mexico and pretending like wealthy people don’t use and buy cocaine does nothing to address or resolve the drug problem in the US or anywhere else.  If the US didn’t have such a big drug market going on then the drug smugglers in Mexico would be out of business.  It’s simple fact.  No market equals no supplier because there will be no profit.  But Americans keep refusing to take responsibility for themselves and for their own part of the problem and instaed endlessly engage in the blame game.  That’s another reason I know that the war on drugs will never be won!  Blame Mexico all you want but the REAL PROBLEM lays in America itself among it’s own people who are “hooked on drugs.”  It’s time America do something about its OWN drug problem and stop blaming Mexico and Latin America!!  But, we must remember there is big money involved in drug sales and capitalists loves big money and they really do not care how the money is obtained or where it comes from.  They see only profit because they are driven by endless greed.  Again the lower classes pay the price why the upper classes get away scot free!  Like Mexico, the US uses the poor classes as the scapegoats while the upper classes are blamed for absolutely nothing.  Yet America continues to proclaim “equality” even though the fact is America has NO EQUALITY at all.  That’s yet another myth Americans blindly believe.  Equality is a myth just as is equal justice under the law in America.  It’s time for the poor to start demanding the rich drug dealers, users, and buyers be busted!  It’s time for this shit to stop!  The poor have been victims and scapegoats long enough!  It’s time to stand up and demand justice for ALL just not some!

Look at yourself America!  When it comes to the drug problem YOU are mostly to BLAME and not Mexico or Latin America!!


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