by Bolivar Rojas—

The late Italian dictator Benito Mussolini defined “fascism” as the mergring of the corporation and the state.  Later on he said that this arrangement was more appropriately called “corporatism.”  Ironically, the US and the West went to war against this “fascist corporatism” of Mussolini and Hitler yet today that is what we have now become.  The US is clearly a fascist corporatist state!  Thus, proving the old adage that we become like that which we most hate sometimes.  We hated fascism during WW2 but now in 2012 we ourselves have become a fascist state moving towards dictatorship.  Ironic!

The Bourgeoisie are the upper and rich classes who control the means of production in industry.  And they control the banks and money supply as well.  The Proletariat are the common and lower class working people who depend on the bourgeoisie for their livlihood and who are, basically, the…

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