Time to Resurrect the American Dream for ALL !!

SDN 2 logoThe “American Dream” has become more elusive for most Americans.  In fact the American Dream is quickly becoming a chimera!  We who are Democratic Socialists still believe that the American Dream can be made real but not under the present Fascist Corporatist system that we have today which is an unequal and unfair system of economics.  America must come to the point of realizing that there are no laws that dictate we must rape and pillage nature in order to profit.  We must come to realize that the American Dream cannot be obtained by making global inequality worse nor by squandering public funds on massive deadly weapons bent on the destruction of humanity and this planet.  We cannot obtain that dream for as long as we continue to discriminate against women, minorities, and other groups attempting to turn segments of our people into second class citizens.  And simply trying to revive the American Dream is not enough!

Everything we have historically and traditionally valued in this country is now being undermined.  The neo-con Capitalists (Fascist Corporatists) are right about one thing and that is that the success of global corporatism (capitalism) demands that the traditional democratic standards of justice, equality, and decency be undermined.  And that is exactly what the corporatists have been doing!  In order for the quality of life to improve among most Americans today there must now be a radical political, economic, and social change within the established order.  Nothing short of this radical change will bring the American Dream out of the realm of the elusive and into the realm of the attainable.

There is a war being waged against every American man, woman, and child today.  It is a war that is also being waged all around the world against every human being.  This war is being waged by the Fascist Corporatist (Capitalist) who view PROFIT as paramount above everything else.  And the corporatist will do anything for profit even selling his/her own mother if need be!  The corporatists are GREEDY and their greed has NO BOUNDS!  They worship, live, and breath PROFIT at ANY expense.  The corporatist preys upon the working person much as a lion preys upon a lone gazelle at the watering hole.  For, the fascist corporatist is a predator and is just as ruthless as the hungry lion who preys upon the gazelle at the watering hole.  He/she has no real morals but is driven by a psychotic need for gain and profit at all costs.  And in this game of cat and mouse, sadly, it is the common working people who get to pay the ultimate price!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “fiscal cliff.”  You know, that big bad economic cliff we are going to fall off of if we don’t drastically cut our social programs like Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid.  This “fiscal cliff” is being fashioned by the Corporatists and we must realize it as such.  I can’t help but notice they say nothing about cutting the military budget or ending the endless wars which have been the MAJOR contributors to our nation’s economic woes today!  I can’t help but notice that these corporatists say nothing about paying their fair share in taxes but run to and fro claiming they already pay enough of too much.  Fact is these people have NEVER paid their fair share and the reason they do not want the endless wars ended or the military budget deeply cut is because they make PROFITS off of endless war and the selling of weapons to other nations.  I ask you this.  Just how can Goldman Sachs make a billion dollar profit and get millions back from the IRS in refunds at the end of the tax year?  Exxon Mobile does the same thing.  In fact all of the major global corporations and banks do the same thing.  How can they make billions and get a tax refund?  And they claim they pay their fair share?  Sorry but I do NOT think so!

Right now the Fascist Corporatist are lobbying Congress to deeply cut our social programs in order to avoid going off this contrived “fiscal cliff.”  It’s a SCARE TACTIC!  They are trying to steer attention onto social welfare programs as the problem when in fact it is the corporatist system itself that is the REAL problem!  It’s not the people on SSI that have bankrupted this nations economy.  It is the greed of the corporatist and their Military-Industrial-Bankster Complex that is the REAL REASON this nation is bankrupt!  Yet the Fascist Corporatist would have us believe that it is the fault of the common person and that they themselves have had nothing at all to do with bankrupting this nation.  Outrageous!

How much longer to we buy into the LIE?  How much longer do we continue to BLAME THE VICTIM?  When do we stop blaming people on public assistance for our nation’s problems and start putting the blame where it really belongs?  On the Fascist Corporatist system that is firmly rooted in GREED!  In fact MOST people on Social Security and Medicare are elderly, retired, or disabled.  Most people on Medicaid cannot afford the high cost of health care or health insurance.  The majority of these people are NOT sucking America dry contrary to public opinion.  Those willing to work would be working IF they could find a job but the problem is today in America there are FEW jobs thanks to the corporatists shipping most of our industry and manufacturing overseas!  These RATS seem to think that you can support a family on the wages that McDonald’s pays!  The corporatist has so much money that none of them really have any clue at all what it takes to live and support a family today.  You CANNOT support a family on minimum wage!  It’s not the poor that have no clue.  It’s these RAT fascist corporatists!

The fascist corporatist have employed the old military strategy of “divide and conquer.”  The know that as long as they can keep people divided and against each other that we will never unite and stand up against them, challenge them, or fight them.  So they work endlessly to divide us and keep us divided using any reason necessary be it race, gender, sexual orientation, whatever.  This is how the corporatist keep the workers of America from really being effective or demanding drastic change.  Divided we cannot and will not stand.  Divide we will fall I assure you.  We must see this war that is waged against us.  We must UNITE and FIGHT BACK to defend ourselves!  The corporatist does NOT have our best interest at heart.  They could not care less about your or my plight in life!  All they care about is how they can lie to us, manipulate us, and stick it to all of us every chance they have to make their beloved PROFITS!  Nothing is sacred to these people.  Nothing is taboo to them.  Everything and everyone is “fair game.”

Remember the Bush bailouts?  The corporatists told Congress that if they did not approve taxpayer money to bail them out there would be martial law in the streets by morning!  If that wasn’t blatant blackmail and threat of Congress what is?  So Congress cowed and bailed all of the “too big to fail” banks and corporations out.  Bullshit!  NO corporation or bank is too big to fail!!  Now they are at it again only this time lobbying Congress to cut our social programs instead of raising taxes on the elites.  Once again they want We The People to pay as we did in the bailouts why they themselves pay nothing and reap all the benefits.  The corporatist system is not only an unfair system but it is a ruthless predatory system that goes against every innate human right there is!

It is time Americans wake up and face the TRUTH.  It’s time for BIG CHANGES in this country!  It’s time to make the American Dream reachable for ALL PEOPLE and not solely for a few elites!  If we do not then the fascist corporatist are going to sink this nation and the world into a depression and oppression that is unimaginable.  It’s time to STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK against these people and their BULLSHIT SYSTEM!  Democratic Socialism is the way to do that and bring about a new world and new nation!


2 responses to “Time to Resurrect the American Dream for ALL !!

  1. Maybe it’s time to come up with a new dream that isn’t based on land acquisition, material consumption and pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps (unless you’re white and privileged). The same corporatists you decry are the ones who have defined the American Dream for centuries. Perhaps there is a new and improved American Dream to be imagined.

    • Words of wisdom Jeff 🙂 Perhaps what should be valued more is what is on the inside of ourselves instead of what is on the outside of ourselves.

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