Who Pays the Price When Government Has No Budget? YOU DO!

by Bolivar Rojas—

Why does the US government have no budget? Why haven’t they had one for the past 3 years now? How are department and agency heads controlling their spending? How are they giving people raises? How are they accounting for their overhead and costs? That’s impossible to do without a budget. I find it astounding that for the past 3 years the federal government has been running without a budget but I expect nothing less of the Fascist Corporatists who are now running our government!

When you take a serious look at how the government spends taxpayer money they garnish from the working classes of America it’s no surprise that this nation is in such dire fiscal disaster! Imagine if the federal government was a business. How long do you think they’d be in business without a budget to operate on? Not long as any business I know of that didn’t have a budget is currently OUT OF BUSINESS.

This not having a budget for an astounding 3 years is a bit too much to stomach personally. It just proves over and over again that our government is now run by fascist corporatists who have NO regard for the people of this country NOR do they have any sense of responsibility! Of course the real question is how the American voters can allow this to go on unabated. Government will NOT be responsible unless the voters keep them responsible and demand they be responsible or remove them from office post haste. To allow the federal government to run with no budget invites fiscal irresponsiblity and corruption within government and that is exactly what is happening. Yet no one is more surprised by this than the American voter????

Responsible governments have budgets EVERY year. Responsible leaders have budgets in place EVERY year. We do not have responsible government or responsible leaders in this country anymore. If we did then there would be a federal budget in place yearly!

At present all I hear is a lot of LIP SERVICE void of any real responsible action! Frankly I’m personally sick and tired of hearing our politicians spout off their mouths endlessly and say NOTHING. I want to see some ACTION. Some RESPONSIBLE ACTION. I want to know how much federal departments and agencies are being allocated every year because I’m a taxpayer and it’s MY money. I believe I as a taxpayer am entitled to know just how my tax money is being spent. Apparently the federal government has been operating in an off-the-cuff manner when it comes to finances over the past 3 years so I’m not surprised at all that this nation is wallowing in a fiscal cesspool.

When government truly cares and is concerned for its people government acts responsibly. In contrast, when government truly does NOT care they act irresponsibly and not having a budget for the past 3 years says they really do not care about the American people or America’s future one damned bit! All they do is pay us LIP SERVICE and I’m tired of the lip service and EMPTY talk. I want to see some ACTION from the people we elect and the FIRST action I want to see is RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY in government.

So who loses the most when government acts as irresponsibly as ours is doing? The answer to that question is simple. WE DO! WE THE PEOPLE DO! And We the People ARE losing the most right now! I don’t know of any other country on the planet that runs without some sort of budget. I don’t know of any business or corporation that runs without a budget and remains in business for long. So why are we tolerating this irresponsibility in government in America?

Of course many will be first in line to blame President Obama but the blame for not having a federal budget must be shared. Congress has an obligation to ensure this nation has and runs on a yearly budget and by not having one for the past 3 years PROVES that our representatives in that body are INEPT and should be removed from office by the voters. And some of the blame must be placed on We The People as well. We have an obligation to hold government responsible and accountable and by allowing the government not to have a budget shows that WE have failed as a people and as a responsible nation. So if you’re going to blame Obama for the lack of a federal budget over the past 3 years be sure and spread some of the blame onto Congress and yourself as an American taxpayer and voter.

I strongly believe that one reason this nation has no budget is due to the GREED of the fascist corporatists who now RULE this country. Sorry but if you think these people are GOVERNING you’re wrong! They are RULING over us like imperial monarchs not governing over us. Take a look around and open up your eyes please. The greed of the fascist corporatist knows know end. I’d like to know just exactly where our taxpayer money has gone and is going. To government programs? Or has it gone into the overflowing coffers of global banks and corporations? Where’s the taxpayer money to fix the pot holes in our streets America? Obviously it’s not going into pot hole repair. Is it going into some FAT CAT CORPORATISTS pocket? I echo a deafening YES! Like I said, no budget equals irresponsibility and CORRUPTION and this government is absolutely INFESTED with political and fiscal corruption now!

It is the American taxpayer and the American WORKING CLASS who is now paying the highest price for the government not having a budget! We are paying that price through lack of and/or inferior services that we expect from government. It is the working class in this country that has now been left in the dark. The middle finger obviously is now given to the American taxpayer whom the fascist corporatist seems to believe has NO right to know where their money is going! This is all just one more reason why corporatism in government does NOT work. It works for the FAT CATS but it doesn’t work for the common people who suffer more and more day by day. The FAT CATS get wealthier and wealthier while the common working people get poorer and poorer as they are left out in the cold to suffer and strive for the minimum required for life! I assure you the FAT CATS on Wall Street don’t give one SHIT about YOU! Excluding you bank accounts of course.

America is coming to the breaking point and when that point comes you can thank the Fascist Corporatists and their plundering greed and way of running a country irresponsibly and without accountability. These people cannot see the future because they are INCAPABLE of seeing past right now. Their GREED keeps them from seriously seeing the future. Their GREED blinds them to the consequences THEY are bringing about in this nation today! And YES there ARE consequences that we will ALL be paying thanks to the GREED of these Fascist Corporatist aristocrats we have in power now.

A nation and a people have an obligation to ensure the well being of all others in their own country besides only themselves. A society has the obligation of taking care of each other instead of only taking care of oneself. YES we ARE our brothers keeper! Somewhere along the course of American history at present we must come to the point in which we understand this and we must put change in place that will ensure that everyone is cared for and not the selected elite few. Capitalist Corporatism will NOT do this! Democratic Socialism will. Capitalist Corporatism comes from a place of “survival of the fittest” and it is clearly a PREDATORY system. Democratic Socialism comes from the point of view that we are our brothers keeper and we all have obligations to the society at large and just not ourselves. Which system would you prefer? Which system do you think living under truly would ensure your own well being and that of your children and families? We’ve tried the Capitalist Corporatist routine for far too long now and look at the result. DISASTER! It’s time for CHANGE! It’s time to weed out the fascist corporatist from government and make the change to democratic socialism IF we are going to survive as a nation and society! It’s time to WAKE UP America because it is almost too late and we all are about to be devoured by the rabid lion called Fascist Corporatism! And once devoured there will be no resurrection!


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