The Cost of Our Fascist Corporatist Economy

“Obama and his West Wing band of Bolsheviks
have a master plan to strangle the US economy.”

The above quote I ran across earlier today in Reuters. I’m not sure who it is from but it got me to thinking. Is it Obama with the plan to strangle the American economy or is it the corporations who have that plan? Or is a a combination of both? I do believe Obama is just another corporatist pawn so my vote is for both. But it’s not simply Obama or the present day CEOs with such a plan. This plan has been being carried out for decades now. Call it “economic slow kill” if you wish. And this is especially true when it comes to American jobs.

Jobs used to be plentiful in the US. In fact they used to be so plentiful that if you wanted a job or if you wanted to change jobs all you had to do was go out and get one. But that doesn’t hold true any longer thanks to the GREED of the Fascist Corporatists who now rule over this country and its economy. Today if you have a job you’re lucky and you stay with a job you don’t like simply because it pays the bills and there are no other jobs available. The days of American prosperity seem to be over…as in forever.

I came across an article by “Michael” today on “The Economic Collapse” blog that is very good. There are some significant things posted in that post that I want to address concerning the decline of the American worker.

In 1969, 95% of all working men ages 25-54 had a job.

That’s not so anymore and you can thank the greedy Corporatists for that as they’ve put all their jobs overseas where they can pay workers slave wages like in China. Today, as the post points out, there are millions of workers that cannot find a job and that are out of work. Some of them for months or years have been out of work. Others are working in low pay service jobs like McDonalds or Walmart because those are the only jobs available. As stated in the post jobs in America have gone from good jobs to bad jobs to no jobs. The post states, “We are witnesing the tragic downfall of the American worker…”.

This is the end result of what happens when the few control the majority of the means of production and they get greedy. Endless profit is their motivator not job creation or maintenance. The American worker has now become the victim of the greed of the Fascist Corporatist on Wall Street. And if you think the fascist corporatist cares then dream on! They don’t!

Our politicians continuously spout about how they think the economy is improving. Then why isn’t the job market improving? Where are all those jobs that once enabled the American workers to hold an employment rate of 95%? These same politicians also like to pay lip service to the American worker claiming that things are getting better for US workers when, in fact, we all know that just isn’t so. Things are not getting better for the American working class. They are getting much worse!

We don’t have to go back to 1969 to see how bad things have become since then.

We can go back to 2008, as the post points out, when the percentage of working age Americans with a job sat at about 63%.

Today that number has fallen to 59% and is decreasing daily as company after company announce worker layoffs.

Further, as stated in the post, this is the only time following a recession in which employment numbers haven’t bounced back. Something is very wrong people! The employment numbers should have bounced back by now IF it is indeed true that the economy is recovering as our corporatist politicians like to claim. But it isn’t happening and that tells me they are lying. Sorry but I don’t believe the people on Capitol Hill are that ignorant.

As pointed out in the blog post some things that those very politicians are doing are actually not helping matters at all but making the job situation in this country worse. Obamacare is a good example. Employers across the board are cutting worker hours to part-time hours hoping to avoid a new tax in 2014 as Obamacare fully kicks in. Many employers have already started cutting worker hours, laying off some workers, and not hiring for some positions at all. As of today unemployment is back up to 8% btw. Obamacare is already forcing some major employers to cut hours for workers and that means smaller paychecks for American workers. Obamacare is NOT about healthcare. It’s about PROFIT! Health Industry PROFITS! If you don’t think Obamacare was about profits then you need to perhaps put some thought into wondering just why all the health insurance companies and health corporations supported its passage. If it really was going to clip the profits of those people and improve health care delivery to the average person these corporations would have opposed Obamacare completely. But they didn’t. They supported it. And that is because they saw more profit in it by forcing every American to buy health insurance and do with LESS not more healthcare. Sorry but when it cost these corporatists $.05 to make one pill and they sell it to you for $30 per pill there’s something wrong with the picture. Obamacare isn’t about healthcare reform at all. It’s about improving the corporate bottomline!

Many people in this country have been fooled into believing that Obamacare is socialized healthcare. It’s not that either. Taxes pay for healthcare in socialist economies. Nothing is free as everything is paid for in taxes. People in those economies are not forced to buy health insurance. Government provides healthcare to them via their taxes. They are not required by law to buy anything. Obamacare is just one more fascist corporatist scam on the American workers! Obama said at the time of its passage that it was a “starting point” for real healthcare reform. Ok then let’s move on!! Let’s move on to REAL healthcare reform and REAL socialized medicine in which everyone gets healthcare and no one is required to purchase anything!

As the post points out astoundingly America has a higher percentage of low wage workers than any other industrialized nation on the planet today. That’s amazing! I remember GW Bush speaking one time about the outsourcing of jobs to China and he tried to glaze it all over by saying it was ok because we could become a “service economy.” He didn’t bother to mention that those service jobs in that service economy would be low paying jobs! Guess he forgot to mention that FACT!

The post says that the American middle class is “absolutely destroyed.” I’d extend that and say that so is the POOR CLASS. In fact, the American poor class is obliterated. Millions of jobs are still being shipped overseas and competition for remaining jobs is fierce. That problem is going to only increase as the corporatists CEOs ship more jobs overseas and seek to improve their bottomline so they can get those big Christmas bonuses every year.

Even Americans who are still lucky enough to have jobs right now are having more and more trouble making ends meet. These are called the “working poor” as the post correctly points out and the numbers of working poor in this country are expanding drastically! As stated in the post, “American households are getting poorer at a time when prices continue to rise.” What we see are job losses and pay cuts and price hikes! I heard a report just this morning that if Congress doesn’t once again approve the Farm Bill (which gives subsidies to dairy farmers among others) then come next month the price of one gallon of milk could range between $6 to $8 per gallon. That’s shocking! I guess Safeway is going to have a lot of sour milk because once it hits that price I will NOT be buying it and neither will many other people. I refuse to even pay the $3.65 per gallon because I think it’s outrageous enough so I wait until it goes on sale for $1.57. Othewise I do with out the stuff. This is just one example of what’s gone badly wrong in this nation. Wages are not increasing, unemployment is rising, and consumer prices are going through the roof. And you still think this capitalist corporatism works? WTF?

For the past 4 years in a row the median American household income has decreased. I don’t call that prosperity do you? As the post points out overall

median household income has “fallen by over $4K” over the past 4 years.

That might not sound like much but when you’ve got a family to support, bills to pay, and food prices that are increasing that’s a big drop in household income. And now with Obamacare and many employers starting to cut jobs to part time jobs the median household income in this country is going to fall way beyond $4K. Many of the so called working class poor are about to become the non-working class POOR.

The US economy has been falling for a long time. It did NOT start with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. For at least 50 years now the American economy has been preyed upon by the fascist corporatists whose greed has no bounds and they’ve preyed on that economy at the expense of the American worker. As the post states,

today more than 40% of jobs in the US are low income jobs.

In contrast, back in 1980 that number was at 30%.

Further, as stated in the post, “…neither political party seems interested in stopping the flow of good jobs out of the country.” That’s absolutely right. Be they Democrats or Republicans our politicians on Capitol Hill appear not to care less about the gross outsourcing of American jobs overseas for corporate profit and gains. The group that is paying the ultimate price in this gross disgusting game of greed is the American worker and the American family!

“If we keep doing the same things that we have been doing, we will continue to get the same results,” Michael writes in his post. That’s right and it’s time for a change. It’s time to start doing something different because the status quo obviously is not working any longer! Albert Einestein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. That’s pretty much what has been going on in Washington and on Wall Street for far too long now.

As stated in the post

more than 75% of all US jobs are NOT good jobs and about 77% of all Americans today are working paycheck to paycheck trying to just survive.

These numbers are not simply “dreadful” but they are in fact ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS! The jobs just aren’t there and it appears they are never going to be there. We’ve shipped all of our industry and manufacturing overseas to improve our corporate bottomline and we’ve left ourselves with nothing! How ignorant is that?

When it comes to college grads the numbers get even worse. As stated in the post

53% of all bachelor degree level grads are without jobs or underemployed as of last year.

That’s nothing short of astounding! Where are those good jobs they were told they could get if they graduated from college? They don’t exist anymore! That’s why we have people with college degrees serving up burgers at Micky D’s for minimum wage now!

As the post states, as an example of the dire straights we are now in, this week Citigroup announced it will eliminate 11K jobs in the US as they attempt to “reduce cost” but in fact the real reason is as they attempt to increase PROFITS! They might be fooling some people but Citigroup is NOT fooling me. I know the fascist corporatist skewed mind and the focus is ALWAYS on PROFIT. And Citigroup is just one example. There are thousands of companies now announcing more lay offs across this once great and properous nation! Just one more reason to nationalize the banking industry IMO! When the workers in this nation control the means of production and prosperity I assure you it will all be a very different story in this country. The FAT CATS won’t be so fat anymore and THAT will be a GOOD THING.

Right now as the post points out 48% of American workers are either low income wage earners or living in poverty!

That’s beyond shocking for a country that makes claim to be the greatest economy on the planet. I disagree with the suggestion in the post that we must return to the principles of “our founding fathers.” Sorry but that’s what has got us to this place to begin with! What we need is a new economic system and that new system should be a Democratic Socialist system. Like I’ve said before, the old isn’t working and it’s not going to work. New paradigms are being demanded and going back to the past is not new at all. All major industry from healthcare to the auto industry to the remaining manufacturing and mining industry in this country should be NATIONALIZED! And government should rid itself of the greed plagued Fascist Corporatists who now infest it like a bad plague and replace them with loyal DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS!

The ploy of the Fascist Corporatist is to keep us against each other because they know that should the workers of America ever UNITE that it will spell the abrupt end of their little empire of GREED on Wall Street. They use anything from race to income level to get us to blame each other for our nations problems and the reason they do so is to keep OUR focus off of what the Fascist Corporatists are doing so we will never confront them or put a stop to their unquenchable greed! It’s the old military strategy of “divide and conquer” and that is EXACTLY what is happening in our country today. We are being divided and conquered NOT by Socialists, NOT by Communists, but by FASCISTS! I just love how uninformed people go all about claiming Obama is a Socialist or Communist. He’s not! And we do not have a socialist or communist system today. What we have is a Fascist system already set up in which the corporation uses government to do its bidding so that they can increase their corporate margin of PROFIT. It isn’t Obama and his West Wing band of Bolsheviks. It’s Obama and his West Wing band of Fascists!

Will Democratic Socialism solve our every problem in this country? Of course not. No system will. But it certainly would improve our economy and political system better than what is going on now under this present fascist system. My really big question is this:

“What happens when the majority of us have no job and are living in poverty and we don’t have enough money to buy needed services and food? How will that increase corporate profit if we have no money? I and others are wondering about this because we have something called foresight. The fascist corporatist is not thinking about this because all they can see is their own immediate self gratification. Sorry but they can’t see past today!”

The corporate CEOs on Wall Street have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that they cannot manage America’s industry in a way that benefits the majority of the American people clearly. To allow them to continue to “manage” the means of production in this nation is a bigger mistake than even right now! ONLY by nationalizing the means of production in this country can this nation avoid abject poverty which is about to become something beyond the wildest nightmares of most Americans today. The needs of the many always outweigh the needs of the few or the one! It’s time to wake up to that fact because if we don’t do so quickly this nation is soon going to be something that none of us every envisioned it would be. We will ALL come to know suddenly and deeply a poverty and human suffering that right now is still unimaginable to most of us. It’s time to oust the greedy fascist corporatists in government and on Wall Street and replace them with a new, more HUMANE, and just system of economics and politics. The old isn’t working and it’s not going to America!

“Obama and his West Wing band of Fascist Corporatists
have a master plan to strangle the US economy and WORKERS!”



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