Murder at Sandy Hook: What Are the Real Causes?

What happened in Newtown, CT this past Friday is nothing short of horrific.  At least 20 children were murdered in cold blood ranging in ages from 6 to 10 along with 6 adults and the shooter who committed suicide inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Twenty-Seven people snuffed out in the twinkling of an eye!  Now everyone is asking “why?”.  Everyone is searching for answers.  Everyone is shocked.  But why should we be so shocked?  Why should we search for answers when the obvious answer is staring us all right in the face?

Almost every mass shooting in America in the past 20 years has one common shared element.  That common element is that the shooter(s) can be directly linked to psychiatric medications!  Sadly we as a nation and as a society do not seem to like this answer.  It’s almost as if we as a society and nation are rejecting this FACT in some lame effort to protect Big Pharma and the FAILED mental health system in this country.  There is where we should really be asking the question “why?”.

In American society there are numerous contradictions.  We are a nation that truly is double minded.  We are a society that spouts one thing yet does the opposite and that alone makes us a society and nation of hypocrites!  Sadly, one of those contradictions involves the horrific events at Sandy Hook this past week.  Many of the parents who are outraged and horrified by the mass shootings are the SAME parents who let their children watch violent TV movies and play violent video games!  They are the very same parents who allow this simulated violence to play the role of “babysitter” to their children because they are just too busy to spend quality time with their children themselves.  And more than that is this.  These are the same parents who will not question the violence being put out by Hollywood and the video game industry who consistently reject the notion that they have any hand in creating or shaping the violent society we now live in.  Yet, all of the violent video games and movies can be directly traced to these shooters in almost every case!

Our children and youth are bombarded with simulated violence and sadly the majority of them cannot fully distinquish reality from play or fantasy.  Why is that?  Because they are children!  Children do not have minds like adults do because their minds are not as fully developed as the adult mind is.  Case in point?  Take that imaginary friend a child has or a child who thinks they will one day be able to fly like Spider Man.  We as adults know this is fantasy but children do not.  To a child the imaginary friend is very real and flying just like Spider Man is real.  So what do you think happens in their young minds as they are bombarded with violent movies and play violent video games?  The answer is simple.  They cannot distinquish between real and unreal.  But there is more.  Our children and youth are being CONDITIONED to accept violence, death, and mass murder as “normal” and “ok”!!  And yet we are surprised when one of them such as the shooter in CT named Adam Lanza goes out and carries out such a horrific fantasy in REAL life?  Why should we be surprised?  He was CONDITIONED to do what he did by our “culture of violence.”

In our TV movies and video games mass murder and slaughter are deemed acceptable and normal.  Killing the most people is how you win the game.  This teaches our kids to kill.  This teaches our kids that murder IS an option!  At some point we absolutely MUST change this conditioning to violence as an option and make it a NON-option!  In order to do that we have to STOP the violent video games and movies.  We need to demand that Hollywood and the video makers replace these forms of “entertainment” with more wholesome and LIFE HONORING games and movies.  The more violence is presented as an option and the more a child is exposed to death, murder, and killing the more acceptable it all becomes to him or her in their little NON-developed minds!  We all know this so why do we deny this?

And then there are the POISONS!  And YES I do consider many of the psychiatric drugs we put our children on to be toxic chemical poisons!  These are MIND ALTERING DRUGS!  We already know for a fact that many of these drugs cause violent and/or suicidal behavior or thoughts.  So why are we putting our children on these poisons?  These poisons do a real number on adult minds so what do you think they do on young undeveloped minds?  Big Pharma is NOT concerned about your child’s mental health at all.  Big Pharma is only concerned about PROFIT!  They make these drugs for 3 cents a pill and turn around and sell them to you at the cost of $10 a pill.  That is one hell of a profit!  The drug companies now make bigger profits than the oil companies which is nothing short of SHOCKING.  We have not only become a society of violence but we’ve also become a nation of DRUG ADDICTS!  Legal or illegal it does not matter.  Drugs are DRUGS!

The killer this past Friday inside Sandy Hook Elementary School who killed 26 people including himself was an avid video game player according to people who knew him.  Former classmates of this 20 year old man describe him as a “loner who played video games all the time.”  In other words, Adam Lanza was CONDITIONED into doing what he did this past Friday and he was conditioned by the violent video games he played that honor MURDER!  In this sense Adam was just as much a victim as anyone else.  And Adam is not alone.  There are THOUSANDS of young males just like him know in American society who see MURDER as a viable option.  We can outlaw every gun right now in America and it will be an effort in vain.  It will NOT stop these young people from killing!  They’ve been indoctrinated into killing via the “entertainment” industry which really is NOT entertainment at all.  IF we really want to stop this kind of senseless violence then we’ve got to stop the conditioning of your youth and change the thinking with the message being MURDER IS NEVER AN OPTION PERIOD!!

The basic premise in COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY is this:

“Change the thinking; Change the behavior.”

It’s easy to demand that someone change their behavior.  We pass laws all the time in an effort to do just that.  We can pass all the gun laws we want too.  What we seem to fail to understand is that simply demanding one change their behavior is NOT enough.  In order for someone to change their behavior they must FIRST change their thinking.  If they do not change their thinking then their behavior will NOT change.

In this case the REAL issue is not the guns Adam Lanza used to slaughter 26 people and himself.  The REAL issues are the violent video games, violent movies, psychiatric drugs, and the thinking.  The thinking of not only Adam but the thinking of ALL of US.

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, has a couple of really good articles addressing these issues up on his website at  (see the story links below).  He’s absolutely right when he asserts that “violent video games TRAIN CHILDREN HOW TO MURDER.”  And as he points out that is exactly what Adam did this past Friday at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, CT.  He simply did what he’d been trained (conditioned) to do by those video games and movies he watched all the time.  And we are shocked by what he did?  Why should we be?

Mike Adams is also correct about something else he says.  He says, “Parents have thrown their children to the industries of violence.”  Absolutely!  It is that ver industry which many parents are employing as “babysitters” for their children.  The Health Ranger calls this industry of violence the “entertainment media WOLVES” and they are indeed nothing short of WOLVES and PREDATORS!  They are the PIMPS of violence and murder!!  They put out this “entertainment” GARBAGE which is not quality nor wholesome entertainment at all.  What it all is is MASS MURDER TRAINING!  Yet we ignore it as parents and as a society and instead we seek to put blame on some inanimate metal object we call a gun.  An object that is NOT CAPABLE of killing anyone without HUMAN assistance!

Mike Adams says this blaming of the metal object known as the gun is “all part of the PLOY to distract us all from the REAL CAUSES of violent shootings while blaming those things that are NOT responsible.”  We are not only blaming the guns Adam Lanza used to carry out his evil deed but we are also blaming this 20 year old LOST and CONFUSED young man.  But, as I said above, Adam is just as much a victim as is anyone else.  He’s a victim of the “entertainment media wolves” and the psychiatric DRUG DEALERS aka Big Pharma!!

In yet another article by the Health Ranger Mike Adams he advocates that instead of gun control what we really need is MEDICATION CONTROL.  The shooter Adam Lanza’s brother and family have told the media and police that Adam has a “personality disorder” and suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome which is a form of autism often laced with problems with authority figures and obsessive-compulsive behavior.  Adam had obvious mental issues!  The Health Ranger postulates that this young man was most likely on some form of psychiatric medication and likely he is correct.  Sorry but guns and mind altering drugs NEVER go well together.  The guns belonged to his mother whom Adam Lanza lived with.  His mother was Adam’s first victim as he shot her in the face and killed her at home before taking her car, driving to the school, and slaughering 26 people who were mostly very young children in cold blood.  All of those seeking self glorification politicians were quick to hold news conferences demanding gun control sighting guns as the problem.  But guns are NOT the problem!  As I said all of these shootings have common threads and the REAL ISSUE is not gun control but DRUG CONTROL!!

As the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, points out in the second article linked below, “One of the most COMMON side effects of psychiatric drugs is VIOLENT OUTBURSTS and thoughts of SUICIDE.”  And how much anger control do you think these youth have when on these drugs?  Mostly NONE!  In this case this young mentally disturbed and most likely medicated young man not only had a violent outburst resulting in mass murder but he alsy had thoughts of suicide and shot his own self dead after killing the 26 other people.  I see his meds worked well—-NOT!!!!

Violent outbursts that have the potential to turn into HOMICIDAL behavior are a “side effect” of many of the psychiatric drugs we have our children and youth on today.  So are self and other destructive thoughts.  These medications alter ones mind and sometimes in very DANGEROUS WAYS!  They are NOT a magic answer pill.  There is NO SUCH THING!  They are NOT a cure!  There is no such thing!!

So why is no one calling for DRUG CONTROL?  The politicians are all grandstanding using this tragedy to push their own anti-gun and political agendas which is NOT right or moral either.  Why are they not demanding DRUG CONTROL?  Why are they not demanding an end to the violent entertainment industry WOLVES?  Why are they not screaming for BETTER and more widely available MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES that have been gutted in this nation first of all by the illustrious RONALD REAGAN who cut funding to Mental Health services and turned our mentally ill out onto the streets of America to fend for themselves?

ALL medications alter the human mind to some degree or another.  They are chemicals.  No one has ever convinced me of anything different.  These drugs are synthetically produced.  They are NOT natural elements!  They are created chemicals.  They all alter the human mind to some degree.  In the case of psychiatric drugs they can alter the human mind is astounding and dangereous ways!  And it is that drugged out, altered mind that pulls the trigger in this mass shootings typically!

I do not agree with the Health Ranger when he says, “We should be outlawing psychiatric medications, no an inanimate piece of metal.”  At least not fully.  Psychiatric medications have their uses.  Problem is they are perscribed to freely and to often.  They are normally the first “therapy” of choice when they should not be.  That’s because we live in a society that wants magic answers and instant cures.  But there is no such thing as a “magic answer” nor “instant cure” in this world.  That kind of thinking comes, again, from the entertainment WOLVES who end every movie with a happily ever after ending from FANTASYLAND!  Sorry but that’s not the way it flies in the REAL WORLD America!

Psychiatric medications have their uses and place.  In SOME cases they do a lot of good in helping to control a mentally ill persons behavior but not in all cases.  In SOME cases they do more HARM instead of good.  And as for the gun control issue?  Personally I fail to understand why someone thinks they need to own and use assault weapons that were designed for SOLDIERS IN WAR!  Yes I think such weapons as AR15s and AK47s should be IMMEDIATELY OUTLAWED and they never should have been legal to own to begin with!  These weapons were not made for sportman shooting or hunting.  They were made for killing in WAR by soldiers.  If you can’t kill a deer with 1 or 2 shots then hang it up and forget hunting or learn how to do so with 1 or 2 shots!

Here’s something to consider.  ANYTHING CAN BE USED AS A WEAPON!  Anything!!  Outlaw all guns and those prone to violent behavior on or off psych drugs will  find alternative weapons even if they are makeshift weapons.  Outlawing guns is NOT going to solve the problem at all.  Toothpicks can be used as weapons.  A rope can be used as a weapon.  A frying pan can be used as a weapon.  An extension cord can be used as a weapon.  A pillow can be used as a weapon.  A rock can be used as a weapon.  Do we outlaw them too?

Mike Adams says, “Do the math:  medications are far more deadly than guns.”  Yes indeed they are!  As he points out medications kill about 100,000 Americans each year.  And as he also points out, “For guns to be as deadly as medications, you’d have to see a Newtown style massacred happening 10 times per day every day of the year.”  And Adams says something else significant in his second article.  That is this:

“If our goal is to stop the violence in America, we are completely dishonest if we do not consider mental causes of violent behavior.  And that starts with mind altering psychiatric drugs which I believe have unleashed a drug induced epidemic of violence across our nation.”

As has been said many times before, “guns don’t kill people; PEOPLE kill people!”  A gun is an inanimate object that is of no use whatsoever unless controlled by a human mind and finger.

“Change the thinking; Change the behavior.”  Don’t change the thinking and you will not change the behavior.  Try changing the behavior without changing the thinking and your battle is lost before you even begin.  Human behavior is the RESULT of human thinking.  Thinking is NOT the result of behavior!  Everything begins in the human mind and our behavior good or bad is the physical manifestation of that thinking good or bad, wrong or right.

What happened this past Friday at the Sandy Hook Elementary School is beyond tragic.  I cannot even begin to imagine the thoughts and sorrow that the parents, friends, and relatives of the victims are going through right now.  What a nightmare!  I’m sure some are thinking this is all some sort of really bad bad dream and crying out to be woken up.  But, sadly, it is not a dream.  It is reality.  Will time heal the wounds of these parents, families, and friends.  Sure, in time, the feelings will be less intense but they’ll never forget and they’ll always feel that loss of their loved ones.  Some how they’ll find a way through this darkness.  Some way they’ll find a way to go on.  But there will aways be that which is missing and can never be replaced.

And Adam Lanza?  His family, friends, and relatives are searching for answers too.  He committed suicide so they’ve lost too.  We’re all victims in this.  Victims of some issues that we SERIOUSLY and IMMEDIATELY need to address and resolve as a nation and as a society!  If we don’t then get used to killings like this as they will only grow more frequent and even MORE horrific!



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