Let’s Talk Immigration Reform….

Regarding illegal immigration I think one thing badly in need of being reformed is the entire citizenship process.  It should not take years for someone to become a US citizen.  Thus, the process needs to be streamlined badly.  Regarding illegal immigrants already in our country the idea of rounding them up in mass arrest and mass deporting them is not feasible.  How would you even begin to arrest millions of people?  The solution is to provide some avenue of citizenship for them.  Most of these people came to the US in hopes of bettering their lives and the lives of their families.  Yes they violated our laws by coming here illegal but they are here nevertheless.  Now what to do about it.

Most illegal immigrants work and they work long hours daily.  Contrary to what some people believe the majority of them are not here sucking off of our welfare system.  I know a lot of these people and they are very proud.  There way is not to take handouts but to earn their way and help themselves.  The idea that they come to the US for the “freebies” is a neocon myth!  In many ways illegal immigrants have been demonized unfairly.  Sadly, when societies enter into decay as ours is today one of the first groups of people to be used as scapegoats are immigrants.  We’ve seen this over and over again throughout history.  Illegal immigrants are not the cause of the major problems we face in this country today.  Our decades of government overspending and unaccountability along with waste are the cause.  Let’s face it.  We as a nation have been irresponsible and we’ve spent public money as if we were dipping out of a bottomless money pit.  Now comes the time to pay the piper so we look for scapegoats.  Unfortunately, that scapegoat is often illegal immigrants especially in border states. Continue reading