Will the Immigration Bill Enslave Hispanics?

Commentary by Juan Antonio Piqueros

Think seriously for a moment.  We all like freebies don’t we?  But when do freebies become a bad thing instead of a good thing?  Freebies turn bad just as soon as we become dependent on them.  As we grow to be dependent on them we start to lose our initiative and motivation to succeed in life.  In other words, we become basically worthless members of society as we become more and more dependent on freebies.  You and I may understand that concept but apparently our government does not.  Or should I say maybe it does and it’s just playing a game.  So what does this have to do with anything?  It has everything to do with the immigration bill that is currently before Congress.  Let me explain.

I’ve been thinking lately and I’ve been watching the progress of the immigration bill through Congress and I’ve come to the conclusion that our government appears to think that Hispanic people are basically stupid people.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that is exactly what they think because their words and actions prove it.  I strongly suspect that the immigration bill has nothing whatsoever to do with legalizing illegals out of a sense of compassion and justice and everything to do with buying votes in the upcoming midterm elections and beyond.  That disturbs me because what it means is that our leaders are not sincere in their concerns for Hispanics.  In fact, I’m getting the strong impression that the Obama Administration is playing us Hispanics like fools.  That not only upsets me but it makes me angry as I don’t like being played like a fool.

Contained in the immigration bill is a provision that will have taxpayers subsidizing “Obamacars” for youths between ages 16-24.  Apparently, the administration wants youth to have cars, scooters, and motorcycles to “get to and from work.”  That is IF they are lucky enough to have a job.  So government is now going to play the role of parent to our youth and provide a way for them to get transportation.  And the way they are going to do that is to just give our youth a car, motorcycle, or scooter with little to no effort on the part of our youth.  That will create dependency on government and I am strongly against that.  I believe people should work for what they want in life and if you don’t work then don’t expect anything.  Most Hispanic people share this line of thinking.  Hispanics really do not like lazy bums who are always looking for a free ride.  In fact, we detest such people.

So government is going to make it easy for youth to get transportation and our youth will learn that if they want anything in life all they have to do is depend on government.  The thought of working for it will never occur to them and why should they work for it if government is just going to hand it to them?  This is just creating more dependency on government and in my mind that is a form of SLAVERY!  Slavery of Hispanics by making them dependent on government and, thus, easy to influence and control.  And it also says that Hispanics are really dump and lazy which I do NOT agree with at all period.  Did somebody say racism is dead in this country?  NOT!

When I was young I wanted a car.  I got my driver’s license but had no car.  I thought I might get a stroke of luck and my family might just give me a car.  Once I got over that bit of dreaming I decided that if I really wanted a car I’d have to go to work.  So I went out and I got a job and eventually I bought a car.  A car that I worked for and earned.  Shouldn’t that be the way it should be?  Shouldn’t people have to work for something if they want it instead of just handing it to them on a silver platter?

Most Hispanic people be they Americans or from Mexico or Latin America have a very strong work ethic.  MOST Hispanic people WORK!  Of course the racist stereotype says we don’t and that we are all on welfare.  Yet, I see hundreds of Hispanics working every day, some working long hours outside in the eat and doing dirty jobs.  These people are working to survive and to provide for their families so they can have something better in life.  No one is handing it to them.  They are working for it; earning it.  They aren’t dependent on government handouts of freebies and I think that is a good thing.  That means they’re independent and worthy individuals with dignity.  I don’t want to see government turn our Hispanic youth into worthless individuals with no dignity.  Worthless individuals who will live up to the RACIST stereotype that many people have in this country against Hispanics!

The Obama administration seems to have assumed that Hispanics are stupid people.  The proposal to just hand our youth a car will make them dependent on government and end up making them worthless members of society with far too much free time on their hands.  And we all know what happens when our children have too much free time.  They start getting into trouble.

The provision that would hand over Obamacars to our youth is what I call a bribe.  This immigration bill is not about reform or compassion from the heart coming out of the cesspool known as Washington DC.  It’s about VOTES.  Our politicians are so arrogant that they actually think they can bribe Hispanics into voting for them and THAT is really what this immigration bill is about.  Bribery and votes!  I find that to be an insult to myself and to all Hispanics!  It shows me just how stupid our politicians think we are and how easily they think they can bribe us and play us like fools and pawns.  One thing they have missed, however, is that Hispanic people have a lot of PRIDE and DIGNITY.  We just happen to be proud of our work and of the fact that we cut your own way in life without being dependent on government.  The politicians have grossly underestimated Hispanics and that is yet another insult to us.

I personally don’t want handouts from government.  I want to be allowed to make my own way and to chart my own course in life.  I want something that I’ve worked for so I can be proud of it and proud of my accomplishment.  I want something that I earned so I can value it.  Human beings of any race do NOT value things they’ve been given as freebies.  But if we have to work for it and earn it then it becomes a different story.

I take pride in the Hispanic blood that runs through my veins and I’m not about to allow some slick talking politician play me like I’m and idiot because I am not an idiot.  In fact, MOST Hispanic people are far far from being idiots.  Most catch on to the game long before the game is admitted.  Don’t underestimate our silence as it is not a sign of ignorance.

Barack Obama has turned out to be one big disappointment for me.  I voted for him I’m sad to say in 2008 but not in 2012.  Back in 2008 I thought he might actually turn out to be the greatest president in American history being that he was our first multi-racial president.  I thought his voice might be one of unification but as it turns out his voice is one of division, sadly.  This president likes to play the race card when he doesn’t get what he wants and as far as I’m concerned putting Obamacars in the immigration bill is just one more seed of division he’s planting.  All of those people who think Hispanics are lazy bums will be able to say “What did I tell you?” if this bill passes.  It will confirm the racist stereotype of Hispanics and that makes me mad.

I hope that all Hispanic people do some deep thinking about the consequences of this bill if it is passed into law because they are going to be very serious.  I hope they do some thinking about whether or not they wish to be dependent or independent.  I want nothing to do with dependence especially on government.  Gracias but I’ll make my own way.

I might feel different about the matter IF I thought our politicians really did care about the people.  But I know they don’t and they’ve proven they don’t time and time again.  What they really care about is money and votes and that’s not good enough for me or for the Hispanic people in this country here legally OR illegally.  I would hope that the Hispanic community doesn’t allow this government to play as like we are idiots.  I would hope our politicians get the message from Hispanic parents that we DON’T want our sons and daughters to be made dependent on government freebies.  We want them to work and earn it just like we did so they can take pride in their accomplishments and in themselves.  Dependency on anyone or anything does NOT foster pride.  In fact it destroys pride.  It does nothing to motivate one to accomplish worthy things in life.  It does everything to turn one into a worthless and lazy member of human society.

Hispanic people have a proud heritage and tradition as a people.  We need to maintain that pride and tradition and not allow our money hungry, self satisfying politicians to take it away from us.  Hispanic people do NOT wish to be enslaved by ANY means nor in ANY form.  We must not allow these politicians to enslave us with their government dependence.  Hispanics will be making a very BIG mistake if we allow them to enslave us.  We will become that stereotype that we all so hate!  I for one will NOT be a part of that!  As a Hispanic man I am proud and I am independent and I have eery intention of continuing to be so!  I would hope you feel the same.


New Immigration Bill Has Taxpayer Subsidized Obamacars For Youths
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