US Insult to Bolivian President is Unaccetpable!!

by Bolivar Rojas—–

The US under the direction of Barack Obama is trying to throw its weight around, however, it seems to have now backfired and NOT to Obama’s advantage.  The matter concerns US citizen Edward Snowden the NSA leaker who made public that the NSA is spying on US citizens and just about everyone else in the world including both friends and enemies.  Snowden is presumably held up in the Moscow airport seeking political asylum out of fear of prosecution if he is returned to the US.

SDN 2 logoAt one point it appeared Ecuador might grant Snowden asylum but those prospects vanished after a reported phone call to the El Presidente de Ecuador from US Vice President Joe Biden.  No telling what that phone conversation was about but I suspect it had everything and anything to do with US aid money being cut off if Ecuador granted Snowden asylum.  So it appeared bleak for Snowden and his quest for asylum until last week.  And what a difference a week makes!

El Presidente de Boivia Evo Morales had been on a state visit to Moscow and was aboard his presidential aircraft flying back home to La Paz.  Suddenly and without warning President Morales’ official plane was blocked from landing and refueling in Franch, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.  In fact the crew flying the Bolivian president were informed they could not even fly the plane in the airspace of these nations!  Presidente Morales was outraged as well he should have been.  It put his life in danger had there been an emergency aboard the aircraft.  It was also very undignified for the nations of France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal to treat a sitting Latin American president with such disrespect.  It was nothing short of an outrightMorales INSULT not only to Morales and Bolivians but to ALL LATIN AMERICANS!  Oh, and the reason for all this?  Spain spilled the beans a few days ago letting the international media know that the US GOVERNMENT had told them they suspected Snowden was aboard Morale’s aircraft!!  Yet, ironically, the Obama administration had NO PROOF whatsoever and it appears they were operating on hearsay.  Amazing!  A US administration that operates on hearsay and without facts.  Are you still wondering why the US is falling?

El Presidente Morales is justified in his outrage at the European nations who denied him airspace and landing and at the US government, namely the Obama administration.  This ridiculous behavior of the US and Europe has now served as a rally point for ALL Latin American nations and many Latinos.  It shows the total disregard the US has for Latin America in every respect.  Make no mistake about it.  Latinos were on to Obama’s lip service long ago.  And lip service is all that the Obama administration has ever really paid to Latino nations.  Obama has been no different from any other US president.  He has continued the unofficial US policy of not only seeing but treating Latin American nations and Latin American people like SECOND CLASS.  And that is going over like a lead balloon in the realms of Latinos!

One thing the US and Obama seem NOT to understand is Latino nations are NOT Vassal States of some American Empire!  And another thing they don’t seem to understand is that Latinos DEMAND to be treated with dignity and respect which is something the US, France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal did NOT show President Morales of Bolivia last week.  Treating us like serfs is going to get the US NOWHERE FAST.  Latino nations are RISING and the US nation is FALLING!  We aren’t going to tolerate the old Second Class treatment any longer period!!

Another thing the Obama administration ought to consider is the FACT that Hispanics are becoming the MAJORITY in the US.  Times have changed both in America and in Latin America and a NEW US attitude is now not only required but is being DEMANDED!  We has Hispanic Latinos will NOT put up with the status quo any longer.  We demand respect!  I don’t know who is advising Obama on Latin American foreign policy but if he were half intelligent he’d be firing them tomorrow over the incident involving Morales.  And he needs to get some people to advise him on Latin America who are going to CHANGE the US attitude towards Latinos and Latino nations.  Like I said.  NO MORE SECOND CLASS TREATMENT!!

Venezuela and Nicaragua are now considering giving Snowden asylum as the incident between the US and Morales has become a rally point for everything Latino.  For once I’m happy to see Latino nations UNITE around SOMETHING……anything.  Of course, I’m not expecting any change in US behavior as they are way to comfortable treating Latino nations as if they are mere vassal states.  And that is going to only cause more problems between the US and Latin America and considering the US is in a state of decline I really don’t think the US can afford any more international problems right now.  Too bad Obama and his compadres just can’t figure that out yet.

I have heard nothing about the Obama administration even giving an apology to Morales and if they have not yet done so I wouldn’t be holding my breath for one if I were Morales.  Afterall, the US attitude is that we Hispanics are mere serfs and paupers right?  Why on earth should Morales get an apology from El Grande Estado Unidos?  Well if Obama had any common sense or basic sense of respect he’d apologize to Morales.

I’ve often wondered how to unite Latin America and rally Latinos around a common cause.  Perhaps nothing is needed as US foreign policy and treatment of Latinos will suffice to make that happen.  We’re all still in shock over the SUCCESSFUL US gun running operation known as Fast and Furious and how the ATF supplied assault weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.  And those weapons are now responsible for he slaughter of hundreds to thousands of innocent Latinos.  Of course a similar program existed under former US President Bush and Obama simply continued it.  But, neither is held responsible really as NOTHING has been done now that the guns are in the cartel hands.  Oh the US claims they’ve recovered all the guns BUT they keep showing up at crime scenes in Mexico and elsewhere.  Now isn’t that odd?

The fact is this.  The Obama administration is incompetent to no end.  They operate on assumption and word of mouth.  They seem like a teen boy gone wild operating on hearsay and emotion when one would expect such a government to operate on logic and fact.  The US had NO evidence whatsoever that Snowden was aboard Morale’s airplane.  The US should have been CERTAIN that he was before orderly it’s other VASSAL STATES to not allow Morales to land or fly through their airspace.  Yes I said OTHER VASSAL STATES namely Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal.  LOSERS!

I must admit I’m surprised that Spain was a part of this.  What has happened to the Spaniards?  Are there any MEN among the Spaniards left or have they all been neutered?

I will admit that Snowden violated US law by telling the public NSA secrets and letting Americans and the world know how the US spies on them and SNOOPS to no end.  Yes he violated US law but I personally am happy he spilled the frijoles to the world and exposed the US imperialist behavior that, frankly, the world and especially Latin America are SICK of being the victims of.  The US has some serious thinking to do and needs to make some serious and wide changes.  Not only do they need to stop acting like they are a Nazi snoop nation but they need to come up with a new strategy in foreign policy when it comes to their dealing with Latino Nations and the rising HISPANIC MAJORITY in the US.  And NO immigration reform is NOT ENOUGH.

Hispanics are a noble and proud people deserving of respect just as are any other people on the world.  Yet we keep getting treated like we are second class people and nothing more than serfs and paupers.  Frankly, I for one am sick of such treatment and DEMAND respect!  That is now something ALL LATINOS should be DEMANDING.  We are NOT second class and we sure as hell are not paupers!

It’s time for CHANGE we REALLY can believe in.  It’s time for Latinos to unite and stand against this second class treatment that is forever shoved down our throats.  NO MORE!  I hope that the end result of the disgusting treatment of President Morales by the US and her lackeys continues to be a point of UNIFICATION for Latino Nations.  It’s time to break the ugly cycle of disunity and disrespect.  It’s time to drive home the point to the US and Obama administration that we are not dogs and will not be treated as such under ANY circumstances.  Obama not only owes Morales an apology but every Latino on the planet for such deplorable treatment of a sitting Latino President!

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