US Spying on Latin America OR Is Snowden Lying?????

First there was the US secrets leaker named Edward Snowden who told the world that the US government was snooping on US citizens and then he revealed they were also snooping on European friends and foes alike.  The US has tried to shut him up but to no avail.  Meanwhile, Snowden has been seeking political asylum wherever he can and refuses to return to the US as he fears harsh and inhumane punishment might be unleashed on him.

Before I continue let me ask you a question.  Who wants a friend that stabs you in the back?  Frankly, I don’t know many people who like friends like that and I don’t know many who like friends who snoop on them.  You know that and I know that but apparently the US does not know that.  And this brings me to the latest Snowden revelation.

According to Snowden the US has been “actively” engaged in spying on friends and foes alike in Latin America as well.  Yes, yet another diplomatic FAILURE for Barack Obama!  According to reports in the Brazilian news the US has been monitoring internet and telephone communications in Brazil, Colombia, MEXICO, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, and several other Latin America nations.  If you are surprised then you shouldn’t be.  If you and angered then you SHOULD be.  What an absolute indignation…..ONCE AGAIN… Latinos!!

Brazilian media said today that US intelligence gathering has gone far beyond national security issues and even now includes “economic espionage” which is the collection of info on the petro industry in Venezuela and other energy producing nations in Latin America.  Brazilian media also reported that the NSA and CIA have used intel programs known as “Prism” and “Boundless Informant” in Latin America to collect information on just about anything and everything.  Reportedly, the Prism program gives US intel officials access to emails, chats, and voice mail and also to social media info on Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and YouTube.  “Boundless informant” is used to catalogue calls and internet access according tto the reports.  Reports, however, were unclear as to whether the US was engaged in this activity with or without the consent of the various Latino nations.

This comes not long after the insult handed out to Bolivian President Evo Morales just last week on his return to Bolivia from a state visit to Moscow.  France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain all denied their airspace and landing strips to the president’s airplane for no apparent reason.  It was later discovered, thanks to Spain spilling the beans, that the US had encouraged those nations to deny Morale’s plane airspace because the US “suspected” Snowden was also on the plane.  This intelligence was based on RUMOR however and nothing more.  Not really intelligence at all.  President Morales was very upset by this as were leaders and peoples in other Latin American nations as they should be.  It was a direct insult to a sitting Latino president and to all Latino people!

And so now comes this.  Revelations that the US has also been spying on Latin American nations.  But the question is if they were doing it with or without the consent of the host government in Latin America.  Columbia, for instance, is now strangely silent over the allegations.  And, frankly, other than Brazil I’m not hearing much outrage over this behavior by the US from Latin American states.  So are we to assume this snooping was done with consent?  Time will tell.

Another question is just how far the snooping has gone.  Granted the US helps collect intelligence on drug running operations and etc and provided intelligence info to various Latin American nations.  Sometimes that intel if very important in helping to combat drugs and human trafficking.  But we don’t know if this intel collection of data went beyond that.  If it did then the US has once again acted imperialistically and inappropriately.  If not, then the US may have provided a valuable service to Latin American nations in their fight against illegal activity and the drug cartels.  But at this point we do not know and apparently the media in Brazil do not know.  So I say don’t get too upset yet.  We need to know the rest of the story!

And here’s something else.  This guy Snowden.  Is he telling the truth OR is he making it or some of it up and lying?  I’m beginning to have my doubts.  For one thing in the intel community very FEW people have the whole picture as much  is compartmentalized.  Yet, Snowden appears to know the whole picture and that makes me a bit suspicious of him considering that he was actually employed by a contractor who was contracted with the NSA and CIA.  He was not an employee of either agency apparently.  So how did he know so much?  That’s the 6 trillion dollar question.  He keeps coming out with new revelations bit by bit and I just can’t help but wonder if he’s lying.  Is his real motive to bring down the Obama admin and USA?  He’s got a good start at that if it is.  Allies and foes alike are now really angry with the US and Obama because of Snowden’s revelations.  I guess I’m just finding it a bit hard to believe that Snowden knows so many details about US intel even though he was NOT a high ranking US intel official.

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