Latin America DEMANDS Answers from Obama!

Edward Snowden the NSA secrets leaker met today with human rights lawyers and representatives at the airport in Moscow.  He may take temporarily asylum in Russia but said he wants to go to Latin America.  Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela have offered him political asylum.  Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is standing in fear that Snowden may reveal even more US secrets to the world and they are bracing for such a forthcoming revelation. It was Snowden’s revelation recently of US spy operations on Latin American countries that has now angered numerous Latino leaders to the point of outrage.  Many Latin American nations are now demanding answers from US President Obama and his administration.  And the Latino anger is justified in our opinion!

Experts say that the new wave of anger at the US by Latino nations could have significant damage on US interests in those countries.  Even the US closest ally in the region, Columbia, is now demanding answers from the US regarding US spy programs.  Mexico has also now joined the outrage.  Mexican El Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto said Mexico would find it “totally unacceptable” if the US has been spying on its neighbor and largest business partner in the region.  In Brazil lawmakers are now questioning an upcoming state visit to Washington by Brazil’s President.  Brazil is the largest trading partner with the US in South America.  Some in Brazil say Snowden should be given asylum in Brazil for leaking what he new about the spy program as it is a matter of Brazil’s national security.  One Brazilian Senator proclaimed that he should receive Brazilian citizenship.

US Ambassador to Brazil, Thomas Shannon, said the US collects metadata but doesn’t open the contents of Brazilian emails.  Sorry but that is almost laughable in our opinion!  He also said the US does not monitor Brazilian territory.  Of course getting Brazilians to believe that is going to be rather difficult now Mr Ambassador!  When reporters asked him if his answers have satisfied Brazilian officials he indicate they had not.  And why should they?  No one likes being spied on especially by someone claiming to be a good friend!  The US has broken the trust of the Latino nations and people!  It will be hard to regain.

Latino leaders were already upset over the treatment of Bolivian President Morales last week.  He was returning from a state visit in Moscow when his presidential plane was denied airspace over France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain and it has now been learned that his plane was forced to land in Austria and SEARCHED!  The reason was that the US suspected Snowden was on board and Morales was smuggling him out of Russia.  President Morales was highly upset by this to say the least and accused the US of endangering his life and safety.  Spain was the nation who spilled the beans and let it be known that the US had requested Morale’s plane be denied airspace and landing.  Of course this was a big insult to a sitting Latin American president and an affront to all Latino people!

Anger is growing throughout Latin America as the answers provided thus far from he US are NOT acceptable. Latinos and Latino nations are tired of being treated as if they are mere serfs to the Americans!  WE are NOT second class citizens of the world and we will NOT be made so period!!  Many Latino leaders are in utter shock over the scope of US spying in Latin America and admit they suspected US spying they never suspected it was to such a big extent.  Leaders are demanding to know why the US was spying and just what the US intention was.  Almost all Latino nations now believe the US violated their sovereignty and showed complete disregard and disrespect for them.  Reportedly the US spying programs went far beyond spying on governments and their military’s  and included spying on Latino businesses and corporations.  That reportedly included US spying on oil and energy companies in Venezuela and Mexico.

The fact is the US owes Latinos an apology and needs to make assurances to stop the spying and see that it never happens again.  Thus far, that is NOT happening.  Instead the Obama administration is giving out a bunch of lame excuses and justifications along with denials that do not hold water.  The US needs to own up to the fact that they have committed a WRONG.  But apparently that is not to be the case.  This is just one more diplomatic train wreck for Obama and his administration that appear to be quite amateurish in just about all they do.  Or is it intentional?  The US can kiss allies in Latin America goodbye over this scandal.  Latinos like the rest of the world are tired of the US imperialist tactics and attitude.  The US violated the sovereignty of every Latin American nation!  That is inexcusable!  The US might THINK they own the whole world but they would be badly mistaken!  They DON’T!!

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