Perez Confirmed as US Labor Secretary

The US Senate has approved President Obama’s pick for US Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez. The Senado also confirmed Gina McCarthy as head of the EPA. Senor Perez come from an immigrant family from the Dominican Republic. His father was at one time a garbage collector. Perez was approved by a party line vote of 54—46. Obama said Perez has lived the (mythical) “American Dream.” He went on to say Perez has dedicated his career in public service to staying within reach of hardworking families across the US.

Over the past four years Senor Perez has headed the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Democrats have praised him for his aggressive enforcement of voting rights and other laws while Republicans have criticized Perez for his “liberal” ideology.

Perez holds a degree in law from Harvard University. He has served as a civil rights prosecutor and was an aid to the late Senator Edward Kennedy. In 2009 he was named h ead of the DOJ Civil Rights Division. As head of that division, Perez challenged laws in South Carolina and Texas that required voters to show a photo ID prior to being allowed to vote. Perez also sued Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio claiming that the sheriff racially profiled Latinos during immigrant crackdowns living in the US LEGALLY.

Republicans claim that Perez is selective in enforcing laws according to his political views. They’ve accused him of trying to sidestep federal immigration laws when he was serving in local government in Maryland. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnnell from Kentucky said Perez is “more than just some left wing ideologue, he’s a left wing ideologue who appears perfectly willing to ben the rules to achieve his ends.”

Conservative bloggers and talk show hosts are characterizing Perez as a “Latino Extremist.” Of course anyone who goes up against them and challenges their neo-con views is an “extremist” no matter what their views are. Fact is the Labor Department needs a strong leader who is not afraid to challenge the neo-cons and their continued exploitation of the American working class and Mexican immigrant working class which is primarily used for unofficial slave labor inside the US. If the Republicans had their way they’d pick someone to head the Labor Department that would enforce Hispanic slavery and plunder the American working class, thus, proving once again that their unbridled capitalism is firmly rooted in GREED at the expense of the American worker!

Personally, I think Perez in an excellent pick for Labor Secretary and I hope he makes some big waves.


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