What’s Up With Spain?

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By Juan Jose Silva

What’s going on with Spain lately?  I’m sure that former Presidente and El Generalissimo Franco is turning over in his grave by now.  There’s a big controversy about the Prime Minister and Interior Minister taking money that didn’t belong to them and the PM is refusing to resign.  Meanwhile, King Juan Carlos is still hoping Spaniards forget about his little elephant hunting expedition in Africa in which he was injured and which cost the Spanish taxpayer a pretty peso.  And need I mention the austerity routine in which Spaniards are being made to suffer and do with less or without?  What kind of regime is now running Spain?  Obviously, it is a regime that doesn’t give one concern about the Spanish people!

The best thing Spain could do right now is to get rid of the Euro and exit the European Union and, thus, return to its senses as a sovereign state.  The next best thing Spain could do right now is to rid themselves of the current Prime Minister and since he isn’t willing to resign I think the Spanish parliament should impeach him and remove him from office.  And the king?  Isn’t this guy suppose to be a figurehead?  Why should he not suffer under austerity as the average Spaniard is today?  He can most certainly do with less!  I say cut his government stipend in half and strip him of all but ceremonial powers such as ribbon cutting.  I don’t see the average Spaniard going on elephant hunting trips.  What I see is the average Spaniard looking for a job and trying to make ends meet.

Fact of the matter is Spain is in the same sinking boat that Greece is now and government greed and overspending is the reason there is a whole in the boat.  For far too long government has spent as if they have a bottomless money pit.  I think government salaries and pet projects need a little austerity!  Clearly the indication is that the present regime in Spain couldn’t really care less about the common Spanish citizen.  Clearly they think that the average man and woman should pay for gross government overspending and greed.  Once again we see an example of fascist corporatism as we see in the United States and the rest of Europe.  That is a brutal and unjust political and economic system in which the common man and woman will never be able to get ahead.  This is a system that is rigged against the common worker! 

Of course the Spanish people have expressed their anger over all this as riots and demonstrations have taken place throughout the country since austerity measures were put into place.  Their anger is justified!  Their outrage is justified!  But who is listening in the halls of government?  Apparently no one!  The corrpution and greed in government continues and clearly government has no intention of curtailing their bad habits at all.  Instead they seem to think that the common Spanish worker should continue to foot the bill as government continues to spend like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

Spain not only needs to tell the EU to take a hike and return to their own currency but Spain also needs to put a government in place that is truly concerned about the working Spaniard.  A government that will bring a truly democratic system into place and that will rebuild Spain’s economy and create jobs.  Spain has always been a strong nation.  It has always been a nation of foresight and common sense.  Doesn’t common sense now say that something must change?  Certainly it does.

When you look back at Spanish history and compare it to what is going on in Spain today it is like looking at night and day.  Where is the traditional and historical Spanish pride?  Where is the historical Spanish attitude to fear nothing but press ahead?  Where is the traditional compassion for others that Spaniards have had?  Where is the common sense?

The Spanish people are a proud and noble people and they deserve better than what they are being handed today.  The average person in Spain just wants to have a job and a future which is the same thing that people all over the world want. Sadly having a future and a job seem to not be possible under the current system.  Suffering and poverty with no future seem to be the call of the day in Spain and many other nations.  People are growing angry.  Spaniards are angry!  What I see right now in Spain is an oppressive government that must be replaced period.  Hopefully this can be done by peaceful means and democratic processes.  Violent revolution would only make things in Spain worse in the end.

I would like to see Spain unload their monarchy and go to a complete democratic socialist system of economics and government.  Frankly, I don’t know what Franco was thinking when he was near death and decided to return Spain to a monarchy after his death.  But, as they say, that’s water under the bridge and what is done is done.  The Spanish people are an intelligent people.  They are a people who deserve to be heard and whose government should follow the will of the people.  But the current regime does not listen to the common voice in the street and instead it imposes austerity and more oppression.  This is not the way of a democratic socialist state!  But it is the way of an outdated monarchy!  A government that does not hear the will of the people is a dictatorship that is deaf to the will of the people.  There is no freedom and no liberty nor justice under such a regime.  We are not living in the 14th century.  We are living in the 21st century and instead of turning back we need to go FORWARD.  People are not the lackeys of government.  It is government that should pay the price for their greed and overspending not the common worker trying to take ends meet.

There comes a point at which the people cannot sacrifice anymore as they’ve given everything they have already.  Spain is now at that point.  It’s high time Spaniards replace some of the people in government and begin to create a new system in Spain that will benefit all and just not the self esteemed few.  It’s time for Spain to move to a system that advocates eqality for all so that Spaniards have a future once again and a life.  Spain’s current regime took a chance on the global roulette wheel as did many other nations and they lost.  They should have never been gambling with the people’s money to begin with.  Analysts say that Wall Street has turned into one big gambling casino.  Well so has the rest of the global financial system especially in the West and Europe.  Irresponsible government decided to belly up to that global roulette wheel and they lost.  Problem is they were playing with your money!  Now they are demanding that the common worker who can’t even find a job pay the bill.  That is nothing short of unjust and unfair.

Oh, one other thing the Spaniards need to tell the global banks as they put a new system into place is to take a hike as well.  The Spanish people should not have to pay the debts that belong to the gambler banksters to begin with!  Let the global banksters pay the price of their own debt and just maybe they’ll learn that gambling is not such a good idea especially when you’re gambling with other people’s money.  Oh yes it is a hard lesson to learn but one that must be learned nevertheless.  It’s high time the global banksters and their lacky corporatists live under austerity and maybe next time around they’ll be far more responsible with the people’s money!



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