80% of Americans Facing Poverty!!

A new AP survey has come out and the results are somewhat shocking but not unexpected.  The survey suggests that 4 out of 5 Americans today struggle with joblessness, living in near-poverty, and/or find themselves having to rely on welfare at some point in their lives like food stamps, cash assistance, or disability.  It’s a black eye on our nations economy and blows the myth that everything is great and the economy is getting better.  Apparently not so!  What these results are indicators of is that the economy is not getting better and economic security in this nation is deteriorating.  The results also indicate the the so called “American Dream” is becoming more and more elusive for the MAJORITY of people on Main Street.
The AP survey attributes these results to increasing globalization of the US economy, the widening gap between rich and poor, and the loss of good paying manufacturing and other jobs that have been shipped overseas to places like India and China.  I recall Bush II telling Americans not to worry when big companies began moving overseas as America could be a “service economy.”  Sadly we aren’t even that!
Whites are the new face of the poor with a growing number of whites becoming poor and unemployed.  Still, Black and Hispanic poverty rates remain about 3 times higher than whites and it now appears that poverty is just not some fringe issue but is now a mainstream issue as more and more Americans of all races become increasingly poor and unable to find work.  Ironically, results of this survey come on the heals of Obama’s speech on the economy last week.  Obama is attempting, yes again, to renew his efforts to get Americans JOBS and fix the US economy.  Oddly, he is now acting as if he just arrived in the Oval Office when, in fact, he’s occupied that office for 5 years now.  This man is slick. Real slick!  He speaks of wanting to rebuild “ladders of opportunity” which is rather hard to do when there are few to no jobs available in America.  I took his speech on the economy last week as just more corporatist lip service propaganda and nothing more.  Again, he said he wants to reverse income inequality and this comes from the same POTUS who as a campaigner said he wanted to redistribute income in America.  Well he’s done a great job at that.  Problem is he’s redistributed income in America to his golf buddies down on Wall Street while transforming much of Main Street into a ghetto!  Make no mistake about it amigos.  Obama is NOT a Socialist or Communist.  He’s a Fascist Corporatist!
That 4 out of 5 Americans now face poverty is beyond astounding even though I know statistics show more Americans today are on food stamps or some form of government assistance than every before in US history.  These newest results prove that the US economy is continuing to tank and that it is the American people who are paying the ultimate price.  The survey reflected that growing numbers of Americans see no hope for their or their families futures.  In other words despair, pessimism, and hopelessness are now becoming the American mindset as opposed to hope.  The biblical book of Proverbs says, “A people without hope perish” and, sadly, that’s about what is to happen.  The American working class is about to disappear down the dark abyss into gross poverty like is seen in most third world countries.  One is left to wonder how the most advanced, richest, and most powerful nation on earth at one time has come to standing on the brink of being a third world nation. The answer to that question is simple.  It is because the corporatists have pillaged our economy, nation, and people to satisfy their unquencable greed and they are now leaving our collective national carcass to the rats and wolves.  And Obama?  He’s blowing smoke in the wind.
What we see today happening in the US and to our economy is the direct result of the unquenchable greed of the fascist corporatists.  These people are capitalists who morphed themselves into corporatists by choice and intention.  America is no longer a capitalist nation. It is now a Fascist Corporatist state in which government is owned by the global corporations and banks and is used to do the bidding of the almight corporation.  Government in this nation no longer represents the people.   The voices on Main Street are NOT heard in Washington DC any longer.  But they sure as hell hear the voices coming from Wall Street, in fact, every whisper!
America today is tightening rope and at some point something will snap.  Our corporatist government and their owners on Wall Street know this and they are preparing for it.  When people are hungry they change drastically and suddenly.  Mr and Mrs Nice Guy or Gal are thrown out the window.  Public anger and public frustration in this nation are now at record levels.  Americans no longer have faith in government to do anything period except cater to their corporate owners!  History is repeating itself as it has so many times in the past.  The working and poor people in this nation have been plundered ALREADY and are even being plundered more.  The corporatist fascists will not be happy until they’ve stolen every last penny in this nation and put the American people into a gross state of poverty and suffering.  Whites might be the emerging fact of poverty now but I assure you that means poverty conditions for Blacks and Hispanics will only grow WORSE!  Black and Hispanic poverty is 3 times worse than it is for whites, still.
What we see in America today is the end result of capitalism morphed into facist corporatism.  The working class Proletariate pays the ultimate price while the elites suffer no want at all.  Government now calls upon the American people for “austerity” and “sequester” and those are just corporatist codewords for making the working poor to suffer even more while the rich get richer at their expense.  Obama constantly speaks of correcting inequality in this nation but all it amounts to is lip service.  His lack of actions and actions prove otherwise.  Wall Street owns Barack Obama and that is increasingly clear as they own our Congress and Courts as well.  America is already history and it would do the American people well to realize it, admit it, and move on from there.  Right now we are stuck in denial hoping that it isn’t over but it is.  Happily, more and more Americans are waking up to that fact.
You can see more results of this survey at the following links:


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