DEATH!! Military Court Sentences Ft Hood Shooter…..

A military court today sentenced US Army Major Nidal Hasan to death after a jury found him guilty as charged in the 2009 shooting spree that left several US soldiers dead or injured at Ft Hood, Texas.

Hasan chose to defend himself throughout the trial although he had attorney’s advising him.  During the course of the trial Hasan never denied being the shooter and, in fact, during opening arguments he told jurors “I am the shooter.”  He seldom cross examinied witnesses and called no witnesses of his own during the trial.  It appeared he was setting himself up as a Muslim martyr and today’s ruling appears to have handed him what he wants, maybe or maybe not.  Hasan opened fire inside a crowded waiting room where soliders were awaiting final medical checkups before being deployed to Afghanistan.  Some witnesses told the jury that they heard Hasan yell “Allah Akbar” prior to opening fire.  Investigator presented evidence to the jury that Hasan had been in contact with known al Qaeda leaders prior to the shootings.

The ruling by the military court is certain to be appealed and that could take years or even decades due to the military’s long appeals process.  However, if Hasan is executed he’d become the first US solider executed in more than half a century.

Hasan told jurors that he did what he did in order to “protect” Islamic radicals overseas from “American aggression.”  Hasan’s job in the US Army was as a staff psychiatrist.  Colonel Mike Mulligan was the prosecutor in the case and he told jurors that Hasan was a cold blooded killer.

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Egypt and Muslim Brotherhood Threaten to “Expose” Obama!

Today comes two stories of interest regarding US President Barack Obama, Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The later two have now threatened to “expose” Obama and the MB says if they tell the world what they know about Obama he’d be the first US President to land in prison.  Let’s being with the Muslim Brotherhood threat.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded as a terrorist organization with the clearly stated goal of forming a global Islamic Caliphate.  They were suspected in the murder of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and have been outlawed in Egypt up until recently when they succeeded in getting their man, Mohammed Morsi, elected as President of Egypt.  Subsequently, the Egyptian military took over and has now jailed Morsi and arrest many leaders of the MB.  One of those MB leaders is named Khairat al-Shater.  His son (Saad al Shater) has been claiming that the MB has evidence that will land Obama in prison!  This allegation came as the Obama administration went Arizona Senator John McCain and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, both Republicans, to Egypt in a futile effort to convince the ruling Junta to release MB leaders including al-Shater.

The younger al Shater says McCain and Graham were sent by Obama to Egypt to secure the release of MB leaders as part of an effort to prevent the release of this information about Obama that could land him in prison.  Reportedly, the elder al Shater has information, recordings, and documents that incriminate both Obama and his administration in their dealings with the MB.  He alleges that the Obama administration has been directly involved with the MB in Egypt.  According to WND six different Arabic sources have confirmed this.  The Egyptian government is currently planning to prosecute the elder al Shater.  You can find more on this at: Continue reading

US Spying…..on just about everyone including UN!

To say the the American government has become paranoid would be an understatement.  To say that it has become psychotically paranoid would still be an understatement.  Of course all the spying and violations of our Constitutional Right to privacy are ignored as government claims they are trying to keep us “safe” from all those boogey man terrorists both foreign and domestic but, frankly, that’s just an excuse that I’m not buying anymore and neither should you.  For one thing all of this “keeping us safe” stuff has gone way too far and has gone on for far, far to long!

UN bugged

Bugged more than any cheap motel !!

And speaking of the “keeping us safe” excuse that’s what the NSA is claiming as two stories caught my attention today.  The first story comes on the NSA concerning an inspector generals report that some NSA analysts blatantly violated rules and laws pertaining to spying on American citizens.  And, you’ll like this amigos, some NSA analysts have even used taxpayer funded NSA spy equipment to spy on their spouses and lovers!  Ah yes that is what we bought all that fancy equipment for isn’t it?

The inspector general report found NSA employees had no regard for the law or rules in some cases and went right ahead and violated the rights of US citizens anyway without even a second thought.  Further, the NSA has finally admitted to that allegations but says such instances are “rare.”  Yeah…I’m NOT buying that excuse either frankly.  That admission by the NSA contradicts directly statements made by President Obama recently who said first that there were no such instances and then later said that there were “accidental” incidences in which the NSA violated privacy laws and spied on Americans.  So which is it Obama?  And btw why can’t Obama ever get the story straight?  First he says one thing and then something completely opposite and the man leaves me scratching my head.

Of course, the NSA says they have a zero tolerance policy for such violations which most likely means the guilty NSA employees will be fired at most OR maybe the ones who spied on their spouses and lovers will get a promotion.  Sorry but I’m not buying that one either.  Obama says the spying by the NSA has been “done the right way” and I suppose that’s true IF you think the USA is now the USSA something akin to the resurrection of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.  Obviously, the spying has NOT been done the right way under a Constitutional Republic who likes to go to and fro boasting all about “freedom and democracy.”  Obama seriously needs to stop with the contrary PROPAGANDA already as no one with half a brain in America or the world is buying it anymore.  And let us not blame Obama for all this solely as the NSA spying has been going on long before he took office in 2008.  Clinton, Bush Jr, and the rest were all a part of it, sanctioned it, and let it grow out of control.  This is what happens when you have corporatists running the country and government.  They eventually move towards a Corporatist Police State which is worse than anything Stalin or Hitler could have envisioned!  Continue reading

Drastic Increase in Extreme US Poverty!!

fat capitalistPress TV published a report a few days ago about the drastic increase in EXTREME poverty in America and it’s very disturbing.  The abyss (it’s no longer just a gap) between rich and poor is widening at ever-increasing speeds now.  The sad thing is most Americans still don’t really care but they’d better start to care.  Why?  Because when the corporatists and bankster robber barons are finished economically pillaging our country MOST Americans will be in that extreme poverty!

According to this report the number of Americans living on less than $2 per day soared by 160% from 1996 to mid 2011.  The stats come from the National Poverty Center.  In 1996 there were 636K American households living on less than $2 per day but in 2011 that number had skyrocketed to about 1.65 million households!

The report also shows that 4.3% of non-elderly households with children are living in extreme poverty in the US and it is estimated there are 3.55 million children in those households.  That’s shocking!

This trend began under President Bill Clinton in 1996 when he ended cash assistance payment to low-income families.  Between 1996 and 2008 the US poverty rate almost doubled.  That translates to almost 600K families thrown into extreme poverty in the US!  After the 2008 recession that rate continued to increase and the pace accelerated.  Just this past July a report that we reported on pointed out that 1 out of every 5 American adults struggle with unemployment, near poverty standards of living, and/or dependence on some form of welfare for at least part of their lives.  That report was alarming enough but the NPC report is even MORE alarming!

This trend towards extreme poverty in the US is being blamed on increased globalization of the US economy and outsourcing by American companies meaning shipping good paying manufacturing jobs overseas to places like China which, ironically, has gone from being a Communist state to a Capitalist Paradise!

To see this kind of extreme poverty and hopelessness in the most powerful and richest nation on Earth is very alarming.  The poor are casualties of the war being waged against the American people by some of the richest and most powerful corporations, banks, and individuals on the planet today.  Driven by profound greed they do not care anything about the plight of their fellow-man or woman!  That’s a very sad reflection on America, the American people, and our future as a society and nation.  It’s yet one more eye-opening glimpse into what Capitalism and Corporatism end up doing to MOST of the people in society.  Very FEW enjoy the profits and benefits of such massive wealth.  MOST are thrown into extreme poverty just as we see happening in America today!

Capitalism has morphed into Fascist Corporatism.  These are both PREDATORY ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL SYSTEMS.  They are both firmly rooted in gross greed!  Neither system cares about the masses in any society.  They are both motivated by PROFIT at ANY expense and in this case that expense is human families and children!  What more proof do you need that the corporatist system MUST be put out to pasture?

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Egypt Responds to Obama and MSM!

Reportedly the political parties representing the majority of Egyptians has responded to President Obama’s statements he made this past Thursday.  And apparently Obama and his Corporatist buds have got things all messed up!  The National Salvation Front is a coalition of Egyptian pro-democracy and secular political parties.  They have responded in an open letter to Obama’s comments on the crisis in Egypt and the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi.  The coalition is headed by Ahmed Said who is also head of the Free Egyptians Party.  Said is warning Obama that the Muslim Brotherhood poses a grave risk to any future democracy in Egypt.  He also advises Obama that Morsi tried to overthrow Egypt’s constitution among other serious allegations.

You can read the open letter at:

Said says in the letter that the Muslim Brotherhood is an “unlawful organization operating outside of Egyptian law.”  He says the MB receives “foreign funding” and that they are engaged in “laundering money.”  He goes on to point out to Obama that the MB is bent on establishing a worldwide Islamic Caliphate and that they believe in their “absolute supremacy.”  Said speaking of the MB says, “They pretend to be God’s emissaries and they will not rest until the force the whole world in submission.”  Said says Egypt is the “launching pad” for the MB to “achieve their Fascist dream.”

Said tells Obama that Morsi reneged on his promises to the Egyptian people.  He says the reason the Egyptian people took to the streets again is because Morsi became a dictator like the one they threw out previously, Hosni Mubarak.  Said goes on to say the MSM presents a one sided story of what is happening in Egypt and it is slanted in favor of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Morsi was ousted on July 3 of this year.

Said speaks of the “peaceful demonstrations” the US media constantly talks about while ignoring the MB burning down churches and cathedrals and assaulting or killing Christians in Egypt.  He tells Obama, “peaceful demonstrations do not have the capacity to kill more than 50 police personnel in just a few hours.”  He also says such demonstrations do not have the ability to attack police stations with RPG rockets nor threaten Christians with genocide.  He also tells Obama, “Peaceful demonstrators do not raise the black flags of al-Qaida while marching with pictures of bin Laden and al Zawahri on their chests.” He reminds Obama that it was this same Muslim Brotherhood that threatened Egyptian voters by telling them they will burn Egypt down if their MB candidates are not declared the election winners!

Said speaks of some of the gross human rights violations carried out recently in Egypt by the MB, namely, throwing children off of the roof of a six story building and plunging them to their deaths.  He says Obama is only considering one side of the story and he says that Egyptians are most concerned that the American people are being misled. He goes on to point out how Egyptians stood by the US when we were attacked on 9/11 and now America must stand by Egypt as the terrorist org Muslim Brotherhood is attacking them.  Hmmm…interesting.  Remember Libya’s Khadafi claiming al Qaeda was behind his overthrow and violence in Libya before he was brutally killed?

Said concludes the open letter with this, “How can these (terrorists) be the ones the USA will never negotiate with while the US government demands that Egyptians not only negotiate with them (terrorists) but also partner with them (terrorists) in the building of modern Egypt?”.

I can’t wait for Obama to answer that question!  Morsi was NOT elected freely and lawfully as, if you recall, there were thousands of accusations of voter intimidation and fraud during his election.  Once again Obama and the US are on the WRONG side as they were in Libya and we all see how great that has turned out now.  And after Egypt who comes next?  Syria?  No wonder the Saudi King has come out in support of the military ousting of Morsi.  He knows full well that the Muslim Brotherhood is NOT a political party but that it is still a terror org as it was founded.  If Obama thinks the Egyptian people wish to be ruled by terrorists he’s badly mistaken.  NO ONE DOES!




How Detroit Went Bankrupt….Banks Have Upperhand!

Read the following article.  It clearly tells you how the banks already have the upper hand and are NOT subject to court rulings, meaning they are above the law!  The article explains how the banks caused Detroit to become bankrupt and why it is “good business” for the bankster robber barons.  It’s nothing short of predatory and disgusting.  Anyone think it’s time to reel in the banks and make them accountable?  And isn’t it about time they be forced into a position where they are NOT above the law?  LOL and we wonder why the economy is in such a mess.  It’s not Obama.  IT’S THE BANKS!



US Has Lost Credibility in Mid East!

News Commentary by Bolivar Rojas

socialism1US Senator John McCain R-AZ a former presidential candidate back in 2008 said today that the US has lost credibility in the Mid East due to the Obama Administrations inaction in Egypt.  As McCain noted Obama threatened to cut off aid to Egypt if the military launched a coup to oust Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi but when the Egyptian military did launch that coup last week aid was not cut off.  Instead Obama simply canceled war games scheduled with Egypt and the Obama administration has said there was no coup in Egypt.  Really?  Then what the hell was it?

In other words the Obama administration is full of hot air.  Big talk with little to no real action and Egypt along with the rest of the Arab world is beginning to find that out.  McCain visited Egypt recently in an futile attempt to broker a deal between the Egyptian military and President Mohammed Morsi’s government.  He went on today to accuse the military junta now ruling Egypt under Defense Minister General el Sisi of promoting “anti-Americanism.”  Well that depends on how you look at it as many people in Egypt believe Obama and the US Ambassador to Egypt support terrorism.  Namely the Muslim Brotherhood which was founded as and which continues to be a KNOWN TERROR ORGANIZATION!  Read the history of the MB and discover the truth for yourselves.  The MB has been implicated in numerous terror activities in Egypt for decades now including the assassination of Egypt’s President Anwar el Sadat on 6 October 1981.  The current government of Egypt under military junta rule is considering outlawing the MB again.  Under Sadat and his successor Hosni Mubarak it was outlawed and designated as a terror organization as well. Continue reading