Senators Debate Definition of “Journalist”

US Senators are debating  the definition of just what a “journalist” is and is not as part of a bill in committee presented by Senator Chuck Schumer and the late Senator Arlen Specter that would extend 1st Amendment protections to bloggers and free lance Internet reporters.  There is a concern in the committee over WikiLeaks and the general consensus among Senators seems to be that they don’t want to extend 1st Amendment protection to WikiLeaks or other organizations like them.  Senators Dianne Feinstein and Richard Durbin are especially concerned about WikiLeaks who release hundreds of emails from the US State Department and caused an international uproar.

Feinstein and Durbin have presented an amendment to the Schumer/Specter bill that would narrowly define the term “journalist” to mean a professional person who is paid by one of the “traditional” media outlets.  That definition would exclude free lance journalists and bloggers from 1st Amendment protection.  Schumer is not supportive of the Amendment.

Free lance journalists and bloggers are in an uproar over the proposed amendment by Durbin and Feinstein.  They argue, as Schumer is arguing, times have changed and their are many journalists on the Internet that do actually news reporting but don’t get paid by one of the MSM media orgs.  In fact, most don’t get paid by anyone! 

What Feinstein and Durbin seem to be trying to do is to shut down alternative media on the Internet.  It is rather obvious now that the powers that be control the MSM and that the MSM no longer reports the news nor does any real investigative reporting.  They are, for the most part, mouthpieces of government politicians and a propaganda machine bent on trying to shape public opinion and social engineering the masses!  But this is to be expected as the MSM are corporations controlled and owned by Fascist Corporatist who use government to do their bidding.  Much of the alternative media is not part of this corporatism and the corporatists, like Feinstein and Durbin, seem to not like that fact.  TOO BAD AMIGOS!!

In fact it is the free lance journalist and alternative media bloggers who get to and report the truth on MOST truly newsworthy stories.  CNN is now trying to catch up as is FOX News and others with a alternative media reports that have been reported for a long while now in connection with the Benghazi Scandal which resulted in the killing of a sitting US Ambassador (Chris Stevens) in Libya recently.  Alternative media started reporting almost from day one that the US was running Libyan arms to al Qaeda via Turkey and into Syria in an attempt to oust Syrian president Assad.  Both CNN and FOX are trying to pretend this is some sort of new revelation when, in fact, the UNPAID alternative media and bloggers have been reporting this story for months now.  So this one story is one example of UNPAID free lance journalists and bloggers doing the work of journalists and reporting.  Yet, if Feinstein and Durbin get their way these people won’t be considered journalists at all and will not be covered under the 1st Amendment which guarantees freedom of the press.

We are in the 21st Century and times have changed as Senator Schumer has pointed out to Feinstein and Durbin.  This is not the 1800s where the newsman dawns his sombrero and goes out to get the scoop for the Daily Planet!  We have something called the Internet that is and has already changed our world and reality in some very dramatic and lasting ways.  Sadly, it appears that Durbin and Feinstein don’t know that yet as it appears from their proposed definition of what a “journalist” is comes from the late 19th or early 20th century.

No one at SDNP gets paid yet we are journalist and reporters.  If Feinstein and Durbin are successful with their amendment then we will NOT be considered such and we will NOT have the protections under the 1st Amendment.  Contrary to the picture painted by Feinstein we are NOT high school drop outs who bought a website for $5 and decided to start a blog!!  We consider ourselves reporters and journalists and I for one am highly educated most likely more than Feinstein or Durbin could ever hope to be.  I personally found Feinstein’s comment INSULTING to say the least and highly OFFENSIVE.  I’m glad she made the comment, however, as it once again reflects what the FASCIST CORPORATIST really think of the average American on Main Street.  That is that we are a pack of redneck inbreds who are really, really stupid.  Thankfully, Feinstein, Durbin, and others like them are WRONG!  The average America is anything BUT stupid and we sure as hell are not inbred nor high school dropouts who bought a website for $5!!

I support Schumer’s bill but I do not support the Feinstein-Durbin amendment.  Dianne Feinstein is the biggest JOKE for a US Senator in American history and one wonders how in the hell she ever got to be a US Senator.  Perhaps she bought a Senate seat for $5 and decided to be a Senator?  Is she a high school drop out?  Is she inbred?

The Fascist Corporatists are attempting to do anything they can to plunder this nation and the American people on every front.  Their ultimate goal is PROFIT in terms of mega-money.  These people constantly talk about freedom and democracy but their actions are contrary to FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.  In fact their actions prove beyond doubt that they are bent in turning our nation into a Corporatist Police State complete with gross oppression and tyranny unleashed on the masses of the PROLETARIAT!  And one must ask just how much more will the COMMON American people take of this bullshit!

Email Senator Schumer if you support what he’s trying to do.  And email Durbin and Feinstein but be nice about it.  If you’re a free lance journalist blogger then let them know and let them know what you do WITHOUT getting paid for it.  Plato said, “Ignorance is the root and stem of evil.”  Obviously we have a lot of ignorance on Capital Hill when it comes to living in the 21st Century and they are greatly in need of EDUCATION.  Now, where’s my sombrero, cigar, and trench coat?  I’ve got some journalism to do…………….






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