Corporatism Codewords

Corporate Fascism is destroying America’s middle class and if it remains unchecked the end result will be two classes in this nation.  The few who will be very rich and the MANY who will be very poor just like in 3rd world countries.  Corporate Fascism is the merging of corporations and government with the corporation holding the most power over government.

Corporate Fascists have overtaken our country in a silent coup.  The “capitalism” we see in America today is most definitely NOT the capitalism of our grandfathers.  Corporate Fascists have bought off our government and Congress and they’ve bought off local governments as well.  Thus, many of our laws and rights have been reinterpreted to benefit the Corporation instead of the American people.  Laws like NAFTA facilitate the outsourcing of US manufacturing and, thus, American jobs to places like China where workers are paid a few pennies per day.  In those Chinese sweat shops there is no day care provided so workers tie their young children to signs or fire hydrants on the street!  Suicide nets have been put up by the Chinese government because work conditions are so horrendous that some workers try to commit suicide rather than continue working as slaves!  But the corporations make mega-profits!  If that isn’t disgusting and vulgar then what is?

Fascist Corporatism has many codewords that you need to be aware of.  Codewords like “New World Order” and “Free Trade.”  Codewords like “mercantilism,” “Globalization,” and Monopoly Capitalism.”  We are hearing these terms more and more as the Fascist Corporatists try to hide their true colors.

If you haven’t noticed the Fascist Corporatists speak endlessly about freedom, liberty, and democracy but the fact is they are the very enemies of freedom, liberty, and democracy!  They are consumed by gross GREED and will do anything for profit.  They shout out freedom and democracy while doing everything they can to destroy freedom and democracy in this country.  They are wolves in sheep’s clothing!  It’s time the American people begin to realize this IF we truly wish to continue living in a free nation.  Otherwise the growing Fascist Corporatist tyranny we see today will only grow larger and the oppression of the American people will only increase.






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