Bloodbath in Egypt!

News Commentary by Juan Carlos de Alvaro

Dateline Egypt where violence today escalated to a new intensity as police and military attempted to clear out pro-Morsi protestors and hundreds are being reported dead.  Early this morning Egyptian police and soldiers stormed two protest sites in Cairo which they have been warning they would do for days now.  In addition the Egyptian government that has been under the control of the military since President Morsi was ousted last month declared a State of Emergency (read that as Marshal Law) for the next 30 days.  Small gun battles have erupted across the city and government buildings along with CHRISTIAN CHURCHES have been taken over and/or burned to the ground.  Neighborhoods have once again formed watch groups for protection and some small groups of vigilantes have emerged.  Among the sites stormed by Egyptian police and military were a mosque in Nasr City and another mosque in Nahda Square.  The Ministry of Health has put the total number of deaths in today’s violence at 200 with more than 1400 people injured.

Liberal politician and recently named Vice President Mohammed El Baradei said he will resign in protest of today’s crackdown.  El Baradei has been working with the military in a futile effort to prevent the crackdown in recent days.  Protestors supporting Morsi’s return and against military rule have camped out at various sites for more than a month in opposition to the military’s removal of elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.  Morsi is being held by the military in an undisclosed location.

Angry supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood attacked Christian Churches throughout the country earlier today setting some on fire.  Brotherhood leaders appeared on television encouraging their supporters to rise up against the ruling military government and calling out General Abdel Fattah al Sisi who is the highest ranking general in the Egyptian Army.  They warned supporters that al Sisi is taking Egypt down the same road as Syria meaning the pathway to full scale civil war.  The Muslim Brotherhood is demanding the return of Morsi as President.  At one point members of the Muslim Brotherhood could be seen pushing police off of a bridge.  If Egypt is not already in the midst of a violent revolution, again, it sure looked like it today not only in Cairo but across the country. 

Several protestors questioned if democracy includes military troops shooting at a killing citizens.  Of course that is not a mark of true democracy but it is a mark of tyranny.  Effectively Egypt is being run by a military junta once again as it was in the days of former President Hosni Mubarak who was ousted in the so called “Arab Spring” protests.  Of course, the military has ruled behind the scenes in Egypt for decades now beginning with the coming to power of former President Nasser who overthrew the monarchy decades ago.  Upon Nasser’s death the presidency was handed to Anwar el Sadat.  Sadat handpicked Mubarak and groomed him to be his successor.  Upon Sadat’s assassination by the Muslim Brotherhood, Mubarak came to power.  None of these men were ever elected by the Egyptian masses but all were installed by the military who backed them.  Morsi was the first elected president and he has now been ousted and the military has resumed control of the country.

Egypt is not the only nation in turmoil as Bahrain is cracking down on a pre-planned anti-government protest in that country.  Bird shot and tear gas were used on protestors in that country today.  Of course Libya remains in turmoil since the ouster and killing of Mumar Khadafi and Syria is in the midst of a civil war being conducted by elements of the terror group al Qaeda.  For decades Mid Eastern nations have been ruled by dictators with iron fists.  The rights and needs of the people have been consistently plundered as we see today in Egypt and Bahrain, et al.  Sadly, most of these oppressive regimes have been backed by Western including US governments.  Of course the reason is the almighty oil and PROFIT for the oil corporations.  As of today Egypt is effectively once again a police state and Egyptians brief experiment with democracy has been brutally and ruthlessly crushed.  But I strongly suspect it will not be crushed for long.

All across the planet people are wanting freedom and democratic rule.  People are tired of being oppressed by self serving governments who impose tyranny upon them endlessly. They are tired of the greedy global corporations and banks holding most of the money while they are subjected to live in gross poverty.  The corporatists thought they had broken the human spirit long ago but they could not have been more wrong.  The human spirit for freedom is something that cannot be crushed for long and when it is crushed it arises like the legendary Phoenix Bird from it’s own ashes again.  Mightier, louder, and stronger!  The Egyptian people deserve to have their will carried out.  Their will was the Morsi be their president and that the military take a backseat.  If you ask me the military in Egypt is the problem and always has been since the days of Nasser.  They love their military junta and will not give it up easily.  A military that has in the past been heavily trained, equipped, and finance by none other than the United States.  That US backed war machine has now turned on its own people with disastrous results.  And that is yet another sad reflection on the Fascist Corporatists who rule over the US and its Military Industrial Banking Complex gone awry and run amok.  We say we support freedom and democracy but we give only a limp handed reaction when we seen tyranny like we seen today in Egypt.  The Corporatist really do not want freedom or democracy and they only pay lip service to it to appease the masses all over the world.  The Corporatists themselves are ruthless despots!  My hope is with the Egyptian people that they will gain FREEDOM from the tyranny being imposed upon them so that they might once again be a free and noble people.









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