NYC Mayor Wants Housing Residents Fingerprinted!

News Commentary

Our top story today revolves around NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  He called today for the fingerprinting of residents in public housing and his call has already stirred much outrage and anger among residence and social welfare advocates.  Bloomberg is going to propose a biometric security plan for public housing residence.  Apparently it is his latest “crime fighting” idea if you want to believe that one.

The mayor wants 600K residence living in public housing fingerprinted just like criminals!  His rationale is that it would somehow make the residence safer.  LOL why are the Fascist Corporatist plans always pawned off as making us “safer” when in fact they DO NOT?  The mayors little “stop and frisk” program has now gone by the wayside thanks to a federal court that ruled last week the practice was unconstitutional.  You bet it is!  It seems Bloomberg is intent on turning NYC into some sort of Nazi town where human and civil rights are ignored and residence are all treated as enemies of the Nazi police state!  Now the dear Mayor wants to treat public housing residence as if they are ALL common criminals and violate their civil and human rights even more!

The mayor pointed out that 5% of NYC residents live in public housing yet 20% of the crime occurs in those areas.  He said the city has got to find ways of keeping crime down and cutting it.  He said the city has entire teams of police stationed in public housing locations and “most people” want more police.  If that is the case then I’d say OBVIOUSLY more police is NOT the solution!

Public housing residence and advocates were outraged at the mayor’s suggestion today as well they should be.  Someone ought to inform Bloomberg that even people in public housing have RIGHTS.  I personally think that his fingerprinting idea is just one more step towards the little police state experiment he’s conducting in NYC.  God forbid this man ever runs for POTUS and gets elected or he’ll spread his lunatic ideas to the entire country.  But isn’t that the Fascist Corporatist plan anyway—-to create a nationwide Police State.  The typical M.O. of the corporatist is to experiment and if that experiment is successful then they apply it to the entire nation.  Yes it comes from the principles of marketing but it also comes from the principles of Nazism and Stalinism.

Many public housing residence and advocates are demanding to know why the mayor wants to fingerprint residence and, thus, treat them all like common criminals.  Of course, every step towards tyranny in this nation is put forth under the guise of keeping us safe when most of us know fully well that that excuse just doesn’t hold water.  The Corporatist are not keeping us safe.  They are trying to transform our nation into a corporate police state period! I’m surprised civil rights leaders aren’t yelling DISCRIMINATION as this is CLEARLY discrimination considering most people living in public housing are minorities.

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal is OFFENSIVE to say the least.  For an elected official to even propose such an idea singling out public housing residence and minorities is beyond outrageous and smacks of blatant racial discrimination!  The mayor seems to think more police and Nazi tactics are needed to cut crime in the “projects” when in fact it will to no good whatsoever.  How about some EDUCATION and JOB SKILLS training for residence?  How about creating some JOBS for residence so they can work and earn a paycheck instead of turning public housing into prisons which effectively is what the mayor is proposing.  What comes next?  Every resident of NYC gets finger printed?  Hey Bloomberg this is still America even though you and your corporatist lackeys don’t think so and the people are NOT going to put up with these tactics.  One resident interviewed in the below article said Bloomberg is out and he’s done.  Good! He should have been OUT long long ago NYC!  Impeach the man and remove him from office and for God’s sake elect a mayor who will NOT further the Fascist Corporatist agenda.  What Bloomberg is proposing is nothing short of Nazism tactics and it would not surprise me at all if his plan succeeds that residence will be required to carry papers at all times with them identifying who they are just like Nazi Germany used to do.  His plan is beyond disgusting and it is highly discriminatory.  The people of NYC deserve far better than Bloomberg!  Fact of the matter is MOST people living in public housing are NOT criminals.  They are POOR PEOPLE trying to make their way and survive!  Instead of pumping more public funds into strategies we know do NOT work why don’t we try giving them alternatives so they can get OUT of poverty??????

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