“Princess” Makes $3 Billion Off Poor People and Thinks Nothing of It!

News Commentary by Bolivar Rojas

I ran across this this morning and it’s a great example of just how PREDATORY capitalism/corporatism really is.  It’s rather disgusting if you ask me!  This “princess” has amassed herself a fortune to the tune of $3 billion in a country were most people live off of $2 per day!  Her name is Isabel dos Santos and she’s from Angola where her father just happens to be the el Presidente too.  She held a party recently that out shined anything any emperor ever held.  Ah yes she loves the idea of conspicuous wealth apparently.  Meanwhile her countrymen SUFFER IN POVERTY!  But does she give a damn?  HELL NO!

Isabel is the eldest daughter of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola.  FORBES has been keeping track of her and she’s now the richest woman in the country.  Sometimes she’s taken a chunk out of companies who want to do business in the country and other times thanks to papa and his stroke of the pen she’s got anything she wants.  Former Angolan Prime Minister Marcolino Moco says her display of wealth is “shameless” and you bet it is.  Angola is rich in natural resources and it’s gone from a Soviet style socialism to a capitalism that makes even Wall Street green with envy.

To read the full story go to:


God forbid the dos Santos clan share the wealth with their people whom they keep under the iron boot with oppression and tyranny.  Instead they amass the wealth for themselves while telling the people they rule over to go to hell.  Grandiose displays of wealth accompany them everywhere while the common people are poor beyond belief.  I assume the dos Santos clan think it is because God is punishing the people while blessing them, right?

This is the result of gross capitalism/corporatism run amok.  The few hold all of the wealth while the masses starve and die!  Yet, ironically, at the same time these super rich are quick to say they care about the common people.  LOL my ass!  They couldn’t care less and their LACK of actions to help the poor PROVES that beyond ANY doubt!

I find this disgusting and frankly I find this “princess” disgusting!  That money could go towards helping her countrymen have better lives but instead she keeps it all for herself and flaunts it to no end.  Does she have a conscience that bothers her?  Doubtful. How can she live with herself seeing how her countrymen suffer?  How can she not feel guilt?  How can she do nothing and not help them?

Fact of the matter is when the capitalist/corporatist tell you they “care” about you and your welfare they are flat out LYING to your face!  These people don’t give one damn about you or your plight or the plight of your family period.  Their sole interest in life is amassing fortunes for themselves even if it means exploiting the poor, which they do frequently.  They have no conscience.  NOTHING bothers them unless they lose a few pesos, in which case, they think it’s the end of the world.  They are motivated by money and money is their god.  They suffer from an uncontrolled GREED that is monstrous to say the least.  They look down at the poor and really do not even consider them as being people.  Some of them even think of the poor as DOGS or animals and not human at all.  And of course every one of them believes in “god” and are good religious people of faith.  Sure they are.  That’s why they ignore the suffering of the poor.  BTW wonder why the suffering of the poor were such big items on agendas of Jesus, Mohammed, and the Buddha????

Once again I find myself sickened by the greed and lack of concern of the super rich corporatists!  Once again they show their true colors!  Once again the poor continue to suffer in squallier!  Once again the flaunt there wealth for the whole world to see ignoring the fact that the whole world also sees their hypocrisy!  This is DISGUSTING!  This is OUTRAGEOUS!  The people of Angola should RISE UP AND OVERTHROWN DOS SANTOS today!!





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