US Has Lost Credibility in Mid East!

News Commentary by Bolivar Rojas

socialism1US Senator John McCain R-AZ a former presidential candidate back in 2008 said today that the US has lost credibility in the Mid East due to the Obama Administrations inaction in Egypt.  As McCain noted Obama threatened to cut off aid to Egypt if the military launched a coup to oust Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi but when the Egyptian military did launch that coup last week aid was not cut off.  Instead Obama simply canceled war games scheduled with Egypt and the Obama administration has said there was no coup in Egypt.  Really?  Then what the hell was it?

In other words the Obama administration is full of hot air.  Big talk with little to no real action and Egypt along with the rest of the Arab world is beginning to find that out.  McCain visited Egypt recently in an futile attempt to broker a deal between the Egyptian military and President Mohammed Morsi’s government.  He went on today to accuse the military junta now ruling Egypt under Defense Minister General el Sisi of promoting “anti-Americanism.”  Well that depends on how you look at it as many people in Egypt believe Obama and the US Ambassador to Egypt support terrorism.  Namely the Muslim Brotherhood which was founded as and which continues to be a KNOWN TERROR ORGANIZATION!  Read the history of the MB and discover the truth for yourselves.  The MB has been implicated in numerous terror activities in Egypt for decades now including the assassination of Egypt’s President Anwar el Sadat on 6 October 1981.  The current government of Egypt under military junta rule is considering outlawing the MB again.  Under Sadat and his successor Hosni Mubarak it was outlawed and designated as a terror organization as well.

If McCain wants to call Egyptian accusations of Obama supporting terrorism in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood then so be it but it appears to me that many Egyptians have already had enough of Morsi and his MB party as they’ve discovered they are NOT delivering freedom and democracy to Egypt, which is what the people want.  Instead the Morsi regime has been riddled with corruption and oppression of the proletariat in Egypt.  It has failed to deliver on election promises and angered many of the Egyptian people.  As for Egypt’s current regime preaching anti-Americanism it would be more accurate to say it is preaching anti-Capitalism/Corporatism which the US is the very symbol of.  Egyptians have figured out they are being played for fools by Corporate America and they don’t like it one bit!  The military junta has threatened to align Egypt with Russia once again as they did back in the 60’s.

McCain pointed out Obama’s threat regarding the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad as yet another example of the US loss of credibility in the region.  McCain noted that Obama drew his “red line” in which he promised US action in Syria if Assad’s regime used chemical weapons on the Syrian people.  Well they did use them and Obama did nothing but downplay the whole thing!  Further, regarding the Mid East, McCain said “There is no policy. And there is no strategy” in the Mid East regarding foreign policy.  That’ he got wrong today, sadly, as there is a policy in the Mid East by the Obama Administration and that policy is chaos.  The Corporatists and global bankster robber barons want the Mid East in turmoil because it is easier for them to move in and further exploit the Arab Muslim people!  I believe that is the plan, policy, and strategy of the Obama Administration which is nothing more than a lackey for the Corporatist on Wall Street.  McCain also said, “We are much more hated and much less respected than we were in 2009,” in the Arab world.  You bet we are because once again the US has made the mistake of thinking that the people of the world are ignorant fools who don’t have a clue about anything.  They fail to understand that the world sees the Corporatist agenda clearly and they OPPOSE it.

The US has lost all credibility and respect in the Mid East now.  Arab nations and the Arab people know, as do many Americans, that the “war on terror” used to justify US empire building in Iraq and Afghanistan was a farce.  They know that the US invasion of both nations had nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with corporate financial profit desperately needed to keep the US economy from sinking into the cesspool.  Trillions have been made by US and global corporations in rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan and need I mention the financially very profitable poppy fields in Afghanistan as well which US soldiers are assigned to guard?  Yeah WTF?

Much of what the Egyptian people are now saying is true when it comes to the US and the Obama Administration.  Morsi, the administration claims, was duly and freely elected but they forget to mention that during the Egyptian elections there were overwhelming charges of corruption at the ballot box.  Many Egyptians refused to recognize Morsi’s election charging that he and his Muslim Brotherhood bribed voters and fudged election results especially from rural areas.  That’s not exactly democracy in action.

Obama’s foreign policy appears to be nonexistent or directionless at best, however, when one looks at the corporate “opportunities” of such policy the truth becomes clear.  US companies and global corporations including the global banks have made out like banditos under both Bush Jr and Obama in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This is part of the M.O. of the capitalist Military Industrial Complex that advocates perpetual war.  The military is used to blow everything to Hades and then US/Global corporations move in to rebuild the infrastructure and make TRILLIONS.  That’s how the plan works and that IS Obama’s “foreign policy” the peace prize president.  Again WTF?

It’s just not the people of the Mid East who are catching on to the tactics of the Corporatists.  People in the US, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and other European countries are catching on.  Fact is the Proletariat all over the planet is waking up and they are both angry and tired of being exploited by the Fascist Corporatists!  The price of the Corporatist profits is HUMAN SUFFERING AND OPPRESSION and people do not like that nor desire that!  People all over the world want REAL DEMOCRACY.  They want government to HEAR THEM.  They want a say so in how they are governed and in who governs them.  And, most especially, they want something done about the Fascist Corporatists who insistently EXPLOIT them and their lands!  People are not DOGS and people are not STUPID as the Corporatist think they are!  The global PROLETARIAT are awakening and rising up, thankfully.  They know corporations and banks must be reeled in and controlled.  They know that the 1% controlling most of the global wealth is not fair nor just and they want change and justice for the 99%!  Egypt is just the most recent example of this awakening and rising of the Proletariat and it shall NOT be the last.  All over Latin America people are waking up to the same thing for the same reasons.  You can only exploit and use people for so long before they wake up and fight back!  That is what is starting to happen all over the world now and the days of the tyranny of the Fascist Corporatist are limited.  GRACIAS DIOS!!


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