US Spying…..on just about everyone including UN!

To say the the American government has become paranoid would be an understatement.  To say that it has become psychotically paranoid would still be an understatement.  Of course all the spying and violations of our Constitutional Right to privacy are ignored as government claims they are trying to keep us “safe” from all those boogey man terrorists both foreign and domestic but, frankly, that’s just an excuse that I’m not buying anymore and neither should you.  For one thing all of this “keeping us safe” stuff has gone way too far and has gone on for far, far to long!

UN bugged

Bugged more than any cheap motel !!

And speaking of the “keeping us safe” excuse that’s what the NSA is claiming as two stories caught my attention today.  The first story comes on the NSA concerning an inspector generals report that some NSA analysts blatantly violated rules and laws pertaining to spying on American citizens.  And, you’ll like this amigos, some NSA analysts have even used taxpayer funded NSA spy equipment to spy on their spouses and lovers!  Ah yes that is what we bought all that fancy equipment for isn’t it?

The inspector general report found NSA employees had no regard for the law or rules in some cases and went right ahead and violated the rights of US citizens anyway without even a second thought.  Further, the NSA has finally admitted to that allegations but says such instances are “rare.”  Yeah…I’m NOT buying that excuse either frankly.  That admission by the NSA contradicts directly statements made by President Obama recently who said first that there were no such instances and then later said that there were “accidental” incidences in which the NSA violated privacy laws and spied on Americans.  So which is it Obama?  And btw why can’t Obama ever get the story straight?  First he says one thing and then something completely opposite and the man leaves me scratching my head.

Of course, the NSA says they have a zero tolerance policy for such violations which most likely means the guilty NSA employees will be fired at most OR maybe the ones who spied on their spouses and lovers will get a promotion.  Sorry but I’m not buying that one either.  Obama says the spying by the NSA has been “done the right way” and I suppose that’s true IF you think the USA is now the USSA something akin to the resurrection of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.  Obviously, the spying has NOT been done the right way under a Constitutional Republic who likes to go to and fro boasting all about “freedom and democracy.”  Obama seriously needs to stop with the contrary PROPAGANDA already as no one with half a brain in America or the world is buying it anymore.  And let us not blame Obama for all this solely as the NSA spying has been going on long before he took office in 2008.  Clinton, Bush Jr, and the rest were all a part of it, sanctioned it, and let it grow out of control.  This is what happens when you have corporatists running the country and government.  They eventually move towards a Corporatist Police State which is worse than anything Stalin or Hitler could have envisioned! 

NSA Director el Generalissimo Keith Alexander seems just about as “lost” as does Barack Obama on this issue.  He told a conference in NYC on August 8, “no one has willfully or knowingly disobeyed the law or tried to invade your civil liberties or privacy.”  Hmmm….guess el generalissimo should have checked with the Inspector General before he made that untrue statement.

You can read more here:

The other story of interest today also concerns the NSA and as is being reported in Der Spiegel today they’ve been busy little el castors (beavers).  Seems they’ve been so busy in fact that they’ve also been spying on the UN and the UN headquarters has more bugs in it that that motel bed down the street does.

Der Spiegel is reporting this spy operation based on information from Ed Snowden the NSA whistle blower who is now residing in Russia.  According to reports the US has spy operations in over 80 embassies and consulates around the world including the EU and International Atomic Energy Agency.  Need I mention that they are also spying on allies as well which was revealed not long ago?

You can read more about this at:

One thing is clear. Trust in the USA is now HISTORY and it will be very difficult for the US to get that trust back especially from our allies whom I am sure now think of us as a nation of “rotten backstabbers.” And, in fact, I’m very sure that’s what the people over at the UN are also thinking as the NSA hacked into their video conferencing system and broke their code system thus going from intercepting 12 communications in the UN in one month to 458 the next month!

Allow me to be fair.  America DOES have some REAL enemies. Some of those enemies are in foreign countries and others of those enemies are domestic enemies.  The keyword here is SOME meaning NOT EVERYONE!  The NSA clearly has no understanding of that whatsoever, sadly.  It’s action now prove that they’ve deemed anyone and everyone an “enemy of the corporatist state.”

There is, in fact, a need for intelligence in any government but to generalize and collect and spy on everything and everyone is uncalled for.  Intelligence should not be general.  Good intelligence is ALWAYS specific and specified!  You’d think the NSA would know this but apparently they don’t.


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