Syria: The Next Corporatist Conquest!

The Obama Administration is doing its best to “prove” to the world that the Syrian government under President Bashar Assad carried out a serine gas attack on its own citizens.  However, it appears that they are having a hard time finding PROOF that the attack was carried out by the Assad government at all.  Assad’s government has said the attack was carried out by “rebels” (read al Qaeda) trying to get a US military response to topple his government.  Indeed that may well be the case.  Let us not forget all of the weapons including chemical weapons that “disappeared” from Libya after the murder of Libyan leader Momar Khadafi.  Khadafi told the world that the “rebels” fighting against him were in fact al Qaeda and the world found that out after the murder of Khadafi when the so called “rebels” and “new government” hoisted the al Qaeda flag atop government buildings.  Assad is now saying the same and, sadly, the US is once again not listening.  But there’s a reason for that let me assure you.

Americans are tired of perpetual war that has been going on for the past ten years spearheaded by the US.  Congress is leary about handing Obama an approval to launch strikes against Syria but Secretary of State John Kerry said yesterday that Obama really doesn’t even need congressional approval to begin with! So much for the War Powers Act.  Once again the White House is not listening to the voice of the American people but when have they ever under this corporatist administration?  ObamaCare is getting ready to kick in and war in Syria would be a good diversion and might keep many Americans from realizing what a nightmare this health care “reform” really is.

The corporatists are all hot and ready to go for war on Syria because they stand to make huge profits when the time comes for reconstruction just as they’ve done in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.  Although Libya is a country of lawlessness right now so reconstruction there has stalled.  Libya’s oil production is now almost zero and “rebels” have taken control of many oil fields and shut them down.  Libya is a wreck!

Fact of the matter is the Obama Administration is going to most likely carry out air strikes against Syria just as soon as they can convince the world that Assad’s government carried out the chemical attack.  And they are going to do it with a deaf ear turned towards the American people because war in Syria is what the global coporatists want from Obama.  Thus far Obama has not disappointed them just as Bush Jr didn’t disappoint them.  A US strike on Syria would have nothing to do with humanitarian reasons and everything to do with corporate profit.

And then there is Iran.  Iran is really Syria’s master in many ways just as it is Lebanon’s and Palestine’s master.  Iran’s proxy terrorist army known as Hezbollah is firmly entrenched in Syria and Iran’s Ayatollah is not going to let go of Syria easily.  Just yesterday he said what he’s said before and that is if the US attacks Syria then Iran will bomb Israel.  But the Ayatollah had more to say yesterday as he said if the US strikes Syria terrorist sleeper cells will be ordered into action around the world and that one of Obama’s daughters would be “raped and killed.”  Holy man?  Those who still think the Ayatollah is a holy man after making that kind of statement had better reconsider.  For someone like an Ayatollah who is supposedly a highly religious man and leader in Islam to make such a statement is horrid and EVIL.  For such a man to even entertain the thought of raping and killing ANY child is beyond pure evil!  The best thing that could happen to Iran is for the Iranian people to rise up in mass and throw this BUM out not only of office but the country!

Several experts fear that a US strike on Syria might ignite WW3 and they may well be right.  Russia has repeatedly warned the US about striking Syria and has deployed forces and ships to the area.  China has deployed two warships to the area as well.  Russia’s President Putin last week called US Secretary of State a “liar” saying the US has no proof at all that Assad’s government carried out the attack and judging from an article in Reuters today that seems to be the case.  The US has a lot of suspicions but no proof.  Of course lack of proof won’t stop the US corporatist from bombing Syria as it didn’t stop them when Bush jr outright LIED to the world about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.  To this day those supposed weapons have never been found!  If you recall Bush jr also cited part of the reason for the bombing of Iraq as being Saddam Hussein’s chemical attack on his own people in the north of Iraq, the Kurds.  BTW did you know Persian King Cyrus the Great was  Kurd?  He’s the same Cyrus the Great mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.

The proof that Assad ordered or even knew about the chemical attack is lacking at best.  The Obama Administration is busy trying to find proof and convince the world that the US needs to attack Syria.  That’s what the global corporatist want.  PERPETUAL WAR and PROFIT!  And that is what the real motive is behind all this talk about bombing Syria.  The administration is trying to pass it off as humanitarian but to anyone with open eyes the real reason is blinding!

And who comes next?  There’s a corporatist M.O. going on in the Mid East in case you haven’t noticed. First was Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Libya, and now likely Syria.  So after Syria what Arab country is next?  Egypt?  Yemen?  Lebanon?  Iran?  War is BIG business and even BIGGER PROFIT and it is profit that the Corporatist live and die for as they can never get enough PROFIT.  The world needs to wake up to the corporatist and their perpetual wars and find some way to stop the insanity.  If not then at some point there will be a third world war and most likely there will not be any corporatist around to collect the profit as NONE of us will be around!  It’s time to stand up to these corporatists.  The global Proletariat needs to RISE UP against them!  They and their insanity MUST be stopped!






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