Obamacare: It’s a Start!!

Commentary by Juan Roberto Peron

So the federal government is shutdown and the drama around it all is right out of a Broadway playbook as Speaker John Boehner refuses to negotiate and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid digs in.  And to top it off the debt ceiling issue is about to come up for vote again and, of course, it’s more drama.  Funny how watching Congress these days is just like watching a soap opera and an amateur one at that.

The primary issue is Obamacare, the national Affordable Health Care Act, that Congress voted for even though they didn’t read the bill prior to voting.  Now that they’ve found out what’s in it many in Congress are having second thoughts and regretting that they voted for it.  Boehner wants to defund Obamacare or at least delay its start-up and Reid opposes this hands down.  So what we have is a stalemate with President Obama threatening to veto any legislation that defunds Obamacare.  One problem however.  Obamacare is set up like Social Security and that means it is immune to Congressional meddling.  It is prefunded and not subject to the whims of Congress.  It’s going no mater what and the funny thing is Boehner knows this so what’s all of his grandstanding about?  Simply put it’s a show.  A show just like you see on your daily soap ops or the circus.  Boehner is grandstanding but he doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere fast.  BTW come time to raise the debt limit Boehner and company will most likely cave to the Senate and President as I don’t think Boehner is willing to allow our nation to default on the national debt.  If he is willing to do that then the GOP had better get ready as such a stupid move would cost them votes like you can’t imagine. Continue reading