Mexican People Rise Up to Protect Themselves Across Mexico!!

I’ve been following the vigilante movement down in Mexico against the drug cartels.  Mexico has now legalized these groups of citizens who are fighting back against the murder, tyranny, persecution, and corruption that the drug cartels bring upon them and their families and communities.  The vigilante groups are growing in numbers and now thousands of Mexicans across the country have joined these self-defense groups to fight the drug cartels and their reign of terror.  The Mexican people have had enough and now they are standing up and fighting back.  And I say BRAVO!

Mexico1The Mexican government has reached an agreement with the citizen group leaders to incorporate them into an armed civilian force that is doing what the government has been unable to do for decades now.  This is actually an old thing once known as the Rural Defense Corps and it’s being resurrected by the common people.  Their estimated numbers are already at about 20K men with arms.  Already El Tio (the Uncle) has been arrested.  His name is Dionicio Loya Plancarte and he’s a kingpin in the notorious Knight’s Templar cartel.

Mexican el Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto has been trying to find a way out of embarrassment especially in the western Mexican Estado de Michoacan where civilians began to stand up and fight back against the cartels last February 2013.  They grew sick and tired of the Knights Templar cartel and their reign of terror and extortion attempts.  Police and military troops have failed to stop the abuses of this cartel until now with the help of the Vigilantes.  Police and soldiers are already working with the citizen groups across Mexico and even though Mexican citizens are not supposed to have assault weapons many of the vigilantes do and police are letting them not only keep them but use them.  This I think is a turning point for Mexico to once again cast off the shackles of tyranny and STOP the PERSECUTION of the MEXICAN PEOPLE!

Vigilante leaders are mostly farmers and ranchers with a few professionals.  They are common folk who have had enough.  You can only persecute and terrorize people so long until they get enough of it and turn on you.   These drug cartels should have known this.  They should have known their days were numbered.  Now common Mexican citizens have had enough and they’re standing up and fighting back.  Some experts are warning of dangers in this growing vigilante movement, however, claiming that we’ve seen this sort of thing before in places like Guatemala and Columbia where quasi-military groups have been blamed for human rights abuses in the past.  That may be so but just what are people suppose to do when government obviously can’t protect them anymore?  These drug cartels in Mexico are ruthless killers who terrorize the common people and kill innocent citizens in Mexico.  Where is the outcry of the human rights abuses these drug cartels have already committed a thousand times?

The arrest of El Tio is a big thing.  He was one of the big kingpins in the Knights Templar drug cartel.  His arrest and capture is one big step against the rest of the drug lords in Mexico.  El Tio was captured without even a shot being fired.  He was found in Loya Plancarte in Morella which is the capital of Estado de Michoacan.  He was found hiding in a closet like a real man LOL!  He was accompanied by a 16 year old boy.  El Tio had a 30 million Peso (2.25 million dollar) reward on his head and was wanted by the Mexican government for drug trafficking, organized crime, and money laundering.  He was considered to be among three dozen of Mexico’s most wanted drug lords.  He got his nickname El Tio because he is believed to be the uncle of another top leader of the Templar cartel named Enrique Plancarte Solis.  The Knights Templar cartel was formed by El Tio (Loya Plancarte), Plancarte Solis, and Servando Gomez after the death of another drug lord named Nazario Moreno.

The Knights Templar cartel has terrorized much of Michaocan state for a long time now.  They are known for using an iron fist and demanding extortion payments from businesses, farmers, ranchers, and workers.  Their game was basically one of “You pay me to protect you from me” and it didn’t fly with the people of the state.  Federal police and military flooded the state but to no avail and the vigilantes refused to lay down their guns until the top leaders of the cartel were either captured or dead.  Ramon Contreras basically formed the vigilantes in the town of La Ruana and he and his group became the first people to stand up and fight back against the cartels.  But they won’t rest until all of the Templar leaders are gone.

What has morphed into the Knights Templar drug cartel used to be known as the La Familia cartel which was founded by El Chayo, whose real name is Nazario Moreno.  He’s still alive and still at large MOST people in Mexico believe even though the Mexican government says they killed him in a shootout back in 2010 with federal forces.  Men like Contreras say Moreno is still alive and “there’s proof he’s still alive.”

Although most Mexicans support the vigilantes some are uncertain about them and their motives.  They fear that the Templars will become even more violent in response to the civil defense groups.  In some cases the cartel has threatened to burn down entire towns.  Some opponents and critics of the vigilantes claim they are backed by rival drug cartels although there is no evidence of this and the vigilante groups deny it.  Rumors claim that the vigilantes have been infiltrated by a new drug cartel known as the New Generation cartel which is fighting a turf war against the Templars.

Just two days ago on Feb 6 four severed human heads were found in a town where vigilantes are battling against the Templar drug cartel.  The heads were found in Michoacan state in western Mexico.  There was also a threat contained in a note left at the scene in the town of Zacan but officials have thus far refused to say what the note said.  The heads belonged to 4 men ages 22-55.  The bodies belonging to the heads were found later in the day in a pit near the town of Tinguindin.  Obviously this is one more gesture on the part of the Templar cartel to send fear into residence and further terrorize them so they will be reluctant to fight back.

The Mexican people are tired of the drug cartels.  They are tired of living in fear.  They are tired of being intimidated, threatened, and terrorized.  They are tired of watching their families and friends being killed by these drug cartels.  They are tired of being persecuted in many ways and they are tired of a government that obviously cannot protect them from these drug dealers and extortionist.  How much more is one suppose to take before one takes action on their own?  How much tyranny must one suffer before one stands up and fights back?  I don’t blame the common folk of Mexico one bit for standing up and taking matters into their own hands.  Enough is enough!  For far too long the common Mexican people have been victimized and persecuted if not by the cartels then by corrupted government officials.  All tha the average Mexican wants is just what all other people want.  That is to be left alone, work, and live out their lives with some element of security.  That’s not a lot to ask and the mere fact that the present regime in Mexico cannot protect the people is a sure sign that something is very wrong in Mexico.  And the common people are paying the highest price for it with their lives and the lives of their loved ones.  At some point a Mexican regime is going to have to be installed that truly DOES care for the Mexican people and protect them and work seriously to improve their lives.  Mexico has seen too much corruption and tyranny already and it’s time for CHANGE!  Change that will benefit the common man, woman, and child instead of the fat cat politicians and corrupt cartels or foreign nations at Mexican expense!  Enough!

It’s time for the Mexican people to STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK against ALL tyranny and corruption!  It’s time for the Mexican people to take their futures into their own hands!  The future of Mexico does not lay with the politicians in Mexico, the US, or any other.  The future of Mexico lays in the hands of the MEXICAN PEOPLE!  I can think of no better time than NOW for that change to happen.



5 responses to “Mexican People Rise Up to Protect Themselves Across Mexico!!

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Support the Vigilantes in Mexico. They have courage and the heart. They should be made US Citizens, I would gladly back that. The Mexican Vigilantes are showing the world how to do it right, and do it honorably. The US government should arm them and send supplies.

  2. Gracias for you comment and the reblogs. I hope the vigilante movement will continue and put the drug cartels out of business, however, I do worry about the government trying to incorporate them as typically when that happens such groups are neutered. Obviously the Mexican government can’t protect citizens so people have taken matters into their own hands and I think that is a good thing. I just hope the movement isn’t now silenced by Mexican authorities because that will be a major victory once again for the cartels.

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