Egypt’s Return to the Soviet Fold

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Anyone remember the Arab Spring?  Ah yes, the day that Egyptians gathered in Cairo and ousted their President Hosni Mubarak and then replaced him with President Morsi who was the Muslim Brotherhood candidate during Egyptian elections.  Yes that would be the same Muslim Brotherhood that was declared a terrorist organization and outlawed once upon a time during the era when Anwar El-Sadat was Egypt’s President.  The MB murdered Sadat in the end and after the Arab Spring in Egypt suddenly the MB was a ligit political party as their man Morsi skyrocketed to the top.  But, Egyptians soon found out that the MB was not all it was cracked up to be and so Morsi was thrown out of power and the MB was once again outlawed in Egypt.  And today in Egypt the de facto leader holding the real power is the Defense Minister General El-Sisi and he’s decided to make an alliance with none other than Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.  Surprised?  You should be and here’s why.

When Morsi and the MB came to power in Egypt the move was praised by the Obama Administration.  When they were thrown out of power and El-Sisi suddenly took control of everything the Obama Administration criticized Egypt and when the general started to crack down on the MB once again the Obama Administration criticized the crackdown.  Obama’s response to all this angered many Egyptians who called for the complete ouster of all US officials in Egypt while many other Egyptians were astounded that the Obama Administration threw its support behind the MB, not only a known terrorist organization but one of the original terror organizations.  Obviously, the Obama Administration was on the wrong side as far as Egyptians were concerned and once again the administration showed the world that when it comes to foreign policy the administration is inept to say the least.

Obama’s foreign policy has been one of failure, repeated mistakes, and like a ship on the waters without a rudder.  Let us remember that Hillary Clinton served as his Secretary of State and that John Kerry is the current SOS.  Yes that same Hillary Clinton who is contemplating a run for the WH come 2016.  Under her watch US foreign policy has been a complete disaster and US dealings with Egypt are just one of many shining examples of that failure and misguided intentions.

As a result of the Obama Administration’s inability to discern the desires of the Egyptian people and government Egypt has now once again turned to Russia instead of the US or Saudi Arabia.  Egypt has always been the de facto leader in the Arab World and its turning to Russia is a bad sign for the US that has put billions into Egypt most in terms of their military.  El-Sisi met with Putin a few days ago and he was photographed proudly wearing a Red Star given to him by Putin.  As if this bad news from the Middle East wasn’t enough now Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are starting to move closer to Russia and away from the US.  This comes as a response to one more of the Obama Administrations misguided foreign policy this time under John Kerry.  It is a response to the new US policy towards Iran and its development of nuclear weapons.  Iran is not an Arab country although it is a radical Muslim country.  Iranians are Persians not Arabs and their form of Islam is Shi’a which is the second largest sect of Islam surpassed by the majority sect known as the Sunni sect. Sunni and Shi’a Muslims have a history of not exactly getting along.  Surely the Obama Administration knows this don’t they?  Surely the Obama Admin knows that there is an ages old distrust and even hatred between the two sects don’t they?  Surely the Obama Admin sees that the Sunni Arab nations are suspicious of Iran, its development of nuke, and its ultimate intentions don’t they?  And surely the admin has heard the Ayatollah of Iran state flatly that Iran envisions a new Islamic Empire under Iranian control don’t they?  Apparently the Obama Administrations does NOT know!

The move towards Russia of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain is a clear warning sign to US foreign policy which, frankly, I don’t think the Obama Admin has ever understood or been clear about.  This administration has done little to strengthen ties with our allies and it has done much to distance them from us.  Egypt is just the latest example of that.  Of course, Putin is beyond pleased that Egypt once again is coming into Russia’s sphere of influence as they were in the days when Nasser ruled Egypt.  I’m sure Putin sees it all as a homecoming and could not be happier that a strategic location like Egypt is now eating out of his hands, again.  Meanwhile, over in the US the Obama Admin continues to spout its support for Iran even though growing numbers of Arabs distrust Iran and their intentions completely.  Again, the Obama Admin and US are on the WRONG side of the issue!  But don’t be surprised mi amigos as this is what happens when you have inept people running things.  Those surrounding Obama live in Ivory Towers in which everything is like fairytale land and is not even remotely connected to reality.  As with Libya the admin is making yet another BIG mistake in foreign policy as time will once again prove.

Let me be clear about Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.  This man is a dictator!  He comes from the old Soviet school of thought.  He even went as far as once saying that “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the century was the fall of the Soviet Union!  If that doesn’t tell you where his thoughts and intentions are then what does?  Putin is a former Soviet KGB officer.  He’s held power in Russia serving either as President or Prime Minister to give off the appearance that he values freedom and democracy.  The FACT is he does not!  The FACT is Putin’s desire is to create a new and improved version of the old USSR!  Egypt’s return to the Russian flock greatly helps Putin’s plan.

Egypt’s Foreign Minister said that Egypt’s desire is to improve relations with Russia and return Egyptian-Russian relations to the “same high level that used to exist with the Soviet Union.”  WTF?  Si you read that quote correctly mi amigos!  Apparently Putin is not the only one wanting a new and improved version of the USSR.

Upon his arrival El-Sisi was presented with a gift from Putin.  An old Soviet jacket with the old Soviet Red Star symbol on it.  El-Sisi put it on and wore it to a press conference proudly, thus, shedding his Egyptian military jacket.  Symbolically this demonstration is a big warning for the Obama Administration.  That is, when it come to US foreign policy in Egypt the US admin has FAILED MISERABLY!!  Further, Putin let it be known that El-Sisi’s visit to Russia was not solely a desire to buy Russian arms but that the visit is also about strategic positioning  for Russia in the Middle East.  He referred to Egypt as the “center of stability” in the Arab World.  And that’s not all Putin had to say.  He zeroed in like a rattlesnake on the failures of US policy when it comes to Egypt.  Putin was quick to point out how the Obama Admin opposed the toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood from power and how the administration is not supportive of El-Sisi’s possible bid for the Egyptian presidency in up coming elections there.  Obama has condemned El-Sisi while Putin has basically endorsed him wholeheartedly!

In terms of foreign policy or the LACK thereof the Obama Admin continuously astounds me!  Obama and his cronies have managed to PISS OFF just about every friend we have in the world.  This administration has repeatedly demonstrated a foreign policy that is grossly misguided and inept.  Example?  Libya was a big success wans’t it mi amigos?  The administration supported and even helped to oust Libya’s lunatic strongman Momar Khadafi who is now dead and today Libya is plainly under the control of al-Qaeda!  Need I mention the Benghazi Affair which resulted in the murder of sitting US Ambassador Chris Stevens?  And what about Syria?  Again the administration is proving to be on the wrong side supporting the “rebels” (read al-Qaeda once again).  Sometmes in the world of foreign affairs one must take the lesser of two evils and when it comes to Syria, President Assad is the lesser of two evils.  Yes he like Khadafi is a lunatic strongman but al-Qaeda is even worse!  Those lunatics want to establish a pan-Arab and GLOBAL Islamic Empire!  Why in the hell would any US leader support them?

Obviously, the Obama Administration has pissed off Egypt and El-Sisi which is odd because El-Sisi is a career military man and Egypt’s military has had an extremely close and warm relationship with the US until now.  Most Egyptians know full well that the MB is a terrorist organization that wants to eliminate civil rights and institute Sharia, Islamic Law.  Unlike many other Arab countries Egypt’s population tends to be more educated and discerning.  The majority of them do NOT want to live under Sharia.  But the Obama Administration seems not to have figured that out at all and instead supports the very people, the MB, that the majority of Egyptians are opposed to.  WTF?  If Obama’s intention was to ruin US foreign policy in general then he’s done an excellent job at doing just that.  If this was not his intention then there is only one explanation for the gross failed US policy we see today.  It’s called stupidity!  I personally think the later is the problem.

Egypt’s move back into the sphere of Russian influence is alarming as is the move towards the same of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (the UAE).  Arab nations are finding that the US is no longer a reliable allie and they are both astounded and confused when it comes to Obama’s newest foreign policy supporting a nuclear Iran!  The Arab world knows well Iran’s intentions once it develops nukes.  Iran will first strike Israel and it will then turn its nukes on Arab nations as it forges a new PERSIAN Empire!  And the Obama Administration is ok with all this?  Just what is the Obama Admin thinking?  Are they even thinking at all?  Doubtful at this point.

Obama was inexperienced as a leader when he was elected in 2008. He surrounded himself with young yuppies who were also inexperienced and idealistic.  This has all now proved to be disastrous for the US especially when it comes to foreign policy.  Russia opposes Israel’s existence and it always has.  Egypt and Israel still have a peace treaty but that treaty forged under the administration of President Jimmy Carter is now in jeopardy.  I can hear Putin now telling El-Sisi to void the treaty and, in fact, Egypt has already stated that the treaty is in jeopardy.  What is really odd about all this is the Obama Administration seems not to care at all about Egypt’s return to the Russian sphere!  I see the administration doing nothing in an attempt to stop that return.

When you put inexperienced and inept people into positions of power the end result is typically DISASTER.  This is the lesson that Americans must learn as when it comes to the Obama Administration it is one big DISASTER.  Votes should be cast for experience and intelligence not popularity.  Obama is not a leader IMO and never has been.  Idealists never make good leaders simply because they are idealists and not remotely in touch with the REAL WORLD.  Egypt’s return to Russia’s influence will prove to be disastrous for the US.  Should Saudi Arabia and the UAE go under Putin’s wing like Egypt is doing it will all prove to be even MORE disastrous for the US.

During the Arab Spring there were riots in Iran by students wanting to oust the government of the Ayatollah.  Those students were waiting for US support like they saw in Egypt’s Arab Spring but Obama never gave them US support for some “odd” reason.  Now Obama comes out in support of Iran and it’s oppressive Islamic regime and it’s development of nuclear weapons and I’m left scratching my head wondering WTF?  I’m frankly beginning to wonder just whose side Obama is on in the “war on terrorism.”  His policies concerning the Arab nations, Israel, and Iran do not make sense.  His is a foreign affairs ship that is grossly being misguided.  Let us remember that when Hillary Clinton runs of POTUS.

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