1. Reaction to Arizona’s newest effort to discriminate against various groups of people has aleady began to come in. Former GOP Governor candidate Christine Jones says the legislation should be “withdrawn.” She is urging Arizona lawmakers to focus on Arizona’s sinking economy, job creaton and improving the states image and reputation nationally and internationally instead. That’s all fine and well but the mere fact that SB1062 even got to the goernor’s desk is an eye opener as to just where the state’s legislature’s mindframe is at. It’s obviously focused on plain old DISCRIMINATION! Little to late to save the states image or reputation I suspect. Oh and btw check out the article in the Tucson Weekly regarding Jones. She’s pictured firing a handgun like some gunslinger in the Wild Wild West. Is it high noon yet compadres?


    At least one pizzeria in Arizona is responding to SB1062 using an innovative response. Roco’s Little Chicago Pizzeria is serving up a hot dish of payback. They are displaying a sign in their front window saying “We reserve the right to refuse service to Arizona Legislators.” The sign has also been posted on Facebook with a message saying “Funny how just being descent is starting to seem radical these days.” Amen to that.

    Arizona state senate Democratic leader Anna Tovar says the bill awaiting Governor Brewer’s signature or, hopefully, veto simply “permits discrimination under the guise of religious freedom.” She went on to say that thanks to the Az Legislature “many Arizonans will find themselves members of a separate and unequal class under this law because of their sexual orientation.” Indeed they will. But I’m sure the GOP in Az is already thinking, “So what? Let them eat cake.” Democratic leaders in Arizona are outraged by the passage of SB1062 and say the law is nothing more than “plain old discrimination.” Yeah just like SB1070 that discriminates against Hispanics in AZ! What group is the next target of the AZ legislature? Those who happen not to be Christians perhaps?


    One would think that Az legislators would have more important issues to address like the faltering economy, job creation, etc rather than putting their time and energy into discriminating against whole groups of people and doing everything they can to stifle civil rights. But I guess not. Instead of resolving real issues Arizona seems bent on singling out people and limiting their civil rights and that effort is rooted firmly in hatred and the states consistent and historical pattern of rejecting civil rights. Nazi Police State is the reputation Arizona has and has had for awhile now and, astoundingly, legislators appear proud of that reputation believe it or not. Hopefully Governor Brewer will veto the bill and if she doesn’t then hopefully every civil rights org in the nation will sue Arizona and the courts will strike it down. There needs to be a huge spotlight put on Arizona as it has consistently proven that it is the Mississippi and Alabama of the 21st century! Time for change in Arizona and time to end this states historical pattern of outright DISCRIMINATION!

  2. Quick Facts About Arizona—

    According to the US Census Bureau the population of Arizona is estimated for 2013 to be around 6.6 million compared to the national estimate of 316 million in the entire US. Combined ethnic minorities make up about 46% of Arizona’s population with Hispanics making up about 30.2% although this does not account for those Latinos who classified themselves as “white.” In contrast whites not of Hispanic or Latino origin now make up about 57% of Arizona’s population. That’s down from 64%. This according to the US Census information at:


    Hispanics are the fastest growing minority in Arizona and the US in general. Their population has doubled since the early 90s according to the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Today most of those Hispanics are born in the US instead of Mexico or elsewhere. This despite the fact that many Hispanic immigrants have left the state over the past 3 years thanks to SB1070 aka the “Gestapo Law.” This according to the AHCC:


    About 1/2 million people living in Arizona are non US citizens according to the US Census while around 300,000 are naturalized citizens. Almost 900,000 people living in AZ where born outside the US. The majority of those foreign born people were born in Latin America. About a million people in AZ are of German ancestry while about 602K are of English. Another 657K are of Irish ancestry. These figures according to the US Census at:


    In terms of religion which SB1062 is allegedly intented to protect the rights of religious people only 37% of people in the state claim to be religious. The majority religion is Catholic standing at about 15% of those 37%. Mormons compose about 6.2% while Baptists make up about 4%. Almost 5.5% make up “Other Christian” categories while Muslims, Jews, and others don’t even make up 1%. This according to the SperlingViews at:


    You can also find more detailed info on religion in Arizona at:


    So it would appear from these stats that the typical person living in Az is White, Catholic, and of German ancestry. Hmmm….interesting……………..and if you know anything about history then you know what I’m thinking right now.

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  4. Good article in all respects except for one. ARIZONA HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN THE DISCRIMINATORY, HATEFUL, STATE DEPICTED IN THIS ARTICLE. When the state came into the union during the administration of President William Howard Taft, Arizona was actually one of the most if not the most progressive and liberal state. We were the first state in the country at that time to have women suffrage, a full seven years before the Nineteenth Amendment was enacted for the whole country. Our state also had such things as recall of legislators and judges and many other very progressive laws, which were considered to be so progressive and radical at the time, that we had to to hide these laws from the Congress and President Taft in order to get admitted into the Union, but then we simply reenacted them as soon as we got into the union. So, what the author writes has not been the way Arizona always has been. We have had progressive Senators and representatives for many years and were sponsors of much other good in the world in the 20s through the 50s. We have slowly been corrupted I believe from the influx of bad people from the rest of the country in the last 40 years due mostly to escape from where they live and come to enjoy our climate, etc. And, even today, the people are not all as bad as depicted in the article. When the people vote, they sometimes vote in very progressive ideas, such as medical marihuana, and other ideas. So your article is very accurate about our legislature currently, but don’t indict the entire state and all of its people, and we certainly have not always had a legislature like you depict. Thank you.

    • Very good comments Tony 🙂 I agree that AZ has been corrupted as has much of the government at various levels in the US and elsewhere today. As to who is to blame that’s a never ending argument. People tend to gain power and come to think that they are irreplaceable as more money comes into their coffers. Then something happens. They stop representing We The People and start representing those who fund them. Thus begins greed and following closely behind comes corruption. Perhaps this is what has happened in Arizona since the 1950s. But this is not simply an AZ problem. It’s a national problem across the board IMO. Again thank you for your comments mi Amigo.

      • I agree with this comment completely Juan. I think one thing we can do is try to get the power of the press behind the horrors we are enduring right now in Arizona and maybe we can help get this State started to move in a new more progressive direction. Hope springs eternal of course. Have a good day.

  5. I’d say that would work with the power of the alternative press such as SDNP. I say this because I think the mainstream media is just as corrupt and bought off as ever. The MSM only reports the “official line” and investigative reporting is all but nonexistent. Nothing like a real spotlight to wake elected officials up and keep them in line LOL.

    • Juan, mostly I agree with this.
      But I remind you that the progressives in the days of Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt got most of their progressive legislation passed against the strong opposition of the same very conservative, reactionary, powerful money interests of the big Corporations and the powerful reactionary members of the Senate and House of Representatives who did the bidding for these corporate interests (the same enemy we have to deal with today) because they had wonderful national press, called the “muckrakers” who were convincing the country of the righteousness of the progressive cause in the famous McClure’s and other magazines, which were read then. These periodicals actually made it cool to be for the poor, the underdogs, and the Irish and Italian immigrants, who were the hated immigrants of that day by the powerful. The muckrakers made such a powerful argument that the bad guys were impotent to stop the progressive legislation because large majorities of the populace were behind the progressive ideas then due to the effective press coverage, based upon truthful and accurate reporting too I might add.
      If we’re effective and accurate in our claims, I still think there is some of the mainstream media we can capture and try to do the same thing today. Teddy Roosevelt actually had special places for the mainstream press at the White House for constant visits, and Obama needs to know how to do that with our press today. I think Obama’s heart is in the right place, but he is not nearly as effective as both Roosevelts were in their day. Good day to you.

      • Once again excellent comments Tony. I think the problem with Obama is the people surrounding him some of whom I’ve met via the Internet and frankly I am not impressed. They are idealists living in Ivory Towers and seem distant from the real world and reality.

        • Thanks for your knowledge Juan. Frankly, I think you’re writing is mostly very good, and maybe you can be a modern day “muckraker” if you can get a big enough audience. Best.

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