Governor’s Conference BREAKS DOWN for all to see!

I ran across an article last evening about the Governor’s Association in Washington DC.  They all met with President Obama at the White House yesterday and emerged claiming “unity” and “cooperation.”  That all broke down right in front of all the TV cameras when Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal expressed his feelings about Obama and the pipeline that is being considered to run from Canada south across the US and, thus, would provide some Americans jobs.  Jindal want Obama to approve the pipeline ASAP.  Obama says he’ll decide in a few “months.”  Other governors chimed in and the whole thing turned into a blatant display of disunity and no cooperation.

What I was glad to see was the political mask break down right in front of the TV cameras.  For once true colors were shown for the whole world to see.  FACT is this country is more divided today than it ever has been since the Civil War IMO and the governors are just as much a part of that division as is anyone else including Obama.  When he was first elected I thought he just might be our greatest president in history and they he would be a unifying force but that has not turned out to be so, sadly.  We thought we were getting a Socialist but what we got was yet another Corporatist owned by the same people that owned Bush Jr.  We thought we were getting a great unifier but what we got was one of the most divisive presidents in American history.  Yesterdays break down at the Governor’s press conference reflected the division.  Our nation is in BIG trouble mi amigos…..REALLY BIG TROUBLE.


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