8 comments on “Court Thinks American Flag is Racist Symbol?

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  3. I am rarely speechless, but this is so asinine, it is almost unbelievable. Anyone in this country that’s a citizen and has a position in the Judicial System that makes a statement like this, should be disbarred because this person definitely does not have this country and our citizens best interest at heart. If that judge feels that much disdain for our flag, then go live under another flag…does this judge, for one second that he or she would have had the same opportunity in another country to make it to a Federal Judge position..shame on you, you are a traitor.

  4. Thank you for your comment Linda but I have news for you. It wasn’t just one judge but THREE of the losers who made this ruling as the Circuit Court is a panel of 3 not 1. And you’re absolutely correct. The ruling is nothing short of ASININE! Further, I stand in full agreement with you that these people are TRAITORS. This country is still and already has been destroyed from within and it’s clowns like this that are doing it. If America was an individual I’d tell them to go ahead and commit suicide to get out of their misery as the self hate is blinding. What the hell is wrong with this country???? We are our own worst enemy! Where does this all end? How much more of this lunacy must we take?

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