4 comments on “Obamacare: The Working Poor Still Will NOT be Insured in 26 States!

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    Very good points. Obama was, financially backed by healthcare insurance corporations and that has been substantiated. Most of the working poor, cannot afford much of anything and have little understanding of how to budget what they do receive by way of public assistance in any form. Nobody has ever given consideration to my idea, which is, if the federal government wants to be sticking their nose into private corporations and consumer purchases, then let the federal government halt foreign aid of all type and provide comprehensive healthcare for everyone, out of the taxes already paid. Flip side of the coin is, Obama made the mess, let the federal government walk away, and let the healthcare insurance corporations fail and go under.

    • Thank you for the reblog. I agree with your idea. STOP all foreign aid and let the healthcare insurance corporations sink. It was with the aid of that industry that the 3000 page FARCE called ObamaCare was written and as soon as I heard that I knew we were getting SCREWED as soon as Congress passed it. Once I heard that no one in Congress actually read the bill before voting on it and once I heard that /%** Nancy Pelosi say “Well we have to pass it before we know what’s in it” I knew we were being SCREWED ROYAL. BTW I think that is the dumbest thing every said by a public official.

      The poor are already on Medicaid and other public assistance. But it is the working poor who are the victims in this matter. They don’t make enough to buy insurance on their own as if they did then it would become a matter of having to choose between eating or buying health insurance every month. And they make too much to qualify for public assistance. They’ve been put into a no win situation by ObamaCare. They won’t be able to pay the fines (taxes LOL) the IRS hands to them so what then? They go to court, the court rules they must pay it, they can’t, so they go to jail for refusal to follow a court order? And what happens? Suddenly we have a new host of “criminals” thanks to the IRS and Obamacare! It’s just like CT and their gun confiscation attempt. People in CT are not complying in mass and suddenly CT is wondering what to do with all of the thousands of newly created felons that the state itself just created. Unbelievable!

      It is the working poor and the middle class who are being attacked today from every avenue in this country! The fat cat corporatist has it made. The poor get public assistance whether it is deserved or not. The working poor and middle class are caught in the middle and pay the highest price. When will Americans realize that the thing that the Corporatist fears most is that the working people might stand up and fight back? But even more than that they fear the day when THEY will be held accountable for their own crimes and scams. Case in point? Notice all the bankers jumping off buildings committing suicide lately? Once exposed for the SLIME they are they just can’t handle it so death becomes the only option. Too bad more of them don’t jump!

      • You’re welcome.
        The bankers, in my opinion, are victims of Murder For Hire by the banking top dogs. Probably they employ their own mercenaries as a “security” force, and most are willing to commit murder-for-paycheck. Same discussed if FEMA did go to detentions, as Hurricane Katrina backfired when the news media found out about murders and corpses inside the auditoriums. Mercenary “subcontractors”, so the government and politicians have clean hands. Yesterday and today, a major fly in that ointment are the Chicano Gang Bangers of L.A., that are fighting in Syria against al-Qaeda which is Obama/Muslim Brotherhood supported and funded.
        Something tells me, that the Lord God Almighty is trying to “even things up”. Chicano Gang Bangers turned Righteous! If Putin delays entry into Ukraine, Connecticut being stupid might start an action that will cause shooting. Then New York will follow, and now New Jersey also. Obama will have a divided nation and a real nightmare on his hands. Last year, it was hinted that Patriots might find arms and funding through Russian sources, add to that Chicano Gang Bangers that are willing to protect the People of America against a Hitler military and police authority in America.
        Strange stuff, and really interesting, with all of the twists, turns, counter-twists. Obama was being cute by backing al-Qaeda. He never figured on the Gang Bangers. They do not want welfare. They want to have jobs and support their families, like men.

  2. Let me count the ways….on second thought I won’t as Obama’s ways just infuriate me LOL. This man has proven to be a 100% disappointment all the way around IMO. It comes as no surprise to me at all that the Chicano Gang Bangers have now turned on him. He is not an ideal that can be looked up to! I have a revelation for mainstream liberal America. Belief it or not Hispanics still believe boys should be MEN and girls should be WOMEN. We aren’t buyiing the “metrosexual” bullshit! As far as the Chicano Gang Bangers et al are concerned young Hispanic males want JOBS. They want to support their families and have families and be proud. Welfare and unemployment do nothing to promote that pride. Obama and his liberal Corporatist lackeys don’t understand American Hispanic culture and values at all and they don’t seem interested in educating themselves about it either. They’ve assumed that we hold the same values and desires as they do. WRONG! We don’t!! And we WON’T!! Considering Hispanics are the fastest growing minority in the US today and are forecast to be the majority at some point the liberals might do well to educate themselves about us minus all their ivory tower ideas or they could find themselves in trouble in the not to far distant future.

    IMO the US today is more divided than it has ever been even more than it was at the start of the Civil War. Obama has served only to enhance that division. When he was first elected I gave him the benefit of the doubt thinking he might even turn out to be a great unfiier and one of our greatest presidents. But, in fact, after 6 years he’s turned out to be just the opposite. He’s turned out to be among our most inept and weakest presidents and instead of being the Great Unifier he’s turned out to be the Great Divider. And that, I believe, is on purpose not accident as a greatly divided nation is exactly what the his Fascist Corporatist overlords desire. What those people fear most is that Americans might stand united and turn on them! And we would in a heartbeat!

    Many people have asked me if Hispanics are so against Obama why did they vote for him. Who were we suppose to vote for the Republicans? It was a matter of choosing the least of two evils for many Hispanics. In most Hispanic circles Republicans have a reputation as being for big business at the expense of the little guy. Most Hispanics are conservative yet they don’t vote Republican for this reason and we don’t really see the Republicans doing anything to reach out for the Hispanic vote. Had they done so in 2008 and 2012 Obama would have never found the way to 1600 Penn Ave.

    Obama has been a FAILURE for the average man and woman of any culture on Main Street. He’s been a huge success for those on Wall Street and for Corporate America. That’s why corporations today are reaping such incredible profits. He does NOT represent you and I. He represents Corporate America because those are the people that OWN him and his 535 Compadres up on Capital Hill et al.

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