Utility To Charge Customers for Not Using Enough Electricity!! WTH?

An Arizona electric company plans to start charging customers a monthly “efficiency fee” beginning in June.  The company is Tucson Electric Power Corporation and the Arizona Corporation Commission approved this new surcharge.  Of course that’s not surprising as the Az Corporation Commission rubber stamps about 99% of all increases requested by Arizona corporations anyhow!  Of course the ACC holds “public hearings” on these matters but any and all comments and objections are routinely and summarily dismissed.  Yes the ACC does a fine job protecting Az consumers—-NOT!

So just what is the “Efficiency Fee” the company is going to charge customers?  Basically, it is charging customers for using LESS energy!  These corporations have a better racket going than the Mafia every thought about.  Use too much and pay up the nose.  Now, use less and you still pay LOL.  Meanwhile, TEP will be laughing at YOU all the way to the bank.

Seems TEP customers have been too good at saving energy and now the corporation is losing money as a result and can’t cover their “fixed costs.”  So they plan to charge Arizona electric customers this surcharge which effectively penalizes them for not using enough electricity.  Senseless?  Ignorant?  Illogical?  RIP OFF?  YOU BET!!

Read the local news report on the issue and you tell me if it makes sense or not mi amigos.  As I see it it is just one more con-game being run by an American corporation against US consumers.  Instead of ripping off customers for not using enough electric maybe this corporation needs to reduce it’s “fixed costs.”  But tht isn’t going to happen I’m sure so don’t hold your breathe.  Problem is with all these little fees and surcharges all add up.  It’s lunacy that people are encouraged to save energy and when they do they are charged for not using enough energy.  Talk about a NO WIN situation for the customer!

And the beat goes on mi amigos……oh wait….the beat is nonexistent and its now a rotting corpse.  Never mind……….

Read the MSM report on this issue at:



5 responses to “Utility To Charge Customers for Not Using Enough Electricity!! WTH?

  1. Thank you both for the reblog 🙂 Classic example of how Americans are being stuck up the rear no matter what. The Fascist Corporatist know they have us by the butt and they’re playing it for all THEY can get.

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