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  1. It is all relative, to whom, writes, the history. Problems? Yes. But a woman has labor pains before giving birth. When mother and child are united for the very first time, the mother forgets the pain, as it was all worth it.

    • Again thank you for the reblog. Yes indeed it is all relative and as we all know it is the victor who writes the history be that history accurate or not.

      BTW Brittius I wish you’d post on your blog about your ancestor. I would love to read the whole story.

      • You’re welcome.
        My ancestor, lived from 213 AD to 268AD. The experts in Italy always contact me, but will not let me escape for weeks at a time. I grew up learning the Romans were bad people. In Europe, they teach the opposite. I felt as if I am the bloodline of a war criminal, and the Italians went berserk when I said that.
        The General, was known to lead from the front, and did much of the fighting himself. I have a few people who say they are from my bloodline, but I cannot find proof, except of General Robert E. Lee, and his uncle Richard Henry Lee, who signed the Declaration of Independence. The males carry a set of traits that are exhibited in everyone claiming to be of my bloodline (offshoots). That would be that the males, are family oriented men.
        The General (Four Stars – The rank of four star general was created by Julius Caesar three centuries earlier), was in command of Tenth Legion of the Imperial Roman Army. He stationed at Aosta, just southeast of Mount Blanc. He pushed the Celts out of Gaul for being cannibals, then pursued them into what is Britain. The name, Britain, is from the General. The name Brittius, I ran through Google Translator as Latin and interpreted into English and it said: “Welsh” (I almost fell off the chair!) because he tamed them and.., I might.., have a whole bunch of “cousins”, if you know what I mean!
        The Laws of Food Purity belonged to Brittius. He had his own seal. Twice it was counterfeited, and the first man was arrested and brought to the crowded piazza. The General, drew his sword and beheaded the man, for counterfeiting the seal, as people were putting lead metal powder into raw wine to make it taste aged but was poisoning people. The second man was arrested and brought to the same piazza, and the General drew his sword and beheaded that man, also.
        Four descending sons, also became generals. I carry the registered coat of arms of the first son of Brittius. His wife was Christian, but there is no indication if he too was Christian. He became Consul (Governor & General) of Rome. The soldiers thought extremely high of him, and the Roman Senate loved him as he was not entertaining any of the degenerates destroying the Roman Empire with progressiveness and socialism (wwha??? Sounds like America, today!). He was named by the Roman Senate to be Emperor of the Roman Empire (just before Constantine), and a plot was formed by assassins who favored the degenerates. Brittius, died nine days before the plot hatched, at age 53, of a heart attack. The Tenth Legion, remained loyal to him and uncovered the assassination plot and brought the plotters to the Senate, where the soldiers, out of loyalty, in front of the Senate, executed the would-be assassins.
        The degenerates of Rome, placed prices (bounty) on the heads of all top military families and my family went into Sicily, where the town carries our name and is easily defended. The movie Godfather was filmed only two miles from there. When the Huns came out of the Reggio Germania, all of the top families were inside of Sicily and okay. That’s when the Sicilian history takes over and it is far from what people know, as my Grandfather told me from his mouth to my ear. Many others told me the same.
        In Sicily (Bella Sicilia), the Ninth Legion (Espana) was based in Catalan, Espana. The waters are where commerce was done, and old loyalties formed again. Bonds of families and clans re-united. My father’s side came to America in 1861, and were educated in Spain during the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries. According to the NY Times, Sicilian language is not a dialect of Italian, but is the oldest of the Romance languages of Latin, as the Roman military families were in Sicily and Latin was their language. My current name is the modernized Italian form of my ancient Latin name. I use the blog name of my ancient family name. We have had the name for almost 1600 years, and this modern translation for only 700 or 800 years.
        We are not about “killing”. Any fool can cause harm. Any fool can hurt people. We look to help others, in particular, the less fortunate who cannot fight for themselves. I was a Marine in Vietnam when I graduated high school. A combat veteran at age 18 (machine gunner, infantry) and returned home at age 20. I worked a slaughterhouse for one year because nobody would give me a job. I took a civil service test and became a cop. I retired as Detective Sergeant, in the 20th Century. I am asocial (not anti-social) and hardly speak to anyone aside from this computer, but my personality was revealed as a Reliable Realist:

        Personality Type: RELIABLE REALIST

        Responsible minded.
        Most prominent quality is, Reliability.
        Will always make every effort to keep any promise given.
        More, Quiet and Serious.
        Does not talk a lot.
        Good Listeners.
        Distant to outsiders.
        Great deal of Wit and Esprit.
        Their strong points are:
        Marked Sense of Justice;
        Doggedness bordering on pigheadedness;
        Pragmatic; Vigorous;
        Purposeful Manner.

        Does not dither if something must be done.
        Does what is necessary without wasting words.
        Not only expects a lot of themselves, but also of others.
        Once their mind is set on something, it is difficult to persuade them otherwise.
        Does not like leaving anything to chance.
        Planning means Safety as well as Order and Discipline.
        Have no problem respecting authorities and hierarchies.
        Does not like to delegate tasks.
        Certain that others would not deal with tasks, as conscientiously, as they do.
        In management positions, are very task-oriented.
        Makes sure that things are well done.
        Does not have a great deal of interest in personal contacts at work.
        In relationships, are Reliability, itself.
        As partners, they are Faithful, Consistent, Well Balanced, and Sensible.
        Security and Stability are very important to them.
        Have little time for extravagances and flightiness.
        Friend or partner can rely on them for a lifetime.
        Takes quite a while to enter relationship or friendship.
        Have little need for social contacts.
        Take great care when choosing partners and friends.
        Limit themselves to small but exclusive circle which meets their high demands.
        Show their closeness to people who are important to them by deeds.
        Partner should rather not expect romantic declarations of love.

        Adjectives that describe your type:
        Responsible Minded.
        Ability to Concentrate.

  2. Hope this answers some questions. My blog, is only a collection of ideas and networks people to each other. I do not take any credit for it. Hope that I did not overstep my welcome by writing so much. If so, I apologize.

    • WONDERFUL!! You most certainly did not overstep your bounds. I have a love of history so your post here interests me greatly. I can’t help but wonder if your ancestor had lived to become emperor of Rome would Constantine have ever been emperor? He, your ancestor, would have changed the course of history and perhaps to the point of the empire never have fallen. And when the Roman Empire did fall it put Europe into the Dark Ages. Rome is what held everything together in that time. When Rome was gone human society did not know what to do. I do not see the Romans as killers. People die in wars and the soldiers job is to eliminate the enemy. Only a foolish one would not.

      There are many similarities between modern America and ancient Rome. We seem to be going down the same road in many ways. History repeating itself perhaps?

      • Thank you. I too always ponder, if my ancestor did live to be Emperor of Rome, what, things would have been like, and if you will permit me to say, being there is 50% of the General’s blood in my veins (father/son/son/son/), I believe that, the General would have been closely associated with the Jews known as Christians, and the seat of the Empire never would have moved to Turkey. There would have been shall we say, an eradication of degenerates. Remember, my ancestor had an earned reputation as being someone that you would never want to meet in an alley, or have mad at you, but he was well known for being fair minded and understood people. Those who could not fight for themselves, he was their champion. I doubt if the Huns would have made it into the Empire because not much nonsense was tolerated. We had someone “in the family” who was from Spain. “How did he get into the family?”, I always asked. He fought the Germans in Spain, in 1936. His family, was very close, and kinsmen to ours for centuries. Loyalties. Doing what is Just rather than stuffing corrupted laws down people’s throats. I had attached a youtube.com video clip of Anthony Hopkins in Zorro. For some reason, it always made sense to me, and put me in mind of many things. I always wondered about one line from the movie, that I heard growing up, and now, maybe with all of the events and troubles of the nation, it might possibly all fall into place? “When the pupil is ready, the Master will appear.”

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