6 comments on “Hitler’s Survival and Rise of the 4th Reich?

  1. Interesting, and I read the accounts in the 1990s of sightings in South America. Possibilities do exist. There was a Rat Line. What makes little sense is why, if it were Hitler, that any of the Allies would take such a great risk in not bringing him to Justice.
    Hoover would have probably had Hitler’s head sent to a taxidermist and hung on his office wall. Trophy would have been the Greatest in all of Mankind.

    • I suspect if he escaped he was never brought to justice as letting him live quietly in South America was preferred over having all the shady deals, corruption, and crimes in high places amid the allies revealed. It’s the classic “criminal protect criminal” idea.

      • Going by memory, only something like five U-boats were unaccounted for, and one ended up discovered years after the war, along the east coast of South America, north of Argentina. It had jungle growth all around it. The crew unknown. Documents from the Kriegsmarine is that it left Brest, France, the submarine pens, and that was a week before the end of the war. I remember there were eight U-boats confirmed to have moved gold and loot but it was said that Argentina was paid off to allow Nazis in, but nobody was successful in recovering anything. I knew two U-boat commanders, and basically, they said everything was rumors. Both of them, went to work for the US Department of Defense and retired as civilian consultants. I never asked Topp.


    In the final days of the war Berlin was under almost constant bombardment from Soviet and Allied Forces. In fact, it has been alleged that Hitler and his lover/wife Eva Braun committed suicide inside the bunker as they could not get out of the bunker to go elsewhere or escape. So the question then becomes why did Hitler’s aides risk hauling the two bodies outside of the bunker amid the Soviet bombardment and risk their own lives? Wouldn’t it have been safer to just leave the bodies inside the room in the bunker where they committed suicide? Further, the bodies were charred and partially buried meaning that the aides took the time to set the bodies on fire and then partially bury them. Sounds like they took their dear old sweet time doing all this as Soviet bombs were falling all around them. Somehow none of this makes any sense!

    History says that Hitler’s physician, Dr Werner Haase, recommended a dose of cyanide and a gunshot to the head as the “best” way to commit suicide when Hitler allegedly asked him what the best way was.

    Hitler was enraged with SS leader Heinrich Himmler in the final days of the war as he thought Himmler had committed treason. Why?

    Hitler and Braun allegedly committed suicide inside the bunker on April 30, 1945. Yet, Soviet forces were only 500 metres away from the bunker at the time. Since there are 3 feet in 1 meter that means that Soviet forces were only about 1500 feet from the bunker at the time of the suicide! Yet, Hitler’s aides took the time to haul the bodies out of the bunker, burn them, and partially bury them amid Soviet fire?

    Hitler and Braun entered Hitler’s Study in the bottom of the bunker at around 230pm. At around 330pm witnesses inside the bunker reported hearing a loud gunshot from the study. Other witnesses near the study said they heard nothing. How could you not hear a gunshot inside a bunker? Hitler’s valet, Heinz Linge, said that he entered the study and smelled an almond smell inside the room which is consistent with cyanide gas. He and others claim they saw Hitler slumped over his desk with a bullet wound to his head. They claimed there was a pistol on the floor and a pool of blood on one arm of the sofa where Braun was. She had no visible signs of injury.

    At the 1945 Potsdam Conference Soviet leader Josef Stalin told Western leaders, including the POTUS, that he believed Hitler may have escaped to Spain or South America. His top military officer, Marshal Georgy Zhukov, said, “We found no corpse that could be Hilter’s.”

    Thomas Dodd was the US trial cousel at Nuremberg. He stated at one point that no one could say if Hitler was really dead or not due to the fact that witnesses inside the bunker with him failed to agree on the details of his suicide and that of Braun.

    Rochus Misch was Hitler’s bodyguard. He has told many contradictory stories over the years about the day of the alleged suicides. He went from claiming he heard nothing to claiming that he heard the gunshot and saw Hitler dead in the study through the doorway but he did not go inside. That’s odd. If I were the bodyguard responsible for ensuring the safety of Hitler I would have gone inside the study and tried to determine what happened, as in, did he commit suicide or did someone kill him and Braun. But Misch did not do that. He simply gazed in the doorway and walked away.

    The archeologist featured on an episode of Mystery Quest on the History Channel was given one hour to examine the skull fragment, jaw, and bloody sofa kept in the Soviet Archive and reported to be that of Hilter. DNA tests conducted back in the US suggest the skull was that of a woman and, thus, not that of Hitler. The archeologist is named Nick Bellatoni.

    A photo released by Soviet forces at the time of the fall of Berlin was claimed to be that of Hitler with a gunshot to the forehead and no charred body at all apparently. Numerous experts now believe that that photo was not of Hitler but of one of his body doubles with a gunshot to the forehead covered over by a scarf in the photo. The Soviets determined that the two bodies found outside the bunker died of cyanide poisoning and gunshots to the heads. They also determined that the body of Hitler was 2 inches shorter than Hitler was known to be! That is when Stalin became convinced Hitler had escaped.

    Nazi Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller told American investigators in 1948 that he had arranged Hiterl’s escape and that he and Braun were flown to Barcelona, Spain on April 26, 1945.

    Some people believe that the late Catholic Priest named Father Krespi was in fact Adolf Hitler living in Cuence, Ecuador. Krespi died in 1982 actually. His funeral was that fit for a king, literally. He left millions of dollars worth of artwork behind which local Germans and others identified as once having been in Hitler’s private stolen art collection. Soon after the priest’s death two cargo planes arrived and took away Krespi’s art collection never to be seen again. The Police Chief of the town said that “teams of European men” were on the two planes and they “invaded” the town the day before the funeral. Germans from all over the world attended the priest’s funeral some with armed bodyguards.

    I do not consider the following a reliable source at all: It is claimed that the body outside the bunker was identified using Hitler’s medical and dental “records.” However, fact is Hitler’s medical records were destroyed during the last year of the war on his orders and all the doctors who had treated him over the years “mysteriously disappeared.” That is all but one young dental assistant who had helped clean Hitler’s teeth on two occassions. She was captured by the Soviets and forced to draw a drawing of Hitler’s teeth from memory so the Soviets could match the charred remains to the drawing as no REAL dental records could be found. This young dental assistant was tortured for days prior to making the drawing! Even after being tortured she only had a vauge memory of Hitler’s mouth and teeth. The Soviets used the drawing to determine the remains were that of Hitler initially although Stalin was NOT convinced. I highly doubt this young dental assistant remembered anything about Hitler’s teeth at all. I’m betting she was tortured and then told what to draw so it matched the body found outside the bunker. Thus, I do not consider the dental assistant a reliable source and her drawing does not in any way constitute an authentic dental record on Hilter! It is a drawing made under torture and, thus, is not reliable.

    Noted investigator and reporters Jerome Corsi has looked into the possibility that Hitler escaped Nazi Germany prior to the war and survived. He examined several declassified FBI and US military intelligence files. He concluded that US investigators suspected from the very beginning that Hitler had escaped. He further believes according to evidence he has seen that for “political reasons” American authorities went along with the suicide cover story. He notes repeatedly that no one inside the bunker saw Hitler and Braun actually commit suicide as they were inside the Study in the Bunker alone and behind a closed door. Corsi points out also that Connecticut State Archeologist Nicholas Bellatoni was allowed to investigate the bloody sofa, jaw, and skull reported to be Hitler’s in Moscow in 2009 and as broadcast by the History Channel on the program Mystery Quest. DNA tests revealed that the skull fragment was that of a woman and nothing was connected by DNA to Hitler at all. Further, the DNA results rejected the notion the skull could have been Braun’s or someone related to her.

    Corsi believes Hitler made it safely to Argentina in the final days of the war with the help of US Intelligence agents! Those agents, he alleges, had been working with the Nazis since 1943. The infamous Allen Dulles was the head of the US OSS (predecessor to the CIA) at the time. Corsi claims Dulles was communicating secretly with high ranking Nazi officials from his office in Bern, Switzerland. Further, he notes that not only did Soviet leader Stalin doubt Hitler’s death but POTUS Eisenhower also doubted it. Additionally, he notes that there were numerous reports in the Argentina media reporting that Hitler was in that country and alive at the end of the war but those reports were not taken seriously in the US. Corsi’s evidence for all this is contained in autopsy reports, interrogation transcripts, documents from Soviet archives, declassified CIA reports, and extensive research in the National Archives and Records Admin in Washington DC.

    Corsi alleges that the evidence for Hitler’s escape is overwhelming and shockingly abundant. He says the suicide tale was a “cover story” contrived by American intelligence agents at the end of the war to faciliatate Hitler and Braun’s escape and those of top Nazi war criminals who were brought into the US via Operation Paper Clip. Among these war criminals allowed into the US and given jobs were Werner Von Braun (NASA) and Adolf Eichmann who was found by Nazi Hunter living in Argentina in 1960.

    According to one document Hitler and Braun were spirted away to Argentina at the end of the war on German U-boat U-530. They landed in the south of the country and the U-boat sailed away. This document supporting this allegation was found by Corsi in the US National Archives. The U-boat landed at the Mar Del Plata harbor in Argentina and was under the command of one Otto Wermuth and his chief officer Karl Felix Schuller. It surfaced in the harbor after it had made several drops of passengers along Argentina’s Atlantic coast.

    Cosi also clams that the mission of Allen Dulles in Switzerland druing the end of the war was to help Hitler’s secretary and savvy businessman, Martin Borman, funnel billions of dollars out of Nazi Germany and into the US and Argentinian stock markets. He also uncovered a statement made by General Dwight D Eisnhower, later POTUS, in the October 8, 1945 issue of the newspaper “Stars and Stripes.” Eisenhower served as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces during WW2. In that report Eisenhower said there was reason to believe Hitler was still alive (after the war) and it was also noted he had, thus, reversed his opinion that Hitler had died of suicide in the bunker. Other American media simply ignored the report and Eisenhower’s comments. History books also ignore it even today!

    Corsi found a US Naval Intelligence report in the US National Archives dated 18 July 1945 written by the US Naval Attache in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He notified Washington DC that there was good reason to believe German U Boat #U-530 hand landed Hitler and Braun in the south of Argentina BEFORE the U boat entered and surrendered at the harbor of Mar del Plata.

    Corsi also found newspaper reports from Argentina and had them translated into English. They all reported that Hitler and Braun were welcomed by wealthy Nazi sympathizers in Argentina’s large German community. Further, these reports said that these wealthy Germans had had a large mansion built and hidden away in the dense mountain forest of Bailoche for Hitler and Braun to live in in comfort and security for the rest of their lives after the war. Further, the reports say Hitler and Braun moved into the mansion in June of 1947.

    My Conclusions——

    If I were Hitler I would have chosen escape over suicide when I concluded the war was lost. I would have escaped to live another day. Any legitimate court in this country would rule that Hitler escaped and survided based on the mere preponderence of evidence alone. I think FDR, Truman, and Eisenhower knew all about Hitler’s escape as did Stalin and other Allied leaders. I think shady deals were made, crimes were committed by US industrialists, bankers, and politicians, and Hitler could have indicted them amazingly well if they were exposed. Thus the cover story was born of suicide in the bunker to avoid such public attention in the US and Europe. Based on what I know about Hoover, the FBI Director’s investigation into this matter at the time, I think Hoover pretty much knew Hitler had escaped and I think he pretty much knew high ranking US officials, bankers, and industrialists were involved. But Hoover ran up against many brick walls thrown in his path and finally let the matter drop. Was Hoover blackmailed? Was he told that if he didn’t drop the matter his homosexuality and cross dressing would be exposed and he would be publically humiliated and forces to resign as head of the FBI? Fact of the matter is there is MORE evidence supporting Hitler’s escape than there is for his suicide!







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