One Way Trip to Mars with NO Return!

Ah Paradise.......NOT

Ah Paradise…….NOT

Would you like to leave planet Earth as in FOREVER mi amigos?  Tired of Earther life in general?  Too many disappointments in your life?  Want some adventure?  Every wanted to follow in the footsteps of men like Ponce de Leon, Coronado, Columbus?  Well here’s your chance!  Mars One is now recruiting people for a one way ticket to Mars and it can all be yours!!

Check out the following Mars One Program:

Yes mi amigos it will be Hasta Luego for you as there is no return ticket which is REALLY going to SUCK if you get there and decide you don’t like it.  But here’s the upside Hombres… laws, no local Marshal, no hospitals, no skyscrapers, no dentists, no TV, no Internet, no housing, no sanitation facilities, no wars, no NOTHING!  If you’re looking for Paradise Lost then this may not be for you but if you are looking to live the rest of your life on a planet that looks like it was the victim of a massive planetary nuclear conflict then this trip might just be for you.  Of course, that’s providing you get there with might be doubtful as all sorts of things can go wrong on your way there and then there’s always the risk that UFO aliens might blow you to bits or abduct you to be included in one of their human zoos OR the secret space program ran by the military might just ensure your capsule has an “unfortunate accident” along the way.  But, hey, that’s the risk you take right?

So go right ahead and apply and post in the comment section letting us all know when you do.  Hell I might even jet up there and interview you on the Red Planet in that little flying thing I confiscated from those bug eyed praying mantis looking thingys a few years back….ah…guess I shouldn’t have told you about that………………..


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