Obamacare: WSJ finds individual mandate extension buried in HHS bulletin!

obamacareFollowing my report posted yesterday about the intrigue and double dealing going on between the US Senate and the CIA you might think they are the only circus show playing in town but you’d be wrong.  There is always the long running show known as “Obamacare” that is still playing as it is filled with suspense, intrigue, double dealing, and secret deals.  It now seems that the Dept of Health and Human Services buried a little secret in a bulletin that has received little to no media attention.  It regards the individual mandate that requires everyone in the nation to have health insurance by March 31 or be fined by the IRS.

Last week the Obama Administration excused millions of individuals from the individual mandate requiring them to have insurance by March 31 or face fines by the IRS.  But this item has gone unnoticed by the MSM oddly enough.  To top it off since HHS buried the exemption in one of their bulletins it appears HHS didn’t think it was important enough to warrant media attention.  It doesn’t appear in any of their press releases, fact sheets, nor is it discussed in any of their conference calls.  The exemption was buried in a completely unrelated rule intended so some people can keep their health plans even though they don’t comply with Obamacare.

The change is contained in a 7 page “technical bulletin” and in one paragraph it casually says that the mandate would be extended for 2 more years until 2016.  The rule change allows people whose coverage was cancelled to opt out of the individual mandate altogether, in fact.  Last year HHS decided that people who have had their policies terminated can claim a hardship as long as they are under age 30.  It’s designed for people who are down and out like battered women, people evicted from their homes or people who have filed for bankruptcy.  But wasn’t the idea behind Obamacare to get people under 30 to enroll so premiums for everyone would be cheaper?

All one needs to do is fill out a form attesting that their plan was cancelled and stating that they believe the Obamacare plan options in their area are more expensive that premiums were for their now cancelled policies OR stating that they consider Obamacare policies to be “unaffordable.”  You don’t have to prove anything other than that your former policy was cancelled because it doesn’t comply with Obamacare standards.  In other words, if you’ve got a notice of cancellation from your health insurance company cancelling your policy because it doesn’t comply with Obamacare standards then you don’t have to get Obamacare insurance at all as long as you’re under 30.

When the Obama Admin argued Obamacare before the SCOTUS they argued that the individual mandate to buy insurance was paramount to the success of the scam, I mean law.  Further, the administration has repeatedly stated that enrolling people under 30 is absolutely necessary for rates to be affordable to everyone.  So why is the administration now gutting that requirement?  Answer—as I’ve stated many times before it is because Obamacare isn’t about affordable health care at all.  It’s about the health insurance companies making mega-PROFITS!  Without enrollment of people under 30 Obamacare premiums will NOT go down nor be affordable for many people.  This exemption buried in this bulletin undercuts everything Obamacare is supposed to do and it undercuts everything President Obama has claimed it will do.  The Wall Street Journal was the first to discover this little item and you can see their report at:


Sneeky?  You bet!  But isn’t that the M.O. of this administration?  It has a long track record of being sneaky and of getting around things, including laws, by finding a backdoor.  And it has a long history of not exactly telling the whole truth about ANYTHING and sometimes outright lying.  Fact is Obama has issued so many waivers and exemptions that it is quickly becoming impossible for Obamacare to even work remotely!  Instead of passing out waivers and exemptions wouldn’t it be more worth Obama’s and Congresses time to just SCRAP THIS SHAM altogether?  It’s turned into a farce!


13 responses to “Obamacare: WSJ finds individual mandate extension buried in HHS bulletin!

  1. There are over 30 confusing counter edicts by Obama, and each would need to be looked into, to determine accurately whether postponement beyond the Midterm Election cycle has been made to save Democrat asses which I believe was done. It should give federal courts opportunity to declare ObamaCare unconstitutional, but, healthcare insurance companies contribute heavily to both parties and would need taxpayer bailouts. I say, let the bastards go out of business, bankrupted.

    • Of course my dear Brittius……..this could all be the plan as in the Secret Obamy Plan. Here’s what I mean. Recalling that no one in Congress read this FARCE prior to voting on and passing it into law and recalling that little mysterious comment made to the media by then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi….you know the one I’m talking about….”Well we have to pass it BEFORE we know what’s in it.” And then she got a little evil smurk on her face after making this comment which was most possibly the most ignorant comment every made by a politician. Now to my point…….

      What IF things with Obamacare are going just as PLANNED complete with it’s failed launch, plague of problems, etc. What if Obama and Company wanted Obamacare to fail in the first place so they designed it knowing it would fail so they could convince the American public that a single payer system was the only way left to go? Sneaky but it would work. And such a strategy would fit in well with Obama’s M.O. of always finding backdoors around things he doesn’t like or agree with. I’m no friend of the insurance companies but sneaking in the one payer system after having spent billions of dollars we don’t have and deceiving the American people? I’m all for a single payer system but NOT by these underhanded and deceitful means. And the fact that such means may have been employed makes me even more mistrustful of Obama and his cronies! If we are going to have a single payer system then why not just be upfront about it and do so without trying to deceive the American people! Sadly, this president has a record of lies and deceptions and even though he claims his admin is one of the most transparent in American history, in fact, just the opposite is true and it is THE most secretive of all.

      I’ve been thinking about this lately and thinking all of the blunders with Obamacare can’t possibly be all mistakes. The more I think about it the more I think the current failure of Obamacare is exactly what was in mind the entire time. If I worked for a health insurance company I think I’d be looking for a new career right about now.

      • It was found, that within the mega-text of the bill prior to passage, had wacky stuff in it, like one senator’s sister-in-law’s small business getting an interest free loan of over one million dollars, and other crap that all of the douchebags slipped into the bill. It was given about four and a half seconds of news coverage by the mainstream media news networks, then squashed.
        Rope is the only cure for politicians gone rogue.

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