Flight 370: The Mystery Continues…………..

Malaysian flight 370 remains missing without a trace and it’s been almost a week now.  Debris has not washed up on any shore and officials seem to be at a complete loss in explaining just what happened to the Boeing 777 and its 239 passengers.  Surely by now if the plane had crashed or exploded in midair debris and body parts would be washing ashore somewhere.  But this is not the case and short of being abducted or vaporized by a UFO one is left wondering WTH happened.  I’ve heard some suggestions that perhaps the plane entered a time vortex but these wild theories are highly unlikely IMO.  Someone knows what happened and someone knows where this plane is wrecked or still in tact.

There were two Iranians on board using stolen passports and they were allegedly “seeking asylum” from the ruthless tyrannical government of Iran’s Ayatollahs.  The co-pilot of the aircraft reportedly had problems of many kinds according to some media reports.  I think it is now time to consider the possibility that this plane was flown to Iran or perhaps Pakistan and done so with full knowledge of that government.  I think this plane was hijacked and landed in some radical Middle Eastern country for use in some future “jihad” mission, perhaps.  The question then is what has happened to the 239 passengers.  Imprisoned?  Executed?  Being held hostage?

Oddly enough, however, no Middle Eastern nation radical or not has said anything about having the plane and passengers in their possession.  That leaves open the possibility that this plane was hijacked and landed somewhere without some government’s knowledge perhaps by terrorists planning to use the plane as a delivery for some future terrorist event.  Malaysian military radar reportedly last tracked this plane heading northwest along a corridor used by commercial aircraft flying to Europe or Middle Eastern countries.  The plane could have flown below the radar and someone on board could have disabled the transponder and confiscated passenger cell phones.  Planes this size simply do not just vanish into thin air.  Further, whoever was on board and whoever ended up flying the plane had a great amount of knowledge about the plane and how to fly off the radar.  In other words, this was a hijacking carried out by pros!

When I first heard about the two Iranians using stolen passports yet supposedly seeking asylum I did not believe it and I still do not believe it.  If they were seeking asylum then how’d they get from Iran to Malaysia?  Why didn’t they request asylum while in Malaysia.  And why were they using stolen passports?  Nations don’t hand asylum seekers stolen passports to fly on.  I think it most likely these two Iranians were terrorists paid to deliver this 777 to some terror group and, apparently, the accomplished their mission superbly and without even one flaw.

This plane may never be found by the navies of the over one dozen nations now looking for it.  I fear it may show up later in some sort of terrorist attack.  Terrorists seem to like waging their terror strikes using big airplanes such as those who perpetrated 9/11 did.  I think that authorities downplaying the possibility that this could be somehow connected with terrorism is a big mistake!  ALL possibilities should remain open until the plane and passengers are found and no doors should be shut.  But that seems not to be the case with flight 370.  Basically, it appears terrorism has been ruled out.

Any radical IMO is a lunatic!  It doesn’t matter what their cause is as they are still a fanatical lunatic!  Some use religion and others use politics but they are still lunatics and lunatics that will go to great lengths to get what they need so they can carry out their “mission.”  Many of these radicals have no real value on human life and for some to exterminate 239 people would not even be given a second thought as the killers are lunatics.  Lunatics do not think like normal and rational people do.  That’s one reason they are lunatics!  If terrorists hijacked this plane then we will most likely see it show back up in the future connected with some terrorist event.  Time will tell.

Someone presented yet another possibility to me yesterday and that was what if the plane was accidentally shot down by some navy who is now staying silent and trying to cover their error up.  That is a possibility as well.  It could have been a mistake or it could have been by intention and if this is what happened then the country of the navy responsible needs to come forward and admit it.  People need to know what happened to the people who were on this flight.  If it was shot down by accident then it needs to come out and taken from there.

I am increasingly of the mind that this plane was hijacked and was being flown towards either Iran or Pakistan by terrorists.  And I think it was being flown there to be part of some future terrorist attack to be carried out somewhere.  When it comes to terrorists the world must realize we are not dealing with rational people but lunatics who will do really crazy things by any means.  The radical and the terrorist are not normal people.  We must keep that in mind and we must keep open the door of all possibilities.  For now the disappearance of this plane is a “mystery” but it will not be a mystery forever.  Someday we will know what happened to the plane and its 239 passengers.

Now there is yet another possibility.  Who was on that plane?  Were there any financial CEOs?  I say this in light of the post I made yesterday about the rash of financial execs committing “suicide” over the past 3 months and I do not think they committed suicide at all but I do think they were murdered.  How convenient for yet another financial exec to “disappear” while aboard a flight that just mysteriously disappears into thin air.  The truth will eventually come out.  I just hope it does before something else happens.


3 responses to “Flight 370: The Mystery Continues…………..

  1. Word has it that authorities now suspect the plane may have been taken to Pakistan, a bastion of terrorism IMO. Most likely it will be used in some terrorist attacks adding more death to the 200+ passenger deaths that most likely have already happened. The world needs to decide to send a message loud and clear to these radicals once and for all. Here’s a frickin clue…..the ONLY thing a terrorist comprehends is aggressive action and power! Anything short of that and they don’t take you seriously. It just a larger version of kicking the school yard bullies ass when you finally have enough of him.

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