Murder on Wall Street?

KojakDid they know too much?  Were they no longer deemed “useful” and, thus, designated for “elimination?”  Where they deemed “wimps” and considered to not be “cut-throat” enough?  Did they refuse to carry out some evil diabolical plan of the global elites?  Did someone suspect they might become a “whistleblower” and divulge to the entire world the shady deals, the pay-offs, the bribes?  Were they overworked and under a lot of stress?  Where they being blackmailed?  Or did they simply just decide to chuck it in one bright day and say “Goodbye cruel world”?

Of course I’m talking about the recent rash of “suicides” committed by bankers and financial traders around the world.  Suddenly, it seems, “suicide” is the preferred method of escaping the high stress world of finance and if you believe that I have wasteland in Mexico I want to sell you really “cheap.”  There have now been so many “suicides” by bankers that one can’t help but become suspicious of it all.  And in every case when first responders arrived the person was DOA.  I mean REALLY DOA!

1.  The latest victim in all this is Edmund (Eddie) Reilly who was a 47 year old trader from Midtown’s Vertical Group.  He jumped (or should I say plunged?) to his death in front of a subway train at 6 AM in NYC near Soyosset Station.  His “suicide” was reported by the New York Post on March 12, 2014.  Train passengers told police that they saw a man standing by the tracks before he jumped in front of the train.  Question is was the man passengers saw Reilly or someone else?  Reilly was a Managing Director for Vertical.  He was divorced and had 3 children.  He’d rented a house just around the corner from his ex-wife oddly enough in East Norwich, NY.  One family friend told police that Eddie “didn’t look good” the last time he saw him which was the Sunday before his death.  This case remains under investigation but police have decided it’s pretty much a “suicide.”

2.  Another banker named Dennis Li Junjie leaped to his death last month in Hong Kong.  Dennis was 33 years old and he leaped from the roof of the Charter House.  Charter House is the Asian headquarters for JP Morgan Corp.  His “suicide” has been blamed on “the stressful environment of investment banking” according to one source.  Oddly enough Dennis had told friends that he was planning to return to Canada just days before his death.  Strange that a person thinking of suicide would have any future plans and most don’t plan for the future.  And witnesses?  None!  Isn’t that convenient?

3.  This past January 26 a former executive for Deutsche Bank named Broeksmit was discovered dead at his South Kensington home.  Police had received a call of a man hanging at the home.  Broeksmit had “close ties to co-CEO Anshu Jain.

4.  A 39 year old Senior Manage for JP Morgan’s European headquarters named Gabriel Magee jumped 500 feet from the top of the banks central London offices this past January 27 just one day after Broeksmit.  Magee landed on an adjacent story roof and wasn’t discovered until later and, again, NO WITNESSES.  How convenient.

5.  Mike Dueker “fell” down a 50 foot embankment to his death which police say was a “suicide” as well.  He was a Chief Economist for Russell Investments.  This past January 29 he was reported as “missing” by friends who told police he was having “problems at work.”  This came 3 days after Broeksmit’s death and 2 days after Magee’s.

6.  Richard Talley, age 57, was the founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado.  He was found dead this past February after apparently “shooting himself with a nail gun.”  WTH?  A nail gun?  Are you pulling my leg Hombre?

7.  And then there is Ryan Henry Crane a 37 year old Executive Director for, again, JP Morgan!  He was found dead this past February 3 and his cause of death has not been determined as of yet as police are awaiting toxicology reports.

8.  Autumn Radtke was found dead near her home in Singapore this past February 26.  Her death was ruled to be “unnatural” which means it could be suicide, accident, or even murder.  She was the CEO of a virtual currency corporation, Bitcoin I believe.

9.  Tim Dickenson was a Communications Director based in the UK for Swiss Re AG.  He was found dead this past January and his death remains a “mystery” as the cause remains unknown.

Wow!  Nine death in just the past 3 months and all high ranking finance officers for major global banks and investment firms.  Odd?  But wait there is more…………….

10.  Karl Slym was a 51 year old Managing Director for Tata Motors.  He was found dead on the 4th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand this past January 27 which is the same day Magee was found dead.

11.  James Stuart was a former CEO of the National Bank of Commerce in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He was found dead on February 19 and his cause of death has not yet been determined.

So we have 11 deaths all occurring within the past 3 months.  All, apparently, ruled as “suicides.”  And every one of these people was a high ranking executive in the company they worked for.  In other words they weren’t small time bankers or traders and they sure as hell weren’t mail room boys and girls!

Now as any good Cop knows what initially appears to be a suicide is not always so.  A slight more investigating and suddenly that ‘suicide” becomes a homicide case.  And despite their gross lack of brilliance in most cases the criminal ALWAYS leaves something behind at the crime scene and normally it’s some kind of forensic evidence.  A fallen hair.  A smudge mark.  A bit of saliva or other body fluid.  A piece of lint from clothing perhaps.  But such evidence is not found without a complete and careful investigation.  Sadly, when some cops immediately assume the death was a suicide they don’t completely investigate but simply mark it off as a suicide when, in fact, it is not.  Any really good cop knows that one must NEVER assume ANYTHING nor take anything for granted or as fact without evidence.

Regarding the present situation at hand we have at least 11 “suicides” and the victims all have much in common including the jobs they held and the industry they worked in.  And all in just the past 3 months.  Why it’s as if CEO’s have decided that suicide is the preferred method of self elimination so much so that 11 people carried it out almost in straight line succession.  Odd?  Not really!

I do NOT believe any of these deaths were suicide at all and, in fact, I think they were all murdered!  Now murder can be many things including someone sitting in front of you telling you they’ve got some really messy dirt on you and before they reveal it and wreck your life maybe you’d better jump out that window behind you.  In my book that person sitting there intimidating you and encouraging you to jump is just as much a murderer as Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dommer.

I’m reminded of the rash of death, most ruled as “suicides” btw, of several scientists a few years back.  That case was just as odd as this present one with noted world scientists seemingly deciding to “put an end to it all” and say “goodbye cruel world.”  I’ve never believed the MSM narrative on those cases either and I sure as hell don’t believe the MSM narrative on these present cases either.  More likely someone drove these financial executives to take their own lives and it wasn’t their ex-wife OR someone pushed them out of the high-rise window or onto the train tracks making it APPEAR to be suicide when in fact it was MURDER the entire time.

I hear people still talking about “connect the dots.”  Well if you connect the dots of these death you don’t come up with suicide!  What you come up with is murder!  And don’t think that these “suicides” aren’t sending a message loud and clear to other CEOs and executives in the world of finance.  The message is clear, “Do what we say or keep your mouth shut or you’ll be the next suicide statistic.”  Now the question is who is behind this?  I suspect it is someone very powerful with a lot of money.  Someone who really has a lot to hide.  Someone who fears being exposed to the point that not even murder is outside of the realm of possibility.  Who is this person or persons?  What have they got to hide?  What are they covering up?  We won’t know as long as these deaths continue to be ruled as suicides!  What needs to happen is someone like the FBI needs to consider the totality of these cases and look at the bigger picture and investigate them all.  I don’t know if they are doing that or not.  There is the odd and then there is the more odd but there is the odd that flies in the face of rationale and logic and these deaths are in that final category IMO.  I for one do NOT believe in coincidence especially when death is the resulting factor.  I don’t believe that all of these financial brains just decided one fine day to kill themselves and end it all.  In fact, I think they knew something or discovered something that they weren’t suppose to know.  And I think whoever is involved in this fears exposure and prosecution so they hired someone to kill these people to silence them forever.  I highly doubt the rich and powerful one with something to hide actually carried out these crimes themselves.

We’ll be keeping tabs on any future murders/suicides in the world of finance.  For now let us just say that “Wall Street” apparently has become a very, very dangerous street and a Jack the Ripper of the Finance World remains unidentified and at large.

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  2. ———-UPDATE———————

    There comes yet another report of another dead banker and this time his family is found dead too! This raises the number to 13 by my count.

    His name is Jan Peter Schmittmann and he is the former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro. His wife and daughter were found dead with him in their home. His older surviving daughter found the family. Dutch Police are refusing to comment on the case as it remains under investigation. The bodies were found in the town of Laren about 20 miles southeast of Amsterdam. The rash of banker and financial officer deaths in the past few months remains a “mystery” (not really) and all are attributed to “suicide” (my ass!). When do the murder investigations begin? Why is it being assumed these financial people are all committing suicide in the past few months? Is there a suicide plague going around or something? And just who is killing these people and to cover up what????

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