6 comments on “Murder on Wall Street?

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  2. ———-UPDATE———————

    There comes yet another report of another dead banker and this time his family is found dead too! This raises the number to 13 by my count.


    His name is Jan Peter Schmittmann and he is the former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro. His wife and daughter were found dead with him in their home. His older surviving daughter found the family. Dutch Police are refusing to comment on the case as it remains under investigation. The bodies were found in the town of Laren about 20 miles southeast of Amsterdam. The rash of banker and financial officer deaths in the past few months remains a “mystery” (not really) and all are attributed to “suicide” (my ass!). When do the murder investigations begin? Why is it being assumed these financial people are all committing suicide in the past few months? Is there a suicide plague going around or something? And just who is killing these people and to cover up what????

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