Cherry Picking Obama? It’s more like Cherry Picking Congress!

Commentary by Bolivar Rojas—-

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the
Constitution of the United States.”

This is the oath of office taken by the President of the United States.  Please notice it doesn’t say that he will only uphold those parts of the Constitution he agrees with but ALL of it.  Comes now the matter at hand concerning President Obama’s apparent cherry picking of laws and parts of the Constitution enforcing those only that he agrees with while ignoring the rest.  Not enforcing the laws of the land is grounds for impeachment and removal for office and the Constitution clearly spells that out.  So why does this SPINELESS Congress we have feel they need to pass legislation allowing them to sue the POTUS if he doesn’t enforce all the laws enacted by Congress?

HR 4138 is known as the “ENFORCE the Law Act.”  It was introduced by House Republicans Trey Gowdy (SC), Darrell Issa (CA), Jim Gerlach (PA), and Bob Goodlatte (VA) who is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  Surely Goodlatte knows that the Constitution provides for the removal of a POTUS from office if he ignores his constitutional obligation to enforce the laws of the land doesn’t he?  Apparently not.

The proposed legislation would allow the House or Senate to sue the president for his “failure to faithfully execute federal laws.”  That failure would apply to things that include federal immigration law, health care, and federal anti-marijuana laws.  In support of the bill Rep Darrell Issa says that Obama has “established a disturbing pattern of cherry picking the laws he wishes to enforce.”  Issa goes on to say that the Constitution “charges the president with the responsibility to faithful execute all laws and not just the ones he supports.”  That’s all true, however, Issa and his compadres seem oblivious to the fact that the Constitution says you can impeach and remove the POTUS for not enforcing federal laws.  Further, Obama may have a pattern of cherry pick but he’s not alone.  Congress has a pattern of being inept, irresponsible, and gross FAILURE to carry out its Constitutional duties!  And that’s why all 535 of them ought to be voted OUT of office!

The Constitution provides a remedy for a POTUS who fails to enforce federal laws and Congress seems to not know that so, instead, they are attempting to pass some lame legislation that will allow them to sue the POTUS.  That means the matter will be tied up for years in a federal court and lawyers jockey back and forth with each other which is, frankly, ridiculous.  This is made especially so when Congress could simply impeach him and the Senate remove him.  Of course to everyone’s surprise—NOT—Obama has already threatened to veto the bill if passed by both houses.

I’ve long maintained that Obama really isn’t the problem in Washington but that it is Congress that is the BIG problem.  Not so long ago Congress would have impeached a president who cherry picked enforcement of federal laws but not today.  Today Congress is basically inept all the way around.  Obama simply gets away with whatever he wants and grabs power that really isn’t his because Congress refuses to stand in his way or do anything about it.  Obama has discovered that he can do whatever he wants and Congress will do nothing.  Meanwhile we have Speaker of the House John Boehner paying LIP SERVICE acting like he’s a tough guy and he’s got his eye on Obama.  Bullshit!  Boehner is a wind bag of smoke blowing in the wind and nothing more IMO.  This Speaker is all  talk and NO ACTION and that is proven by the fact that he’s taken no action against Obama yet.

Congress can already sue as is proven by the fact that it has filed lawsuits against Attorney General Eric Holder for Contempt of Congress so why is HR 4138 even needed?  This is yet one more diversion and excuse for Congress to NOT enforce the provisions of the Constitution or hold Obama accountable.  Government is supposed to be a system of checks and balances to ensure one branch doesn’t gain dictatorial power.  Yet, since Congress has abdicated its constitutional duties that system of checks and balances no longer works.  And thank Congress for that not Obama!

Let’s face the truth here.  Congress is inept!  They have abdicated their constitutional obligations and they themselves “cherry pick.”  They are the BIG problem!  They already have the power to stop Obama, hold him accountable, and remove him from office but they refuse to use that power and pretend like it doesn’t even exist.

The United States is no longer a democracy as is clear.  Those governing over us are not Socialists.  They are not Communists.  They are not cut from the same mold as were our forefathers.  These people are Fascist Corporatist!  Government no longer exists for any other purpose than to do the bidding of the corporation.  Government today lays in bed with the Corporation and that is beyond apparent for those who care to look.  We need to stop buying the narrative and see these people for what they are, Fascist Corporatist.  They are all owned and paid for by the global corporations and international bankers.  They no longer represent the people of this nation in any fashion!  They do exactly what they are told to do by their corporate owners just as any mailroom guy or gal would do!  This is not democracy in any form.  It is tyranny in fascist form!

The people of this nation need to educate themselves and find out for themselves that Obama is not a Socialist.  He, in fact, has very little in common with a real Socialist.  He has much in common with the Corporatist because that is what he is and that is also what Congress is.  Congress spends most of its time trying to make us think that we still live in a people’s democracy but we don’t and, in fact, we haven’t for a long time now.  Further, for far to long these Fascist Corporatist have used Socialism as the “monster in the closet” by employing a game of deception against eh American people.  As they have focused our fears and attention on “those evil Socialists” the Fascist Corporatist have been taking over our democracy from within our own ranks.  It’s a classic example of “watch what my right hand is doing, not my left hand.”  And, frankly, that deception has worked amazingly well for conquering our democracy and turning the US into a Fascist Corporatist State which is what we are today.

What this all boils down to is once again Congress is wasting their time and effort.  Once again they are putting on a “smoke and mirror” show for public consumption.  Once again they have abdicated their duty.  In fact they’ve abdicated so much of their duty that I am wondering just why we still need them at all.  Obama and his power grabs are not unstoppable.  He can be stopped.  He can be impeached.  He can be removed.  But, ONLY if CONGRESS decides to carry out their obligations and use the provisions given them in the US Constitution.

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