Blame Corporatism NOT Socialism for the fall of America!

It’s Fascist Corporatism that has brought America to her knees not Socialism! It’s time to see through the HYPE and take a look at who the REAL BOGEY MAN is!!

Bolivar Rojas 10 Blog

Fascism1 Lately I’ve been hearing the same old line that I’ve heard for far too long and, frankly, I’m sick of it.  Some of you might want to cover your ears as this post is going to be X RATED and very blunt.  The line goes like this:

“The Communists and Socialists in this country are the real threat to our economy, civil rights, and Constitution.  They’ve invaded our democracy and are overthrowing it in order to turn America into a dictatorship and tyranny.”

I have one answer to this.  BULLSHIT!!  Instead of talking endlessly about the BOGEY MAN why don’t we talk about the REAL enemy of this democracy who REALLY is attempting to form a dictatorship and tyranny!  Why don’t we look beyond the SMOKE SCREEN and start seeing the REAL threat to our civil rights and Constitution!  It’s time to face REALITY America and that reality is NOT…

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